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Taking the bull by the horns: Replacing springs

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by ali9cg8, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. ali9cg8

    ali9cg8 Active Member

    This is probably the most simple topic in the world to the M1 crowd, but I've been having some pretty general issues lately so I'm just going to pull out the old Wolfe springs service pack and break it down.

    I have heard (over the internet:/) that the extra power recoil springs were overkill and could cause some issues, specifically the recoil springs. Any opinions?
    My gunsmith is in Florida for a month and the smith at my range had issues removing my trigger housing. As in, didn't know how. Anyway, spring gun maintaining time is here and I welcome your expertise!

    Thank You
  2. rg1

    rg1 Well-Known Member

  3. Otto

    Otto Well-Known Member

    Wrong forum
  4. ali9cg8

    ali9cg8 Active Member


    Sorry, I just go here first. Handloading forever! I will find the proper channels.
  5. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    Orion 7 is an excellent source of replacement recoil springs for the Garand.
  6. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I bought a full set of springs for the M1 Garand from Wolff Gunsprings. They work very well and fit perfectly. The full Service Pak for only $29.99 is a good buy.

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