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T/C 209x50 magnum sighting in problem

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by berettashotgun, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. berettashotgun

    berettashotgun Well-Known Member

    T/C Encore fitted with 209 x 50 magnum barrel was incredibly hard (impossible) to get any kind of repeatable accuracy - went thru 45 rounds and still wasn't able to get three within 4". Can get a random bulls and 2 touching with most powder combos. The 2 touching are almost always 1.5" low and 0.5" right. Trigger is excellent - set at 4lbs measured on my scale.
    My Traditions $65.00 cheapie shoots 2moa easily.
    Have all the basics covered, scope mounts & rings Leupold, Nikon Omega BDC scope, T/C bullets & sabots, winchester primers and RS powder.
    Went from 110 to 150 powder in 5 gr increments, swabbed and brushed bore same each time.Fouling primer had nary effect on first shot - it would be 8" right on center - every powder setting - every time.
    Wondering if the prior owner got rid of this for this reason.
    It would still be minute of deer, but this is ridiculous - had some fliers 8" off the mark.
    Lead sled with chrono readings were very consistent - velocities were 50fps spread max, measured all charges and did this from a bench in semi- controlled conditions - I can get my good rifles to group within 1/2" with this method and the other muzzleloaders I have sighted in for my friends always come up within 1.5-2 moa.
    Anyone got any advice or had (have) similar problems? I have no other experience with the T/C firearms. But the price of this weapon should include some repeatable accuracy.IMHO
    I'm beginning to think I must clean nipple and barrel after each shot - not really practical in the field, but.........
  2. Oldnamvet

    Oldnamvet Well-Known Member

    Try calling T/C. Their CS dept. is very good. Who knows, you may get a new barrel out of the deal.
    did you check the crown on the barrel closely? Any flaw there will screw up your accuracy.
  3. 1858rem

    1858rem Well-Known Member

    well for one 150 grain charges are ONLY for use w/pellets and i suppose your using loose if you go up in 5 grain increments. maybe the flame is not getting through the powder column without the aid of the center hole the pellets have giving erratic velocity- leading directly to bad groups. what kind of bullets are you using.... maybe your barrel has been leaded if you started out at 110 grain charge. if all else fails, learn to stalk to within 50-60yd and use an accurate load of only 70-80g, or whatever your gun likes. but you probably got the t/c encore so you could shoot mag loads in the first place. so generally for loose stay under 100g and pellets under 150g. check for leading. also use lock tight on your scope mount screws. i had a scope move around for a while.. put some lock tight on and it shoots 2moa consistent now :cool:
  4. bejay

    bejay Well-Known Member

    would also drop the powder charge down to 80 or 90 and see what type of accuracy you get, suspect it will improve, you might even try some other bullet types however i think the heavy powder charge is probably causing most of the problem.
  5. 1858rem

    1858rem Well-Known Member

    for a fouling shot you have to use more than just a primer....that WILL clear any oil out, but to actually get some fouling shoot off a 50g charge. the idea is to get some residue in there and not start on a completely dry barrel.:scrutiny:......... also have someone check to make sure you are not flinching, are you new to shooting 150g charges? if so that could definitely be a possibility too ya know
  6. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    1. The new Blackhorn 209 powder is worth trying even though it's expensive. One poster reported being able to take 20 shots, then swabbed, then took 20 more shots all loading nearly as easy as the first. Everyone who tries it seems to like it's consistency and accuracy. (This powder only works with 209 primers)

    2. There's sabots with different outside diameters, lengths and petal designs. There even new ones that shoot 10mm (.40) caliber bullets. Some sabot designs are going to shoot better than others.

    http://www.harvesterbullets.com/sabots.htm - crushed rib sabots.

    And there's also premium bullets like Barnes or the new Hornady FTB that just seem to shoot better.
    The Hornady FTB (hollow base, slip fit jacketed bullet) is available at Walmart and received great reviews from many BP rifle shooters.


    3. The Hunting.net blackpowder subforum has lots of inline shooters who seriously strive for accuracy. Ask them for suggestions.
    The first thing that they will ask is what kind of bullets & weights, sabots, powder and primers are you shooting?

    I'm wondering why you would start to work up a load at 110 grains of powder and not 80 or 90?
    What kind of powder?
    Have you tried any others?


    If you haven't experimented with enough different components, then you haven't finished thoroughly testing your rifle. :)
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2008

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