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taurus question

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by noworryme26, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. noworryme26

    noworryme26 Member

    Why is the Taurus 23/7 Pro caled a "second chance" gun , when the original 24/7 was not? what is the technical difference in the firing mechanism? does it let you change your mind about what you started or what?
  2. dcoop

    dcoop Well-Known Member

    Its the capability to strike the primer of a cartridge in the chamber more than once without cycling the action. If the round does not fire the first time. (like its supposed to)
  3. jakeswensonmt

    jakeswensonmt Well-Known Member

    The 24/7 pro is SA/DA, the 24/7 is DAO. They both have second strike capability, so I don't know why they both wouldn't be "second chance" guns.
  4. Wetawd

    Wetawd Well-Known Member

    Ummm I like Taurus in spite of everyone saying that they're crap, so I like to keep up on their products... and I've never heard of a 23/7... links anyone or this a joke thread?:confused:
  5. Wetawd

    Wetawd Well-Known Member

    Never mind I feel like an idiot, cause it was just a typo. From what I've heard there were some kinks in the original that they were supposed to have fixed in the Pro. But I'm not sure what the specific changes are?
  6. mekender

    mekender Well-Known Member

    because, when it breaks after the first 10 shots, you get a second chance to try buying a decient gun
  7. mrmeval

    mrmeval Well-Known Member

    The guide rod on the 24/7 was or is plastic. My 24/7 Pro has the factory steel one. There's an issue with the magazines that can cause nose dives on the .45's. I think Taurus has a handle on it but they did upset a lot of owners by not finding and fixing those two problems at first.

    It's an accurate pistol and feels very good in my hand. I want a replacement slide release as the one on it is too flush with the gun and feels more like the safety.

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