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Taurus .454 vs Taurus .357 (Raging Bull)

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by AXI, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. AXI

    AXI Active Member

    Which of these two weapons and their respective calibers provide the funnest and most efficient performance.

    By fun, I mean that recoil and muzzle flash is okay by me. Just a big gun with the cheaper-ammo. Also, accuracy in outdoor ranges is a must, it will be the point of this handgun. Things like signs, bottles, and whatnot as far away as I can manage the accuracy for target shooting.

    Also, I will be reloading the ammo eventually, so that is a factor as well.
    I posted a thread asking about the Raging Bull, and have seen that those who have owned it had a lot of fun, so now I have to choose a caliber.

    I thought about 500 and 44, but both seem to have strange and expensive sizes (correct me if that is wrong). Efficiency, fun, and accuracy. I'm pretty set with Taurus due to model, color, and price.

    I will be shooting them both soon at the indoor gun-range at the local shop (to test them), but I wanted some extra information regarding economics and the above. Again, the gun-range I'm going to is indoor, so I just remembered to specify I wish to use outdoor ranges so more distance and more elements (wind?) will be involved, thanks in advance if anyone replies
  2. 9mm+

    9mm+ Well-Known Member

    The .454 is definitely at the top of the "impress your friends" heap, but it's not as common of a caliber as the .357 and therefore can be more expensive even to reload (depending on supply/demand, of course). I'm not sure what you mean by the odd sizes of the 500 and .44. They come in a variety of barrel lengths, so you need to choose what will work best for you on the range. I would recommend a long barrel for any of these calibers if you don't plan to carry them on your person. The recoil can be excessive for inexperienced shooters of large calibers. The longer the barrel, the better the accuracy, the higher the velocity, and the more acceptable 'perceived' recoil. These big guns need lots of frame and barrel mass to help absorb the blow.
  3. Bula

    Bula Well-Known Member

    As a general rule, the higher the caliber-the more expensive the ammo. I'd hardly consider the .454 an economical round. Both platforms have the ability to shoot lesser loads, .45 colt in the .454 and .38 specials in the .357 mag. If you're just getting started, my vote is the .357 mag. Great round, extremely versatile. When you get to reloading, learn loading .38's and .357 mag, then buy that big bore.
  4. AXI

    AXI Active Member

    @9mm+ Thanks for reply, by odd I meant hard to find. I wasn't sure how hard it was to find them.
  5. 9mm+

    9mm+ Well-Known Member

    Ah, got it now, thanks. If you're sold on Taurus, you should be able to pick up a Raging Bull in .44 with an 8" barrel for ~$500. The biggest variable in the Taurus models (or any big wheel gun for that matter) is the barrel length. If in doubt, go LONG. As you develop more proficiency in larger calibers, you can move down in barrel length until you're in the snubbie range. Starting with a snubbie for new shooters, though, is not advisable. Your hand will likely hurt a lot, as well as your elbows and shoulders if you shoot many rounds in a session. You should look for a range professional or shooting instructor to help you with the grip and stance (strong isosceles two-handed grip, feet apart, lean forward, solid elbows and wrists). It will make the range experience a lot more enjoyable.
  6. cougar1717

    cougar1717 Well-Known Member

    While I cannot speak for the personal preference of the OP, if this is mostly a range gun and not something that you are buying specifically to hunt with, the 357 mag will probably be a better choice. I would say that a large number of people who shoot 357's at a range fire a few wheels of .357mag and then just shoot 38 special for plinking/practice. Top end .357 mag loads (say, 125gr bullets with H-110) have more than enough muzzle flash to impress your friends. The beauty is that you can download and shoot the same bullet at a 38 special velocity also.
    This is not to say that the .454/.45LC combo isn't fun as well, but 45LC is more expensive than 38 special, whether on the shelf or reloaded.
  7. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    I'll find either at my loading bench. That right there softens the ammo cost blow. I also cast and .45 Colt is a peach to cast for, but then, so is .38.
  8. AXI

    AXI Active Member

    California (where I live) decided that long barreled 357 is not on Taurus' DOJ list... just the 6.5"...

    However, Cali has decided that only the 454 can have a long barrel (and be FFL transferable from out of state by mail). Even if this list is perhaps generated by Taurus certifying the weapon individually, it amounts to the problem arising from the list itself. It does nothing in terms of providing "safe" weapons, LONG BARREL = HARD TO CONCEAL DURRRR.

    "627 (Stainless 4") / Stainless Steel Revolver 4" .357 Magnum 1/19/2012

    66 (Stainless 6") / Stainless Steel Revolver 6" .357 Magnum 1/19/2012

    "Raging Bull" M444CP / Stainless Steel Revolver 6.5" .44 Magnum 9/28/2011

    17 / Stainless Steel Revolver 6.5" .17 HMR 4/16/2011

    44 (Stainless 6 1/2") / Stainless Steel Revolver 6.5" .44 Magnum 1/19/2012

    454 (Stainless 8 3/8") / Stainless Steel Revolver 8.37" .454 Casull 1/22/2012"

    I don't want a CCW for this gun, at all. So having a short barrel will do nothing for me, at all.

    Here is the list and their expirations... I did not want to have to pay for 45 ammunition, I really did not want to. The parts for the Dillon press and the 357/38 looked so manageable, and from what I've heard they are very efficient to make and you can cut the grain down to a very economic level. However, it does have a wow factor to it (the 45).

    After seeing this video however, I am sure I want the Raging Bull. Don't mess with Gorillaz (Bruce Willis plays the cop[as usual]). lol

    For the record, my brother will be in ND soon, and out there I can buy this weapon and have him transfer it to me when he visits; this is perfectly legal. Moral of the story, don't give money to California; give it to the other states if you have family there. Thanks for the information guys, however it looks as though if I intend to import this weapon I have only one choice at the barrel length (unless I can mod it).
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2011
  9. 9mm+

    9mm+ Well-Known Member

    California can be a real pain, can't it? :( Anyway, if you're sold on the Taurus Raging Bull in 44, the 6.5" barrel is manageable, especially if the barrel is ported. It will still have some real pop to it, so start with a good strong stance and some lighter loads if you can.
  10. AXI

    AXI Active Member

    Thanks for the idea, but I do not weaver in my decisions. Its 8; 7 minimum. If i can buy the 8" barrel separately and put it on then I will do that, if these handguns do not allow that, then I will either get a 45 or buy it in ND. On the bright-side though, CCW just got A LOT easier in California, but ironically its not CCW I'm interested in.

    Ironic that the least useful for any crime (a giant, loud, heavy, expensive hand gun that is known to annoy people for miles and is a hair shy of being anime-status in exaggeration) is so hard to get.

    My rationale for this, I do not want a short barreled hand-cannon, defeats the purpose for me. This weapon is not for defense, that is a shotgun + rubber load's job (imo).
    On that note, the tazer rounds I think are civilian? I prefer non-lethal for home defense (statistically its just as effective I think). Enough trail-off. Thanks for posts guys but it looks like unless its a private sale, California demands that I purchase a 45... Now i'm open and off to find good prices on ammunition for the artillery of a range gun I HAVE to buy -_-

    On top of it being giant, loud, heavy, expensive hand gun that is known to annoy people for miles and is a hair shy of being anime-status in exaggeration, it is also not semi-automatic... and holds only 7 rounds.
  11. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    I expect to give ********** to the Chinese, anyway, to help pay down the debt. Their political systems jive pretty wll already.

    For home defense, I shoot to kill. If he's in my house for any reason without permission, he's walking dead. I don't care what he's doing there, he's dead. Castle law, ya know.
  12. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    I would skip the gun and spend the money on a U-Haul! :)

    Now thats a good investment........The return would be a state that lets you have what you want!

    +1 McGunner...but can we saw it loose and float it over to 'em!

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