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surplus 7.62x54r russian crap

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by nuggetattack, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. nuggetattack

    nuggetattack Member

    I hope I'm not repeating something covered from another thread but I recently purchased 100 rounds of russian surplus 7.62x54r ammo from ammunitiontogo.com for my new mosin nagant 91-30. The website claimed it came from one of those 440 round cans I just didn't feel like buying that much at the time. The ammo itself is very light and when i shake the rounds it sounds like a maraca so i can tell there is a good amount of empty space inside the case not filled with powder. Also, when fired the recoil is fairly light and the spent casing doesn't come out hot but almost room temperature. Is this just normal for commie ammo or did I get ripped? I feel like spending the extra dough next time and buying modern loads from Tula or Brown Bear or something. Thanks.
  2. Carolina Kalash

    Carolina Kalash Well-Known Member

    it's just old ammo, as long as your not getting squib loads or hangfires, i don't see what the problem is...
  3. Jeff F

    Jeff F Well-Known Member

    All the 7.62x54R surplus I have shot, maybe 300 rounds, barked with authority and thumped my shoulder and the muzzle blast and flash was awesome.
  4. Cecil Sharps

    Cecil Sharps Well-Known Member

    your prolly shooting the lightly loaded for machine gun use 762x54.
  5. jmstevens2

    jmstevens2 Well-Known Member

    I vaguely recall something about training ammo that has a hollow bullet and low power. You may have veen ripped off, or sold lesser ammo. Get a spam can, they are cheap enough, just make sure you get a spam can opener..
  6. nuggetattack

    nuggetattack Member

    I don't think the bullets are hollow cause i squeezed the crap out of one with vice grips and it didn't collapse or anything. I'm starting to think it could be light loads made for a PKM or something like Cecil suggested. I'll just buy a box of two spam cans next time from another site or something and shoot the rest of what I have off in the desert at some rocks or something. I am a little worried about a possible hang fire from bad quality loose packed ammo but I'll take the chance.
  7. firesky101

    firesky101 Well-Known Member

    Are the cases brass or copper washed steel? If brass run far far away bulgarian ammo is downright dangerous. I shot 5 rounds of it before i dissasembled it for components. Stuck my bolt so bad i had to use a mallet, and split cases.:cuss:
  8. T Bran

    T Bran Well-Known Member

    If you dont see an impact down range be sure to check for a stuck bullet before firing another round. As for hang fires just keep it pointed down range for a few before ejecting any duds.
    Stay safe.
  9. Dr T

    Dr T Well-Known Member

    From the Ammunition to Go Site:

    "This is original Russian military 7.62x54R 148gr. Silver Tip steel core ammo. This ammo was manufactured in the 70's in Russia. It was sealed in a 440 round sealed tin. This ammo contains a silver tip steel core FMJ bullet. This ammo is corrosive and has a copper washed steel case and a berdan primer. The case neck and the primer are sealed for moisture protection. It comes packed in 20rd. military packs, 440rds. per sealed spam can."

    A description of the ballistics can be found at


    Due to the light bullet and relatively low (2600 fps) velocity, the recoil is relatively mild.

    The question is: How good was the accuracy?
  10. nuggetattack

    nuggetattack Member

    The ammo is identical to the description from ammunitiontogo that Dr T quoted was not silver tipped but normal FMJ with copper washed steel casing because i bought it a month or two ago and they had different ammo in stock. I can't say anything about the accuracy because when I shot it last it was midnight newyears eve and i just aimed into a hillside to make noise. Maybe I'll give an update in a few days when i get to the range.
  11. mg.mikael

    mg.mikael Well-Known Member

    Really?! Guns aren't for noise, if you want noise just get some firecrackers or something. Don't be irresponsible and shoot rounds just to make noise at night, that's downright dangerous.
  12. nuggetattack

    nuggetattack Member

    We can't buy good fireworks legally in California mg.mikael, I get what your saying but there was no alcohol involved (surprisingly for newyears) and we had a very safe visible hillside to shoot into. I am always pretty paranoid around guns because as you all know there is no forgiveness with mistakes with firearms.
  13. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    They arent crap at all. They go bang and gets the job done. Its just not quality metal vs the brass we see as quality.
  14. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D Well-Known Member

    Got to Mosinnagant.net
    or 7.62r.net and check out the ammo ID pages, should clear it up
    Also, silvertip or properly LPS was just copper washed (unpainted) once the heavy balls were mostly phased out (60's-70's)

    Buddy that there is some of the WORSE info I've heard lately

    there IS a MACHINEGUN round that is dangerous to Semi's in x54r, and suggested NOT to be used in the MN, but you can identify it by the base bevel.


    From MN.net
  15. willypete

    willypete Well-Known Member

    He said he was firing into a hillside. That's an acceptable backstop, even for FMJ rifle ammo.

    If guns aren't for noise, you must either fire long barreled .22s or own a lot of tax stamps.

    OP, get a chronograph. Or a bullet puller and a scale. That's the best way you could figure out the specs on this ammo you're shooting.

    The 91/30 is a fairly big rifle with a really long barrel, both of which combine to reduce recoil and report, even from such a hoss cartridge as 7.62x54r. A lot of the surplus 7.62x54r (other calibers in surplus, too) I've shot will have loose powder inside. One round of ammo doesn't weight that much in the hand.

    If you want a really objective comparison of the ammo, you really ought to do as I suggested and use a chronograph and a scale, or find a buddy who has one and borrow them.
  16. The Sarge

    The Sarge Well-Known Member

    Curious what ammotogo said when you called them?
  17. Tempest 455

    Tempest 455 Well-Known Member

    The Russian surplus (and most of the others at least in my rifles) are more accurate than the Brown Bear crap.
  18. Cecil Sharps

    Cecil Sharps Well-Known Member

    My bad. The psl isn't a machine gun. Itsa sdm.

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