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Taurus Copper Bullets

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by OAKVILLE SHOOTER, Sep 28, 2007.


    OAKVILLE SHOOTER Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried out the Taurus 99% copper bullets in 45acp? I picked up a box the other day. 185 grn. Thats not a hollow point, it's a moon crater. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet. Just wondering what kind of feed back is out there.
  2. mavracer

    mavracer Well-Known Member

    they're barns bullets the same as cor-bon uses in their dpx ammo.I have not used them but they test well from what I've seen

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    Taurus stopped making them while back. They are same bullet that Corbon used in the DPX and I really like them in my 1911 for SD carry.
  4. Hauptmann

    Hauptmann Well-Known Member

  5. jeff-10

    jeff-10 Well-Known Member

    I didn't think Taurus ever made the actual bullet, they just marketed it under there name.
  6. kirkcdl

    kirkcdl Well-Known Member

    Magtech Guardian Gold has a similar "Moon Crater" design...
  7. MPanova

    MPanova Well-Known Member

    I put about 100 of them through my PT145 and they work perfect, I keep it loaded with them now. I like the 185gr in the shorter barrels. All the tests I have seen on those all copper bullets have shown great results.

    check out this page for some test results on different rounds...Taurus ammo is on there aswell


    I carry the Federal JHP P45HST1 in my 24/7Pro .45
  8. cocojo

    cocojo Well-Known Member

    I like the Taurus Hex bullet. I just tested them in my Kimber CDPII and got great results. I posted the results on this site along with the new silvertip bullet, which showed great results. The report didn't seem to spark anyone interest though. There must not be a lot of 3 inch 45 caliber shooters here, I guess. The Winchester Ranger T 230 did not expand. The Taurus was excellent. Do a search for Taurus Hex. I don't want a +P in my gun and the Hex bullet fits the bill perfectly.
  9. MPanova

    MPanova Well-Known Member

    cocojo where did you get the silver tip? are they the Winchester silver tips?
  10. cocojo

    cocojo Well-Known Member

    You can buy the silvertips in most gun shops. You will see that a lot of people don't like silvertips because they have shallow penetration but most testing was done with the old silvertip with the aluminum bullet. These silvertips are much different than old. No I didn't take any pictures but the expansion on both bullets was outstanding.
  11. MPanova

    MPanova Well-Known Member

    Are they the Winchester Platinum tip? Like these only in .45acp?

  12. threefeathers

    threefeathers Well-Known Member

    I use the Taurus Hex in my Commander. I bought 5 boxes so i won't run out.
  13. cocojo

    cocojo Well-Known Member

    The silvertips are nothing more than a copper jacket nickel plated 185 HP at about 995 or so in a 5 inch, with a good size hollow cavity. I got 7 inch penetration in wet pack which is about 11 to 12 inches in Gell. They do open up in the short 3 inch guns, not many 45 in 230 weights do. I have some 230 Gold dots short barrel ammo, I will try today. The 185 Hex bullet went in 8 inches of wet pack.
  14. MPanova

    MPanova Well-Known Member

    So who makes those silver tip you tried? Winchester? Remington? CCI? Other?

    Have you tried the Federal HST

    http://www.streichers.com/ProductDetail.aspx?Catalog=Guns and Ammo&Category=AMMO_DHAND&Prod=FC-45HST

    I carry those in my CCW 24/7Pro after seeing how they performed from this guys test


    I still carry the Taurus HEX in my PT145 because I feel the lighter bullet works better int he short barrel but thats is just my opinion I guess. Of course I only carry that PT145 once in a blue moon
  15. cocojo

    cocojo Well-Known Member

    They are Winchester. They have been popular for many years but like I said these are not the same bullet as the old silvertips.

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