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T Dumoulin exposed hammer dbl barrel question.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by ckline7035, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. ckline7035

    ckline7035 New Member

    Hello, my name is Curt. Please bear with me, first post. My question is, on this T Dumoulin, dog ear dBl that I just purchased. It appears that the left primer striker has been flattened to the point that the base it sits in, looks cracked. Are the two replaceable without special tools? Is the part pressed in, threaded ? The gun is in beautiful condition, with "The Interchangeable" on the side opposite of T or F Dumoulin & Co. Fine Damascus Belgium on top rib and choke bored on the barrel. The 6 point star in grip. Any idea of value ?. I know it's basically a very nice wallhanger. If decent value I may sell it after I fix the pin and base. Thank you for the help with this one.
  2. RaceM

    RaceM Well-Known Member

    If it's like the Belge double I resurrected awhile back it shouldn't be much of a problem. If I recall aright all I needed was a 10mm socket to unscrew the firing pin nipple (after filing down the mushrooming and liberal applications of Kroil). I used a Toyota brake bleed fitting to fabricate a new nipple since it had the same metric thread.

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