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SuperPerformance 30-06 loads

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by SSA, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. SSA

    SSA New Member

    I loaded some 30-06 rounds with 110grn Sierra HP, Federal primer and 60grns of Superperformance. Can't find any data for Superperformance powder with 110grn bullet. Has anyone tried this load?
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    No, but 60.0 grains is the start load with a 150 grain bullet.

    65.0 grains is the MAX Compressed charge.

    So I doubt you can get enough of in the case with a 110 bullet to be dangerous.
    Or reach the velocity you could reach with a faster powder like Varget, IMR-4064, IMR-4320, IMR-4895, or IMR-3031.

  3. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    When a powder company who is trying to push their new powders doesn't list data for that powder/bullet combination there is usually a very good reason. (in this case the powder is too slow for the lighter bullet)

    Welcome to the forum...
  4. SSA

    SSA New Member

    With the scarcity of reloading components I had the 110grn bullets and the Superperformance powder so I used the data for the 150grn bullet except for the OAL which I have at 3.00". Case is nearly full at 60grns. Wanted IMR4064. But in this day and age gotta make do with what you got. I have shot half a dozen rounds with very good accuracy and light recoil. Makes a hell of a bang though. Will have to shoot thru the chronograph to see where the velocity is. Will post data on velocity and accuracy when I get it.
  5. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I'm very curious as to what the velocity will be. Thanks for offering to post the data, I can't wait...
  6. SSA

    SSA New Member

    30-06 Sierra 110grn HP, Federal Primer and 60grns Superperformance - Test results

    Just test fired 3rnds. Accuracy was < 3/4" at 100yds. Two rounds touching and the third round just off high left < 3/4". Velocity range was 2808fps to 2836fps. Average velocity was 2820fps. Velocity is lower then what I wanted but was not a surprise. I don't think I will work up any other loads with this powder given its limitations (slow burn rate). But I like the low recoil and accuracy. Should make a decent coyote load.
  7. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    No reason to completely give up on Superformance powder in the 30-06, just with the lighter bullets. It will perform very well with bullets of 165gr and heavier. With the heavier bullets you will probably see an increase in velocity of about 100 fps over many other powders and from reports, the accuracy is very good too. It's just a matter of using the right combination. (I know, I know, specific components are almost impossible to find)
  8. SSA

    SSA New Member

    Not giving up on the powder. I meant just for the 110grn hp. As I understand it the 110grn bullet weight for 30-06 actually performs better under 2900fps. Actually I am very happy the load I worked up. Velocity is good and accuracy is very good. Light recoil is a bonus too. Will keep some of these loaded and handy for those varmint hunts.
  9. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    And some wonder why a cartridge which is over 100 years old is still going strong. Which other cartridge can be used with a 110gr bullet on Varmints and a 180gr bullet on Elk? Gota love the 30-06, I know I do!

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