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T/C Omega

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Mr Bernoulli, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Mr Bernoulli

    Mr Bernoulli Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I was out sighting in my omega this weekend. I was using the 385 gr. Hornaday great plains conicals. I was like 4 in. low at 100 yards and maybe a quarter inch to the left. I adjusted it and it went up but moved left like an inch. Next I shot up but again moved left about 2 inches. Mind you this is with adjusting to go right and I run a wet dry patch between every shot. So the next shot hit the top left of the target. The next 3 I didnt even hit the target. What are some of your thoughts I think my gun doesnt really like them and the fouling was getting much to bad with the soft lead and pyrodex pellets, because my brother shot the same load right before me but with jim shockeys gold with iron sights and his was much cleaner and he was hitting consistant at 50 yards. Not to mention he shot the same amount of shots. What are some loads that work well for you guys? Everyone raves about the shockwaves accuracy and I have like 4 packs of them but some say they do not expand and entrance and exit holes are the same size. Do any of you have anything to say about this? I figured the plastic sabot would help on metal fouling too. Let me know what you think.
  2. 1858rem

    1858rem Well-Known Member

    if your truble is accuracy, reduce:eek: the load to about 70-80g, your shooting at 100yd your friend was only shooting at 50yd correct:scrutiny:? should be plenty with a 385g buffalo bullet for anything up to deer. work up a best load going up in 5 grain incriments if you like also. if you have a problem with fouling, and dont minde using substitute powder, give 777 a shot. cleaner, more power/volume and about 10$ more/lb so its up to you. gotta work up different loads with different powders, not to mention all the bullet combos. what is the rate of twist? 1:28 is for saboted bullets.. 1:48 good all around and large conicals..... 1:66 or slower is good for rb.
  3. Mr Bernoulli

    Mr Bernoulli Well-Known Member

    yeah I was shooting at 100 yds using 100 grains of powder. My twist is 1 in 28.
  4. 1858rem

    1858rem Well-Known Member

    385 grain may be a little heavy for a 1:28 rifling, try the sabots, or even the powerbelts, it is more about weight distribution than overall length, if you have a very top heavy bullet like a minie, you still need a slow rifling similar to a rate of twist for rb,..... well not exactly sure where i was goin with that statement, anyhow, sabots are for fast twist and high powder charge...... dont use the 150 grain charges though, not that you said anything about it, but that generally opens your groups even more. try 70-80, work up a load with 200-300g sabot, some of those inlines dont shoot much better than 4" at 100yd to begin with, i would take the shockwaves any day if they were accurate, i mean if you think about it IT IS A 1/2 INCH BULLeT TO START WITH lol:uhoh:.
  5. Wildfire

    Wildfire Well-Known Member


    Hey There;
    If you want accuracy.
    This is my load . Deer fall to this extremely well and it rags a hole.
    For hunting I now use the Barnes Expander MZ. This is an all copper bullet with 100% expansion. I have tested this round and killed some deer with it.
    You will be impressed.
    I shoot the 250 and my son shoots the 300s. Anyway. The guns are Encores with 1 in 28 " twist. Rem. 209 ML only primers. Barnes Expander MZ.
    80 grains of Pyrodex "P". These will produce 1/2" center to center groups fro 2 different Encores. AT 100 yards. The other good bullets are T/C shock waves in the 300s with the black sabots only.... (No yellow sabots).
    These are the same bullet as the Hornady 300 gr, SST/ML. The exact same bullet..... These will aslo group way under an inch. at 100.
    The primer we use cut our groups by 40% from the reg, 209s. The Barnes we found to be just as or more accurate. 100s were tested.

    Do not get crazy with the Pyrodex "P" . 80 grains is way more then enough.
    "P" has a more consistant pressure curve the RS. I have tested the clean burn powders and could not get accuracy from them. The heavy lead bullets also do not want to shoot right.
    I never thought I would ever use a 250 grainer. But took a nice large 9 pointer last year amoung others and was so impressed with that MZ, That iI see no reson to change. They hit with a hard smack and you will know you hit.
    They also retain 100% of there weight and expand to hard to believe sizes.
    The 250s do not alsways exit . But I have found that not to be a problem as they drop em in their tracks.
    So , like I said we have fired 100s of these and have proven what they will do. They even look impressive. The hollow point is huge.

    I like heavy lead, but I like accuracy a lot more.

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