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Taurus 24/7 DAO opinions

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jkomp316, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. jkomp316

    jkomp316 member

    Very interested in one of these, they have a new (old) one in .40 for $319 with 2 15rd mags. Looks/feels very nice in the hand. Only thing bad ive heard about them is the trigger. Also eyeing up a CZ75B in .40, I know everyone will support that purchase, but its also $100 more.
  2. rcellis

    rcellis Well-Known Member

    I had just that model - nothing bad to say about it. I traded it away simply because I was looking for a compact auto for concealed carry. Wish I still had it when I'm at the range. It was accurate and a pleasure to shoot.
  3. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

    Get the CZ.

    Better trigger and more accurate.
  4. telli97

    telli97 Well-Known Member

    24/7 or CZ

    I bought my CZ40P (new) in 40 cal for $319 plus tax here in IL. It's a GREAT gun. I haven't shot the 24/7 but it all depends on what gun feels better to you. My 40P hasn't given me any troubles and everyone that shoots it loves it. You can get a lot of great info. on CZ guns at www.czforum.com

    Just my 2 cents.
  5. .357 magnum

    .357 magnum Well-Known Member

    Have two 24/7 Pro in .40 cal

    Got mine new, the black one for 380 and stainless slide one for 400. Mine are the newer- SA/DA. Which is what I would recommend. They are very reliable. I have put over 2000 rounds through each of them and never a problem. Love the grip and very accurate. Gotta like two 15 round mags. Easy to field strip and clean.


    Check out the new 24/7 OSS I have money down on one.

    Last edited: Nov 3, 2006
  6. Moon

    Moon Well-Known Member

    I have a DAO in 9mm. I highly recommend it. There are a lot of people that complain about the trigger. That is fine, but I think that some may be missing the point. I wanted a gun that I would feel comfortable having loaded in the following situations: stuck down in the waistband of my jeans, bouncing around under the seat or in the glove box of my car, and being hit by the vacuum cleaner when my wife cleans under the bed. Maybe a cocked-and-locked 1911 would do these things, and maybe a Glock with no safety could do these things, but without a doubt I have no confidence in those guns under those circumstances. But my Taurus has a long trigger, and a manual safety. Consequently, I have a lot of confidence that I'm better protected against accidental discharges than I otherwise might be. And the trigger is fine. It is shorter and smoother than even the best revolver triggers I have used. Actually, I'm noticeably more accurate with this gun than the SA autos that I have owned. In other words, don't buy into the dogma that SA is more accurate than DA, or that DA is any harder to learn to shoot. Accuracy primarily depends on other factors, most of which are user-related rather than gun-related. It took me a while to come around to the idea of a DAO with a safety (I initially thought it was a stupid idea), but this gun is just flat out one of the most versatile and safe guns I've ever owned.
  7. real_name

    real_name member

    2000+ rounds through a DAO 24/7 .40.
    No reservations in carrying it daily, no failures of any kind, no problem with the trigger.
    And I love the grip, don't forget the grip people, makes that snappy .40 JHP a whole lot easier to shoot.

    I can recommend Taurus.

    I plan to get a few more, maybe a PT111 and a .357 revolver.
    Good guns, good price.
  8. .357 magnum

    .357 magnum Well-Known Member

    real_name-Agree with you!

    The grip is one of the best features of my 24/7 .40's. It really does make control and accuracy easier. For the money it is hard to beat Taurus. Even if they did not cost less, the features like a 15 rd mag and a double recoil spring are great. They feed very reliable and the trigger has been good to me. And gets better with time.

    Have a good one!

  9. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

    I'll also chime in to say that the grip on the 9mm and .40S&W 24/7 pistols is sweet. The rubber grip is extremely comfortable and provides a sure grip. I own a 9mm 24/7 Pro (SA/DA) and am quite happy with it. See if the shop will let you put some snap caps in that DAO to try the trigger. It's not the same as a real firing, but it's better than nothing.
  10. jkomp316

    jkomp316 member

    no snap caps needed, i just dry fired away. trigger really isnt bad at all. its longer but very light. only thing i noticed is the trigger break isnt 100% consistant, if you pull fast it breaks sooner then if you pull slow. could just be me? :scrutiny: but thats what i think it felt like. the design is very simple and easy to take apart. i pulled out the firing pin/assembly to inspect for any dry fire wear, looked mint and rather beefy. extractor looks heavy duty as well. all in all you can tell its a Taurus, a little rough around the edges, but where it counts, its got damn good parts.
  11. MrTuffPaws

    MrTuffPaws Well-Known Member

    I have the PT145 MilPro in DAO. Same as the 24/7, but smaller. Great gun and I never had a problem.
  12. Ifishsum

    Ifishsum Well-Known Member

    My PT-140 has been flawless. I specifically purchased as a CCW and the DAO trigger is what cemented my decision, for the same safety reasons Moon stated. The trigger isn't that bad and you can get used to it, but I probably wouldn't have chosen it for everyday range use. It is accurate. Don't the new model 24/7s have a SA/DA setup now?
  13. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

    Correct. 24/7 Pro models are SA/DA. The new 24/7 OSS also features a decocker.
  14. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I love my 24/7 PRO 9MM so much, I have to get one of the OSS. My only complaint was the trigger was lightly gritty, and the shorter sight radius (shorter than my full size 1911) but the OSS solves the sight problem.
  15. jkomp316

    jkomp316 member

    Range Report

    First mag through the Taurus. Shot nothing but reloads, 155gr FP copper plated, 6.9grns Power pistol. Performed great. Its very difficult to get the 15th round in the magazine. I was banging on the base of the mag to try and seat the rounds to get the last one in, I unknowingly popped the spring base out of its seat, this made every round in that mag jam. I switched mags and it was fine. I figured this out afterwards when I took the problem mag apart for inspection.

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  16. Ifishsum

    Ifishsum Well-Known Member

    Congrats and nice shooting. Store the mags fully loaded for a couple weeks, the 15th will get easier to load. Not easy, but easier. Seemed to work for me anyway.
  17. I have own a 24/7 Pro in .45 acp and the old DAO model in 9mm. Both are reliable, accurate and fun to shoot. Taurus always seems to get a bad rap but for me, their prices ($356.00 for the new .45!!) are too good to pass up, especially with the lifetime warranty.

    Fear not and get one.

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