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Taurus Raging Bull-.44 Mag-Your opinions

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by cbmax, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. cbmax

    cbmax Well-Known Member


    I posted a couple months ago about my interest in a blued .44 Mag. Well my permit is about to expire and I need to do something soon.

    In the blued category there really isn't much to choose from. You basically have the Ruger Redhawk, Dan Wesson, Taurus or older used S&W's.

    I'll be honest, my decision here is to a large extent being driven by the look I am after in this piece. However, with that said, I also want quality, accuracy, dependability etc.

    I had shyed away from the Taurus even though I like it's looks the best due to others opinions on quality. So I was all set to get my second choice which would be a Ruger Redhawk. I've been told the Ruger has it's issue too (trigger, grips, sights) so I was going to send it off to Bowen Classic Arms for one of their reliability packages. Bowen is well know for working on Rugers.

    Well the more I think about it, the more I feel that I am settling for my second choice. I figure if I would/could send the Ruger off to a gunsmith to have some issues corrected, why couldn't I do the same with the Taurus.

    Can anyone comment on the above???? Anyone know of a gunsmith that may specialize in Taurus revolvers or could any good competent gunsmith address potential weak spots?????? I have heard the Taurus has issues with poor cylinder luck up, end play and some inferior internal parts.

    Oh by the way, I would also like to experiment with some heavy reloads and ammo from Buffalo Bore which require a piece like the Taurus or Ruger etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. cbmax

    cbmax Well-Known Member

  3. Action_Can_Do

    Action_Can_Do Well-Known Member

    I have never sent any of my Taurus handguns in for work as they never needed it. My Glock on the other hand needed work out of the box. If a Raging Bull is what you want, then that is what you should buy. Having your second choice will not make you happy.
    Be wary of some of the people criticizing taurus. Doing so is trendy, kinda like criticizing Brittany Spears, and many of the people doing so have never shot one, let alone owned one.
  4. Troggy

    Troggy Well-Known Member

    tuarus or not?

    Im like you Tuarus makes me worry about quality, actually many posts Ive seen make me worry, but dang it, I realy like my Tracker as it is exactly what I wanted. To me the 44mag Tracker is the perfect(well almost) packin' gun to go hog hunting or hiking in the California wild.I use it as a side arm to my Contender or my Marlin 336. It rides on my hip like it aint there and fits my hand(with Hogue mono grip) perfectly. I like it's looks and the single action trigger is not too bad, DA is a different story. Tuarus does make guns that ,for some reason, other companies dont. They do have some great inovative designs If Ruger would make the GP 100 a five shot 44mag they would sell a ton of 'em.
  5. Encoreman

    Encoreman Well-Known Member

    CB, I would not buy the Ruger, they are not shooter friendly, they have a cowboy grip angle. I would buy either the Taurus, I have bought 4 different ones 3 357's and one 38, have not had trouble with any of them. Or buy a 629S&W. hope this helps. I have been thinking about a Raging Bull myself, that is what caught my eye to this post. Good luck and good shooting.
  6. knoxx45

    knoxx45 Well-Known Member

    The Colt Anaconda

    I know that they can be a bit pricey, but damn are they sexy. Great shooters as well. They might be hard to find, but if you can, they are worth every penny.
  7. Rick65Cat

    Rick65Cat Active Member

    Taurus .44

    This past xmas I treated myself to a .44 magnum. I originaly wanted a Smith
    .460 XVR. But since the .460 ammo wasn`t available here in Canada yet (its a size thing :D ) I picked up a 6" .44 Taurus in matte stainless at half the price. Its not a Raging Bull, but oh well.
    It has a ported, vent ribbed barrel with rubber contoured grips. The gun is very comfortable to hold and shoot. typicaly I use the 185 grain JSP cartridges. Sadly the supply of that shell is intermitant at best, and now I use the 240 grain shells. A little more kick.
    I know the gun is still relatively new (maybe 400 rounds) but when closing the cylinder it still feels tight with no play, and cocking the hammer gives me a solid sounding click. And trigger pull is feather light. It has no rattles or clatter...yet.
    My .02 worth

  8. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    I've owned S&W revolvers, Ruger DA and SA wheelguns AS well as a few others AND the SS Taurus raging bull in 44 magnum that I owned is the only handgun that I've ever tried to buy back.
  9. svtruth

    svtruth Well-Known Member

    Bought a

    used Redhawk in .44 mag and I love it. Good trigger, to me, but it may have gotten work. Also had aftermarket rubber grips. Sights fine.
    Good luck.

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