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Taurus 45

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by berettaman200, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. berettaman200

    berettaman200 Well-Known Member

    I am getting my permit soon and always wanted the taurus 24/7 45 ACP. I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with this gun.
  2. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

    What wil it be it's general function? Will this be your first gun? Will it be a plinker, self defense gun, a carry gun, etc.?

    The older generation 24/7 line of pistols were wreaked with probelms but the newer ones have been excellent. Many people bash the Taurus brand, but there are also alot of loyal followers who will bet their lives on it.

    If you get one, make sure it is the DS model where you can decock the pistol.
  3. Seven For Sure

    Seven For Sure Well-Known Member

    You could do worse but I would look at comparable models by other manufacturers before buying a Taurus. I have heard a few good things about a Taurus 45, not sure the model. I am not impressed at all with a medium frame revolver I own of theirs. All my other revolvers are S&W and without being a snob, they are worth the extra money in every way IMO. There are a number of very good 45's out there now, much more than 10 years ago. When you decide on which model Taurus you like best, do google searches for "vs. Taurus __ 45" and see what other guys who have experience with it and similar guns have to say about them.

    Smaller 45's I like are the Glock 30 and 36, Kahr P45 and PM45, and M&P 45c.
    Larger ones include the FS M&P, Glock 21, FN P and FN X.
    S&W also makes some really nice N-frame 45ACP revolvers that use moonclips for faster reloads.
  4. jonmerritt

    jonmerritt Member.

    there was a problem with the mags (was) the 3rd gen mags took care of that.
    I adjusted and moded my mags (2nd gen) and fixed the follower hang up problem. With the mag problems fixed, my 24/7 pro .45 has been flawless. Even when you don't stop and clean it at the range (get er dirty). Just make sure you give it a thourough cleaning when you get it. You know, get intimate with her inside and out.
  5. DasFriek

    DasFriek Well-Known Member

    I think the 24/7 latest versions are solid and reliable guns. I owned a PT745 which is the single stack version of the PT145 and it was a good gun, But definitely no looker nor was it fun to shoot being so small. But it was a great weapon to conceal.

    Ive owned a few Taurus's and i still have a PT1911 which is my favorite gun, But it may be my last. Reason is Customer service as im to the point id rather fix the gun myself than attempt sending it in at the cost of $50 just for shipping. Unless the slide or frame breaks then it may be worth it.

    Plus most of their guns don't feel as quality built as their competitors and the price isn't all the much cheaper anymore.
    Then come resale value, instead of a 35% loss on a trade in ive found Taurus is closer to a 50% loss.

    Don't get me wrong i don't hate them, They just aren't in my top 3 choices usually anymore.
  6. gearhead

    gearhead Well-Known Member

    I own a 24/7 Pro Compact .45, it's been completely reliable and the ergos are fine. It shoots just a bit low compared to my FNP-9M, FNP-45 Tactical, and Security Six but nothing that's awful. I trust it as my carry weapon when my dress or the situation doesn't lend itself to pocket carrying my P-64.
  7. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

  8. Big Bill

    Big Bill Well-Known Member

    I'd buy a Ruger P345 or P90 before I'd buy a Taurus. I personally just bought an XDm 45; and, I'm happy as a schoolgirl with new shoes.
  9. leVieux

    leVieux Member

    I usually carry a Kimber or GLOCK, but really love the Taurus Milenium Pro PT-145.

    It is difficult to find a holster for it, but, o/w, it is great. Same size as a G26, but gives you 10 + 1 .45ACP.

    Mine have never malfunctioned in any way. I hear folks complain, but we have tried all sorts of factory ammo and it all ran fine.

    Good luck,

  10. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

  11. Airburst

    Airburst Well-Known Member

    Another option in 45ACP is the SW 99. Adjustable backstraps allow you to fine tune the grip to your hand. Once I got past the look of the gun, it turned out to be an excellent gun. So excellent, I bought one in .40 S&W.
  12. Steve 48

    Steve 48 Well-Known Member

    Just my bias!!! I always carry a revolver for my CCW gun. Too many things can go wrong with a semi auto.
  13. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    Ah, opinion masquerading as fact. I own several Taurus revolvers and semi-autos. I've had less trouble with them than I have with S&W, HK, Sig, and Springfield products out-of-the-box.

    The price? What are you comparing? Walther doesn't make a .45 ACP hand-gun. S&W makes only the M&P, with an MSRP of $790.00 in that caliber. The Springfield XDm in .45 ACP, in stainless slide version, has an MSRP of $771.00.

    In comparison, the Taurus Model 24/7 in stainless slide has an MSRP of $514.00. The Taurus PT845, again with stainless slide, has an MSRP of $555.00.

    Just out of curiosity, who are the competitors in these cases? S&W produces the M&P, and a host of J-frames with different Model numbers. Charter is there, and who else? The S&W J-frame is more of a bunch of the same guns with optional barrels and finishes than a series of completely different guns, anyway.S&W also produces, in 9mm and .40, or .380, additional semi-autos. However, the only other .45 ACP is their Colt clone 1911A1.9

    Walther was mentioned, but they only produce smaller-caliber guns, up to .40 S&W. In fact, Walther only produces a total of five models currently in the USA. They range from the P22 through the PPK and PK380, to the P99 and PPS.

    Beretta only produces a single .45 ACP hand-gun. Glock has a total of three lines.

    Taurus has a plethora of different guns in multiple calibers.

    To me, a difference of over $200.00, to start with, won't be made up anywhere close at "street prices".

    In revolvers, the S&W Model 60, in .357, has an MSRP, of $822.00.
    The Taurus Model 605, in .357, has an MSRP of $492.00.
    The Charter Arms Pug, in .357, has an MSRP of $496.00.

    Again, the S&W is easily $300.00 more expensive to start with. As far as quality goes, it's in the eyes of the beholder. S&W has a record of problems purportedly aligned with their lock, which Taurus doesn't. QC, perhaps?

    All in all, the hand-gun world is shrinking in numbers and choices. Taurus produced quality guns, to my experience, and is often the only choice for a lot of platforms that don't break the bank.
  14. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    Ah, be careful JR47. Yours truly just got banned recently from another big gun forum for stating facts and the truth about Taurus handguns.

    The facts were presented like yours and the management at "that other place" were called the facts " rhetorical". That was even though the anti-Taurus crowd piled on, lied, they offered no substansive proof, and they have continued the anti thread. it was a concentrated effort by all.

    No real details and nothing that passed for reality or the smell test, but that did not stop anyone.

    That may very well may not happen here, but just a word of warning. Facts and truth mean nothing to some.
  15. leVieux

    leVieux Member

    Taurus opinions

    There is a true division of opinion on Taurus products.

    I have several, including the PT-145 Millenium Pro, and have never had any problem, whatsoever.

    My son bought a new PT-145, claimed all sorts of malfunctions, and hated it.
    He traded it in for a GLOCK 30, which he likes a lot better.

    IMHO, the Taurus is a much, much better carry piece.

    Who knows? I'm going to stick with Taurus' for now.

  16. Cherokee

    Cherokee Well-Known Member

    I have a 24/7 OSS in 45 ACP that I am adjusting to, my first non-1911 45 Auto. So far, I think I'm going to like it. One thing I learned right away, it does not like light loads.
  17. dsb1829

    dsb1829 Well-Known Member

    I put a deposit down last week on a PT845. After handling several other options in the sub $400 range the Taurus really was head and shoulders above them in terms of aesthetics, features, and comfort. Not only that, but they are currently on special for $100-200 off at my local shop. At full retail I may not have considered the Taurus, but at ~$350 out the door it is a deal. Top that off with a light-ish weight, for a 45, and a good balance.

    Many reviews out on these and overall they seem very positive. There are a few internet forum folks who have had bad experience, but they are largely outnumbered by supporters of the brand.

    Compared to something like a Hi Point it was easy to justify the extra money on the Taurus. I can't really say the same comparing the Taurus to it's higher priced competition. Maybe if you are a collector, but for avg. Joe it is a good alternative. I can post back once I have run some rounds through mine.

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