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SWAT and 11-Year Old - Update

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dain Bramage, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Dain Bramage

    Dain Bramage Well-Known Member

    I know the other thread just got closed, but here is an update from the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. Maybe we can keep this one on topic.

    GSPI Story Link
  2. average_shooter

    average_shooter Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but I doubt it. C'mon, these are barely on topic to begin with and only seem to beget more "cop-bashing."
  3. BridgeWalker

    BridgeWalker Well-Known Member

    Hey now, my contribution to the other thread was completely limited to social worker bashing. ;)

  4. average_shooter

    average_shooter Well-Known Member

    Ok, so we'll call it "government personnel" bashing. ;)
    I'll second the IBTL, too.
  5. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    that's some heavy duty character assassination. guy doesn't seem very classy, but they are going out of their way to paint him in a certain unflattering light and ignore the fact that a swat team took down a family to give a kid some tylenol.
  6. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    not trying to cop-bash but the sherriff vallaio just seems to be engaging in CYA quite a bit.
  7. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Well-Known Member

    Gut feeling is they guy is hot-headed and confrontational, and has had run-ins with both neighbors and law enforcement before. As much as I want to be on the guy's side, it's beginning to sound a lot more like this was the end result of a long-standing animosity he created for himself. It will be interesting when all the facts come out.

  8. SomeKid

    SomeKid Well-Known Member

    I wonder if everyone who attacked worldnetdaily will be willing to acknowledge that they were wrong, and once again WND had a good story?

    I doubt it, bigotry dies hard.

    More on topic, anyone want to guess what the outcome will be?

    Maybe speculate on what would have happened had the father been cleaning an AR-15 at the time the home invasion occured?
  9. nwilliams

    nwilliams Well-Known Member

    I stand by my comments in the original thread.

    The whole thing sound ridiculous to me, the child was not in need of rescue no matter how hot headed the father is or what his beliefs are. Its not the job of the government to tell people how to raise their children even though they seem to think it is.

    Well thank god they discovered that before it turned into an incurable disease that would spread across the entire country and ending up in zombifaction and eventually the end of the human existence as we know it!
  10. BobbyQuickdraw

    BobbyQuickdraw Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter if the guy was a racist ex-con who used to kick puppies in the face and urinate on flags, there is no legal reason for his door to be kicked down and his son seized.

    Now granted, some guys need roughed up every now and then (I dont mind a bar fight or two once in awhile) and some deserve a kick to the face, but you don't kick down a door and take someones kid like that. No matter how much of a jerk he was I don't think it was right.

    That being said, the SWAT officers executed what they considered a legal order, which is their job. The blame lay on whoever ordered the move, mostly.
  11. slow944

    slow944 Well-Known Member

    If the charges were dismissed, then how is it their "only felony case" against Shiflett. I'm sure if there were other instances the Sheriff's office would have let the reporter know about them. Maybe his religion prohibits medical care from doctors?? Will be interesting to learn the final outcome.
  12. Grizzly Adams

    Grizzly Adams Well-Known Member

    I've very quit to jump in when I hear cop bashing when is isn't deserved. This time it's deserved! What's even more deserved is the head of the magristrate who issued the order!:fire:
  13. FourTeeFive

    FourTeeFive Well-Known Member

    All Hazards Response Team (AHRT) = SWAT

    Nice how they've come up with a more politically-correct version of SWAT. Perhaps GESTAPO might be more accurate?

    I think this is on topic, since there appears to be fairly regular reports of home-invasions by LEO's without the proper announcements. If many of us on THR had this occur we would respond with lethal force in self-defense. Let's hope this situation doesn't occur any time soon.

    Was anything I said considered cop-bashing? I'm just commenting on recent events. Certainly doesn't mean that all LE departments operate like this.
  14. geronimotwo

    geronimotwo Well-Known Member

    when living in the ca, we took out daughter in for a possible ear infection. our regular doctor knows that we are cautious about giving antibiotics because of the possibillity of resistant strains, and other reasons. he would only prescribe them if absolutely neccessary. well our regular doctor was out, so when we questioned the subs prescription, we had the receptionist tell us that we would be arrested for not giving our daughter proper care.

    needless to say, i feel for this family.
  15. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus



    Keep it out of the topic-gutter.

    This one is already really thin as a topic.

    Facts and consequences.

    Politics and bashing will end the thread.

    Your ball.
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