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Taurus PT 111 Millenium PRO, vastly improved

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Gunmeister, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Gunmeister

    Gunmeister Well-Known Member

    I have always been a Glock, S&W, Colt and Kahr guy. Last week my friendly gun shop owner handed me a new Taurus Millenium Pro PT111 with stainless slide in 9MM. I was totally surprised by the way the gun fell so naturally into my hand, it just felt right so I bought it on the spot, $305.00 or $330 out the door, tax, tag and title this is only $25 bux more than a Kel-Tec P11 and a far better gun IMHO. This is $220 bux less than a new G26 and $300 less than a new PM9 BEFORE taxes.
    Took the gun home to field strip and clean, it wasn't really necessary because the gun was obviously cleaned and well lubed at the time it was built but I went ahead and cleaned it anyway. Went to the range shot a box of 100 Winchester White Box ammo, again totally surprised not one malfunction, not one. I usually practice at seven yards, point of impact was right on point of aim now I'm really impressed it's not a tack driver but plenty accurate for close in self defense. Next day went back fired 100 more WWB again not one hiccup, the gun passed my reliability test with flying colors.
    This little gun is light, has great sights, is easy to conceal and carries 13 rounds on board and you can get all three fingers on the anatomically correct grip which points like a 1911 I might ad. Really a sweet shooter and a tremendous value for money. The Pro series is Taurus' third generation of it's Millenium pistols and they are vastly improved over the earlier generations. The only problem if you can call it, that is the long trigger which is a little gritty but should improve with time. The way I see it is if the SHTF I ain't gonna be too concerned about a long trigger. Oh yeah, it only comes with one magazine, that sux. $34.00 for another.
    Another plus is Taurus' lifetime warentee doesn't matter how many times it's sold, it's still warenteed. Glock offers 1 year to the original owner and Kahr offers 5 years to the original owner.
    The way I see it, Glock and Kahr better watch out, this Taurus will put a dent in their sales. That is if people will just look at the little gun the way I did and give it a try. I don't think you'll be sorry if you do.
  2. PCRit

    PCRit Well-Known Member

    RE: PT111 Mil Pro

    I have to agree. I got one, with blue/black slide for under $300 including tax at the last gun show. It was only ~$30 more than a P11 Kel-Tec, my other choice for summer CCW, and the PT111 was only slightly longer in the grip (the extra few ounces is not a factor for me either). The trigger on the Mil Pro PT111 is improved, smoother pull, than my older PT145 non-Pro.

    The PT111 has never missed a beat, no problems at all, no "fluff & buff" needed. I can only squeeze 11rnds into one mag (paid $30 for an extra one at the show), but the spring will loosen up with a little more use I'm sure.

    I just like the way it feels in my hand, and shoots. Much better grip angle for me than the Glocks I used to have. Similar grip angle to my PCR and other CZs, so that's a plus for me :D
  3. ulflyer

    ulflyer Well-Known Member

    I've seen mentioned the PT-111 and the PT-111 Millinium Pro. Whats the difference?
  4. PCRit

    PCRit Well-Known Member


    The early models ('00 or '01 to early '04, or there abouts) were just Millenium. Some early Mil models had a polymer frame cracking problem-mainly with the PT145s, but this was corrected by late '02 or early '03. The latest models came out in '04 and are Mil Pro. They seem to have an improved trigger, from what others say and from what I see on my late modle PT145 Mil non-Pro vs my PT111 Mil Pro.

    So if you want the latest models, get the Mil Pro. You can find late model non-Pro Mil for under $300 on gunbroker.com, the newer Mil Pro run in the low to mid $300 range.
  5. BucksDC

    BucksDC Well-Known Member


    Are the millenium pro's ungodly big or what. I had a PT 111 wish I hadn't sold it. I'm looking for a new millenium but all there is around here is the pro. But, the Pro looks much more stout than the older PT 111. Am I mistaken. I loved the size of the older ones, and the large round front sight. The Pro's look the size of my G 19
  6. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    BucksDC, I think you've confused the Millineum Pro with the Taurua 24/7 pistol.

    PT111 and PT111Pro are the same size, I compared them sided by side last year when I choose the PT111 because it was slightly lighter and a good bit cheaper.

    The PT111 never could overcome the damage done to its reputation by the early problems. I'd searched the web for the serial number ranges of problem guns and was confident I was getting a new production PT111. Hasn't given me a lick of trouble, I liked it so much I later got a PT145.

  7. Richard

    Richard Well-Known Member

    I have never owned a pistol that was a better concept and more poorly executed than my PT111. This pistol has the worst trigger pull I have ever experienced on a handgun. It is hard for me to keep all shots in a pie plate at five yards and yes, I am a good shot. I checked the newer models and their triggers are vastly improved, I called Taurus and asked them to upgrade my trigger. Their answer was we know your PT111 has a bad trigger but we will do nothing for you. As long as Taurus has no customer service I will refuse to buy or recommend their products. Regards, Richard :banghead:
  8. ulflyer

    ulflyer Well-Known Member

    Richard, did Taurus flat out refuse to upgrade yours, or was it because it wasn't compatable with an upgrade? Or diid they offer to do it for a fee? Just curious, as I've read both good and bad about warrenty work. Mostly how slow it was.
  9. Jamie C.

    Jamie C. Well-Known Member

    Richard, maybe you're not as good of a shot as you think. :neener:

    Just kidding! The gun in the pic below had 2 or three coils lopped off the striker spring, and all of the operating surfaces polished. And even at that, it needed a trigger stop, to deal with all of the over-travel in the trigger.

    Still, it was quite serviceable, straight out of the box.

    And the stainless Millennium Pro that I bought a month ago even more so.
    Both the old one, and so far, the new one, have never missed a beat, nor had any kind of malfunction.

    Oh, and it's no surprise that Taurus wouldn't upgrade your gun's trigger, since the warranty only covers putting your gun back in original working order. Since the new triggers are a redesign of the internals, the old design wouldn't be covered as being faulty, just different.


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  10. Richard

    Richard Well-Known Member

    Taurus gave me a "we don't care attitude!" As far as I am concerned Taurus should recall all the older design PT111s and send the owners new PT111s free. Is my PT111 that bad? YOU BETCHA! Regards, Richard :cuss: :cuss:
  11. Jamie C.

    Jamie C. Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Richard, but to me, that's like expecting a car company to take the car you bought last year back for free, and give you a new model, just because the new one has improvements or features that the old one doesn't.

    Fact of the mater is, the older Taurus Millenniums work just fine. Sure, they don't have the best trigger in the world, but unless you bought it off the 'net, sight unseen, you knew that going in.

    So, it seems to me that the fairest thing to do would be to trade or sell your old model for the new one that has what you want. *shrug*

    And even for the older Millennium's "crappy" trigger, I still wish that I'd not sold my first one...

  12. Richard

    Richard Well-Known Member

    Jamie C, I bought this PT111 new and Taurus told me to dry fire it with a snap cap to improve the trigger. I followed their adcice and the trigger still stinks. HOW BAD IS IT? I am one of the better D/A shooters I have seen and I still can't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside with my PT111. I can't get squat for it selling it and if the shoe were on the other foot you would feel the same as I do. Regards, Richard :cuss: :cuss: :cuss:
  13. Gunmeister

    Gunmeister Well-Known Member

    Hey guys what you're doing here is proving my point. As the thread title indicates, the newer third generation PT111 Millenium Pro is a vast improvement over the first and second generation. Remember guys we're talking about a pistol that can be bought new for around $300, that's a bargain. Nobody said that they ranked up there with Les Baer, Ed Brown and the like. It's simply an inexpensive pistol that works. It's just about $25 more than a Kel-Tec P11 9MM and far superior in design and function. Tried a trigger on a K-T P11 lately? Now that's a trigger that sux. Granted the original Milleniums had problems but don't judge the Pro series until you try one. Mine's going on 500 rounds without a hiccup and the trigger gets better every range session. Am I going to get rid of my Glocks and Kahrs? No way but I do like this Millenium Pro, it's a decent piece for the money.
  14. Jamie C.

    Jamie C. Well-Known Member

    Gunmeister, I'm not claiming that the Pro isn't an improvement over the original Millennium, only that the original is anything but horrible or useless.
    Sure, it's trigger pull is a bit long and heavy, but it is manageable, as is, and not too difficult to lighten if desired. Simply take the striker spring out and cut off 2 or 3 coils, and polish the "tab" on the striker, and the sear surface on the trigger bar. That alone will improve the old Millennium triggers 100%. BTW, trimming down the striker/main spring on the Pro is a bit more complicated than it is on the "old" system, due to it being a captured spring assembly now.

    Anyway, I like things about the old and new versions of the Millennium, and hope that they combine the strong points of the two into a "Fourth generation".

    I doubt Taurus will though, since they still produce both models.

    Oh, and one last thing... Am I the only one that's noticed that both the Millenniums and the 24/7's are missing about half of their slide rails, on the left side of the slide? It's been relieved, to allow for the take-down pin to clear. Sort'a made me nervous, at first, but after shooting both an old and new model Millennium quite a bit, with no disasters or injuries, I have to guess that the missing portion of the rail isn't really needed... :rolleyes:

    Last edited: Mar 29, 2005

    SONICMASD Well-Known Member

    Jamie C- thats some nice shooting!

    i agree, i will one day buy a Taurus millenium pro when i get tired of carrying my 24/7. great guns, cant beat the price.
  16. cnemeth

    cnemeth Active Member

    Does anyone know if the older PT 111 mags will work in the new pro models?

  17. cocojo

    cocojo Well-Known Member

    I just got back my PT-140 from them. The trigger broke it took two weeks for the repair. Just mail the gun in with a letter and they will fix it.
    They sent me a confirmation received letter that said six weeks for the repair but I got it back after two weeks. Haven't shot the gun yet but will this coming week. I have the millenium ( non pro model ) I like this design better personal preference only. Don't mind the trigger but it is long. If it break again I might deside to sell it off once it is fixed. I can't keep spending $38.00 dollars to ship it to them every time it breaks.
  18. George S.

    George S. Well-Known Member

    I have a PT145 that I bought a few months ago and I like it very much. The trigger feels close to the DA pull on my Ruger P89. I wish the pull was shorter, but it does feel smooth. The groups I've shot so far are right around 4" at 15yds.

    Right now, I have about 200 rounds thru mine including a box of Remington GS 185gr +P and no problems. This will become a CCW piece once I insure that it shoots without fail and I really like the feel of the grip and the 10+1 capacity.

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