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Suppressor questions

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Carbon_15, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Carbon_15

    Carbon_15 Well-Known Member

    I fired a suppressed P-22 for the first time today..and I'm sold.
    I have a basic understanding off the process: Background check, fingerprints, Chief LEO signature, $200 tax..but could someone tell me exactlywhat you have to do, in what order. Also, what exactly are they lookng for in the background check? No felonys, no arrests, no speeding tickets? I have a CWP, so I would assume the standard would be the same or similar.
    If I get the suppressor under my name, can my wife take it to the range without me, or does it have to be in my possession at all times?
  2. boofus

    boofus Guest

    1) Find out if your police chief, sheriff or district attorney will sign off on NFA forms.
    2) Find a dealer that carries the model you want.
    3) Purchase it and pay for it. If the dealer is out of state you will have to have it transferred to an in-state dealer to handle the transfer to you, just like any firearm.
    4) After your local dealer gets it, he will help you fill out the Form 4. There are things on there that only he would know like his FFL number and etc...
    5) Bring the forms to get it signed by the police chief, get photos and fingerprints at the same time. Do it in duplicate and remember to print out the form on BOTH sides of the paper, don't use 2 sheets and staple it.
    6) Write a $200 check to BATFE and fill out the citizenship form.
    7) Send it all off to the feds and wait, wait, and wait some more.
    8) Your dealer will receive one of the Form 4s back, when he does it means you can go and pick up the suppressor.

    If you can legally purchase a handgun from a dealer, you should have no problems passing the NFA background check. By far the hardest part of the whole process is getting the Chief/sheriff's signature. He can pretty much say NO for whatever his whim and there is nothing you can do about it. (unless you live in Tennessee where they are mandated by law to sign it)

    If you get it under your name, you have to be with the suppressor at all times. Your wife can shoot it, but only if you are there with the papers proving it is legally registered.
  3. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    boofus gave a good overview.
    If your CLEO does say, "No", you can always go the corporate route. You incorporate, then you do not need the signature. Any NFA stuff then is corporate property. That's how some people get around the signature problem.
  4. Carbon_15

    Carbon_15 Well-Known Member

    thanks so much for all the info.
    any details on forming a corporation?
  5. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    Your wife could also be a VP or the corporation and use it without you being present. Google "Nevada Corporate Headquarters" and you will find out how to form a NV corp for <$500. Other services are also available (like corporate credit card and such) that you don't need.

  6. thorazine

    thorazine Well-Known Member

    From my understanding a lot of people are starting to go down the trust route. Thereby bypassing the annual paperwork and fees required in some (or most/all) states.
  7. wdlsguy

    wdlsguy Well-Known Member

  8. k_semler

    k_semler member

  9. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension Well-Known Member

    Jason - you're in Lexington County, right? I think Lex will sign off on it but Richland will not. Maybe SLED can do it as well? I doubt Austin (CPD chief) would sign off on it.

    What dealer are you going through? There's a guy in St. Matthews that builds suppressors....his name is Wayne somethingorother.
  10. Carbon_15

    Carbon_15 Well-Known Member

    Yep, I'm in Lexington. I hear Mettz is prety good about signing off on them.
    I'm going through Bill Griffin in South Congaree. He is a memberof MCRC, so I try to support him as much as I can.
    BTW, when are we going shooting....
  11. unspellable

    unspellable Well-Known Member


    Point overlooked in this thread so far. there are state and local laws to contend with. Of course these vary from place to place. Here in Iowa state law prohibits private ownership of full auto firearms, suppressors, etc. I can't imagine you would get very far with this in New Jersy or **********.

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