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T/C Impact

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by paul54, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. paul54

    paul54 New Member

    Sep 22, 2010
    Temple Texas
    I am considering buying a T/C Impact.

    I would appreciate any input: good, bad and ugly. :)

    Many thanks,

  2. arcticap

    arcticap Mentor

    Mar 20, 2005
    Central Connecticut
  3. jh9x18ky

    jh9x18ky New Member

    Jan 17, 2007
    I have one, and its a GREAT rifle. The only fault I had, when it was new out of the box, it shot about 10 inches high at 50 yds... the projectile or load didnt affect it much, and the rear sight was out of adjustment. I called Williams Gun Sight Co and the tech helped me get a taller front sight, and now its about 2 in high at 50 yds, perfect at 75 yds. TC offered to let me ship the rifle back for them to check, but by the time I paid the shipping, and the wait..... the Williams sight was just as cheap and much quicker. The rifle handles great, is easy to maintain, trigger is respectable for a factory gun and shoots rb, cheap sabots or powerbelts equally well.
  4. Dellbert

    Dellbert New Member

    Mar 12, 2011
    Good Rifle.

    I had bought a CVA inline from Wal-Mart. It had the thumb hole stock. After I got it home, took it out of the box, looked like it was going to be a real nice rifle, and looking it over it had one thing that bothered me, if setting down, you go to set the rifle in your lap it would open the barrel. Keep it about two weeks. Finely packed it up, and went hunting for what was in stock in the price range as payed for the CVA. $245.00 there abouts. Ran across the TC Impact, was able to pay a small bit to the owner to triad out with me. I should have bought the impact in the first place. no blow back at all, used 240gr XTP .45 Cal bullets, and two pyrodex pellets at fifty yards open sights. It was putting three bullets 2" high 3"s to the right. 3 shots hit on top of each other. ajust the sights a little bit, and that thing is a straight shooter if I ever saw one. I just like open sights, cause my eyes still work pretty good, and it keeps the rifle on the light side. I know if you put a scope on it, say 3x9x40 you'll be able to shoot 150, 200 yrds 1.5" groups all day long. If you try, you my be able to keep groups in the 3" range with open sights. I'm not a bit sorry I got the Impact rifle. Let people go ahead, and pay the big bucks, for those other rifles, But for $250.00 or so dollars, you'll be able two bring home, anything your hunting with that rifle. I went with the black stock cause that's the only two the man had. Had I of ordered it, I probable would have went with the camo blued model, but black is cool. Put me a wide black sling on it, nice man, nice. You buy that rifle, and give me a buzz back, and tell me how happy you are, after you get it set up the way you want it. Hay the one I got, ant for sale. I use to have the TC black dimaned w/scope 3x9x40. This is much more user friendly. Heck if you want more power, just add one more 50gr pellet, and a 300gr .45 XTP slug, and BOOM. If your shot a deer, don't forget you knife. What the heck .Made in the USA. Life time warrentry. Ho, one little thing. Stay away from those SSTs, and Shock Wave bullets. Those things will go a long ways, 200 yrds but what good is a long way, if the bullets don't work. XTPsssssss!!!!! :) :D

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