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Talk me into a TCP...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by gator1gear, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. gator1gear

    gator1gear Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking about getting a Taurus TCP 738 lately. I have spent weeks going back and forth between the TCP, The LCP, and the P3AT. My fiance went to a gun show, held them all and left with the LCP. We did the unthinkable, and wiped the excess oil off, and headed straight to the range. We then proceeded to send 150 rounds of ammo through it without a single hiccup ( I really look good shooting a Rasberry LCP too). After all this, I'm still trying to make up my mind. It seems like Taurus bashing is common, but I have read some good reviews about the TCP (along with a few not so good). If you have one, let me know what you think good or bad.
  2. klash545

    klash545 Well-Known Member

    i'd rather carry a slingshot than a taurus.....there's no one who could ever talk me into owning another taurus. i've given them chances over the years and have owned several. never again....:barf:
  3. Nushif

    Nushif Well-Known Member

    My friend has a TCP she's fed with fifty rounds per week on her shooting trips with no problems whatsoever. She's owned it for a few months now.

    Of all the little true pocket .380s I do have to admit the Taurus has the best trigger. But personally, I was more accurate with the S&W flavor. Much to my dismay.
  4. gator1gear

    gator1gear Well-Known Member

    I definitely understand how you feel, but I have heard the same about Kel Tec, Ruger, heck even Kimber. I had a bad experience with a Taurus in the past, years later I bought a PT140 and I didn't have a bit of trouble with it. I wasn't really crazy about it, but it helped me to rest easier than my slingshot did in the area I lived in at the time.:D
  5. gofastman

    gofastman Well-Known Member

    just get it, you will like it!
  6. wow6599

    wow6599 Well-Known Member

    Magazines are hard to come by, just go check Gunbroker.......
  7. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

    I have a TCP and like it. It has been flawless and is a better shooter than either the LCP or P3AT but my favorit pocket 380 is the P238 that outshoots them all by a big margin.
  8. schmeky

    schmeky Well-Known Member

    I don't like Taurus, so I do understand klash545's comment.

    But . . . . I love my TCP. It's very well made (in the USA), has been 100% reliable, has big gun features (slide lock), and for a mouse gun, is actually kinda' pleasant to shoot. The early ones had mag issues, but the newer mags are very good.

    Still can't believe I like it as much as I do . . . .
  9. Just One Shot

    Just One Shot Well-Known Member

    :uhoh: After what I witnessed at the local gun store I wouldn't even try to talk you into a TCP.

    Brand new and the thing wouldn't feed a single round no matter how you tried to do it. :eek: They even took another mag out of one they had in the case and it still wouldn't feed. Needless to say, the guy turned it back in for a refund and purchased a different brand.

    I know all brands have problems from time to time but Taurus seems to be one that it happens to more than most. Do what you want, it's your life. Who knows? You may get one that never has an issue.
  10. Holgersen

    Holgersen Well-Known Member

    I'll try and talk you out of a TCP.
  11. Janos Dracwlya

    Janos Dracwlya Well-Known Member

    I have had one since early July 2010, and I don't have any real complaints, except I'm just not that accurate with those flat sights yet.

    The only problems I've had in 300+ rounds were one failure to extract and one failure to feed. The first was early on my second day at the range with it and may have been due to not cleaning it well enough after the previous 150 rounds and then polishing the feed ramp. The second may have been operator error - it was during the first magazine my wife fired with the gun; this also occurred early in the second 150 rounds fired.

    And yes, you heard that right - 150 rounds fired per session. I can shoot the TCP all afternoon without it hurting my hand; I can get through maybe 25 rounds before I get tired of shooting my wife's Guardian (fine gun though it is).

    Let me also mention that during that first 150 rounds, it fed not only UMC full metal jacket, but Remington GoldenSaber hollow points without fail.

    I, too, was going to buy a Ruger LCP; it fit my hand better than the Kel-Tec, but the TCP fit my hand better than the Ruger. That decided me. The fact that the TCP comes with a spare magazine (the Kel-Tec and the Ruger don't) and a useful belt pouch (mine is now further camouflaged with a famous-name label) are icing on the cake. For me, anyway.
  12. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    Compared to the LCP the TCP has better ergos, a better trigger, somewhat better sights and a grip extension built into the magazine so you don't have to buy extra grips for extra magazines. I plan on making it my next pocket .380 purchase.
  13. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    SIG P238. :evil:
  14. sho'nuff

    sho'nuff Active Member

    I paid about 220 for one. I've sent it to miami once already...I would say money is better spent elsewhere.
  15. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Well-Known Member

    Don't do it! I purchased a TCP about a year ago as a pocket carry gun and it was a jam-o-matic! I wanted to get an LCP at the time but the shop did not have one so I figured I would give the TCP a chance since it had a couple of extras that the LCP didn't have. I shot 3 different brands out of the TCP and all of them jammed after a couple of shots. I cut my loses and sold the TCP since I did not trust the gun and didn't want to deal w/ Taurus...not a good track record. I reciently purchased a used LCP and shot the same ammo that I had used in the TCP and not ONE jam...so there you go, don't make the same mistake I did!
  16. gator1gear

    gator1gear Well-Known Member

    I REALLY appreciate all the replies, and I wanted to let you guys and girls know that I ended up getting a blued LCP. The fiance thought it would be good to carry the same pocket gun. That and the fact that I REALLY WANTED to like the TCP, but I think the Ruger is more of a proven thing right now. Not bashing the Taurus by any means.
  17. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Well-Known Member

    Good call...glad you didn't make the same mistake as me! :)
  18. Steve 48

    Steve 48 Well-Known Member

    After a 1000 rounds, no problem at all.
  19. dachief

    dachief New Member

    I have a Kel Tec P3AT, a Ruger LCP, and a Taurus PF-738 TCP, and the TCP is the daily carry. I have fired all 3, and I have had many of my firends try all 3, and the unamious decision has ALWAYS been the TCP. Nice trigger, good feel in my hand, and they gisve you a cool carrying pouch too. I carry it in a modified Bianchi size 3 pocket holster, and it is always in the front right pocket.

  20. Safetychain

    Safetychain Well-Known Member

    Bought my 738 last spring and put 200 rnds through it without any hiccups. Have carried it either in my pocket or the cell phone holder that it came with ever since. Tried the ruger, the keltec and the NAA, and the Taurus is the only one my trigger finger would easily fit between the trigger and the trigger guard. The NAA made me feel that I'd eventially lose some thumb webbing. I'm very happy with my Taurus.

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