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Taurus or EAA 38 super?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Eric F, Jan 11, 2010.


Which 38 super should I go with?

  1. Eaa Witness Match

    24 vote(s)
  2. Taurus 1911

    4 vote(s)
  3. Taurus pt-38

    2 vote(s)
  1. Eric F

    Eric F Well-Known Member

    ok Months ago my Built up RIA 38 super got stolen then recovered. I was told a couple of months I would get it back. Well now its looking like maybe a year or two because 10 people are now being charger in relation to my gun.

    Money is very tight but I need a replacement. I am set on 38 super as I have 4k in factory ammo and another 3-5k in reloading components. So which should I go with. I already have mags for a 1911 and can modify one readily. Eaa is also an option for the price and I like both styles.
  2. Jed Carter

    Jed Carter Well-Known Member

    Taurus makes an ok revolver but there are better choices for my money when it comes to semiauto pistols. of your choices I would not hesitate to get the EAA Witness.
  3. floydster

    floydster Well-Known Member

    I have a Witness Elite Match in 45 ACP and 38 Super, they are both excellent guns, great trigger, accurate, dependable and have many thousand rounds thru both of them.
    Just wish Tanfoglio made a compact in the Match pistol, that would be awesome.
  4. WoofersInc

    WoofersInc Well-Known Member

    Why not another Rock Island? Leave it as a base gun and just shoot it until your build gun gets back to you. You already have the mags and such for it.
  5. Cowboybootnut

    Cowboybootnut Well-Known Member

    I have a Colt .38 Super and an Auto Ordinance .38 Super that I love. But I am thinking of an EAA Witness. I wish the .38 Super was more popular/common than the 9mm, it is a great cartridge, but gun and ammo companies shy away from it. :banghead:

    I wish Glock would make a .38 Super, then it would be more popular! :)
  6. mesinge2

    mesinge2 Well-Known Member

    The witness is a very reliable and inexpensive pistol. I have one in 9mm and they're a great buy:

    View attachment 113230

    They are also very accurate due to the CZ-75 style (Here is a group at 25 yards)

    View attachment 113231
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
  7. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    EAA Witness over Taurus, but not necassarily over another 1911 in .38 Super. Just can't do a Taurus 1911.
  8. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

    There are NO taurus firearms in my house...None...
  9. mesinge2

    mesinge2 Well-Known Member

    Taurus Revolvers are pretty good, and the PT-92/PT-99 autos are pretty good also.

    Other than that, I am not a fan of other Taurus autos.
  10. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    If you had said EEA Witness I still would have picked that but said it was closer. Being that you said EEA Witness Elite Match I say it is no competition. I have NEVER heard anyone say a single bad thing about the Elite Match. NEVER. Now, I have heard that their customer service can leave something to be desired, but again I have never heard anyone saying they had to send the Elite Match to them so they never had to deal with their customer service. Especially since they are in the same price range I personally would buy the Elite Match and never look back.

    If you get the Match, you HAVE to tell us how it did and you HAVE to give us some pics.

    Best of luck,

  11. BushyGuy

    BushyGuy Well-Known Member

    Taurus 1911 is a very good .45 it can digest just about any ammo . my friend has one and carries it .
  12. TonyRumore

    TonyRumore Well-Known Member

    I've got a standard model Witness in 38 super and reliability has been perfect but it's not very accurate. About 3" groups at 50 feet. On the other hand, my Kimber Target II in 38 super shoots nearly an inch at 50 feet. It would probably do even better with someone good pulling the trigger.

  13. hopperb

    hopperb Member


    I just purchased a Witness in 38 super today so that is clearly how I voted. The determining factors for me in this poll are that having owned two Taurus revolvers in the past I will never own another...

    I went with the Witness for the following reasons -

    -Reviews of the Witness read on this and several other gun forums as research prior to purchase
    -Likeness to the CZ platform that I have been happy with
    -Capacity (17+1)
    -Ability to add a variety of top ends to change the caliber for approximately $200 each
    -Availability of additional magazines for reasonable prices from CDNN for $25 ea.
    -Availability of custom parts from several other sites on the net
    -Initial Cost my local dealer ordered the gun for me for $420 which is slightly more than it is advertised on Buds website but the one on there is only a 10 round capacity...

    Haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet but did field strip and clean it today. I like the ease of take down which is almost exactly like a SigSauer and the fit / finish appear to be very good for an inexpensive gun.

    Plus I love the 38 Super caliber...
  14. USA

    USA Active Member

    I can't speak on the EAA or the Taurus 1911, but I do own a PT-38s, and it is a great gun. It is the most accurate gun I own and has a really nice trigger pull, good sights, feeds excellently, and simple to take down and clean. I especially like the decocking feature and thumb safety for carry. The magazine holds 10, so you pretty much are par with everything else. It's solidly made, very ergonomic, feels good in the hand, and is a quality firearm. Some people will say Taurus sucks, but honestly it is a great model. 38 Super is a fun, powerful, and historic caliber and I love it. I can't tell you what's better IMO, but I can say with confidence that if you did buy a PT38s you will love it.
  15. Eric F

    Eric F Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the votes and information. Good stuff.

    The only 38 super rock islands I see now are $599 for that I can get a taurus with all the goodies. I paid $250 for my RIA new 3 years ago. I understand thinks have happened but thats no reason to settle for a $350 increase.

    I think I will shop for the EAA would be nice if I could shoot one first.
  16. floydster

    floydster Well-Known Member

    hopperb, you will love it!!

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