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T/C Bore Butter natural lubes.

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by zahc, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. zahc

    zahc Well-Known Member

    I just want to spread the word, this stuff is fantastic. Follow the directions. They claim this stuff seasons the barrel.

    When we started shooting we got only a few shots of black powder before cleaning was necessary. This made us switch to pyrodex :)barf: ) because we could get more shots. We have found black powder :)cool:) with bore butter shoots nearly forever without cleaning with loads of 100g or under.

    We can shoot ALL DAY and there is no fouling, no difference when ramming. When we are done for the SEASON ( :D ) we clean our guns with hot water and T/c 13 bore cleaner till they are mostly clean (takes ten minutes) rinse hot, dry, recote with BB and hang them up. We have had no bore corrosion problems. Both these products are food grade rated! They don't even smell.

    I'm convinced this is the way muzzleloaders are meant to be operated and the current synthetic lubes are making for a lot of work. Again I'm just spreading the word to fellow shooters. YMMV
  2. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    I am not a hardcore blackpowder shooter. But I am a binge blackpowder shooter. I have owned a muzzleloader for over 20 years and presently own maybe a half dozen various blackpowder firearms. I will get on a kick and shoot them then for awhile and then put them away for maybe a year before the urge hits me again. Anyway, I have been using T/C Bore Butter for years, and for me, it is everything they say it is. Just like zahc says, I can shoot through the whole session without swabbing out the bore. The bullet or ball loads easily the whole time. I clean with boiling water and when I finish, I coat all the metal parts on the gun with bore butter. The barrel is very hot and the bore butter melts into all the nooks and crannies. I am sold on bore butter.
  3. SmokeRing

    SmokeRing Active Member

    zahc Did you say you cleaned up with water etc at the end of the SEASON? If so I assume you cleaned up after each session with bore cleaner and lubed with Bore Butter. I'm just getting back into black powder shooting and am planning on using the method you described. I am limited in my shooting time and want keep cleaning up to a minimum. Thank you very much for your info.
  4. zahc

    zahc Well-Known Member

    Seriously, I don't usually clean after I shoot, don't get mad at me it works. I am able to shoot off my porch so in the weeks before season I shoot several times a week, sometimes every day for a few shots. Using the right stuff lets me do that instead of it being an ordeal. When I'm done I usually just hang my gun back on the wall. Sometimes when I feel like it I run i patch wet with T/c 13 followed by a drying, then relube with BB.

    I only do the teardown--hot water routine at the end of the year or between gun and muzzleloader season when I'm not gonna shoot for weeks because it's too cold to practice anymore. It's really only necessary for storage.

    Like I said I believe when the smokepole was state of the art, everyone used natural lube and avoided the mess. I seriously doubt the mountain men heated water to clean their rifles all the time. I use a patched roundball and 80 grains of Goex. 100 for hunting loads.

    Like 444 said for the storage treatment just brush the barrel with hot water till it runs out clean, leave the barrel warm. So it melts, don't use solvents or oil inside that barrel.
  5. SmokeRing

    SmokeRing Active Member

    Thanks for the quick response. What you say makes a lot of sense to me but I'm relatively new to blackpowder weapons. I know a lot more about women than I do BP shooting and I don't know a damm thing about women. I read all the hype when TC Bore Butter first came out and it sounded great for the occasional shooter but never got around to trying it. Just got a new flintlock and a used perc. Based on your results I am going to try BB and #13 in both. Being in the desert helps but I'll watch out for any problems. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

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