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Taurus Tracker improve DA pull?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by motorcycle_dan, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. motorcycle_dan

    motorcycle_dan Well-Known Member

    I have a Taurus Tracker DA revolver in .45ACP.
    It has from the factory some serious issues with the double action pull and tight chambers. Currently back as the factory for correction of the tight chambers.

    I was thinking of trying this pistol in revolver class at local action pistol competition. The DA trigger is terrible. Heavy and notchy. But approximately 1/2 the price of a S&W.

    Can it be improved to acceptable smooth action? Any recommendations on a gun smith who is familiar with this action?

    I'm in Central Ohio if it matters.

    Option "B" is dump it at a gun show and penny up for the smith and wesson.
  2. Rangegod

    Rangegod Well-Known Member

    I bought a Taurus Titanium Tracker in .357 a couple of years ago and like you found the action to be less then satisfactory. However, it was relatively easy to fix and turned out very well. The biggest problems with the Tracker action seems to be the hammer strut, which is required to slide through a retainer in the frame as the mainspring is compressed. Unfortunately, Taurus seems to stamp this part out of raw pig iron and the shooter feels every bump, tool mark and burr as it moves.

    To make a short story shorter, I had to stone (to get the deep machine marks) and polish the hammer strut to get the roughness out of the action. Polish this part bright, especially the convex front and back edges as this is where the pressure load is applied during spring compression. Next, I replaced the (very heavy) factory springs with a set of Wolf reduced power springs (10# trigger return, 11# main spring; Note - the 10# main spring in the kit was too light for reliable ignition). These changes made a 1000% improvement in the gun and its action is now about as good as any (coil spring) DA revolver I’ve owned.

  3. motorcycle_dan

    motorcycle_dan Well-Known Member

    Thank you, exactly what I was looking for

    Quite good description of the problem AND solution.
    I suspected as much but as the firearm is back at the factory getting the cylinders reamed to proper dimensions I could not verify.

    I have several other taurus revolvers. While their Double action pull is not colt or smith quality, I do believe their accuracy is at least on par if not better than the big two.

    Thanks again
  4. Rotorflyr

    Rotorflyr Well-Known Member

    I have a Tracker 4" .357 and when I bought it, I also checked out similar sized S&W (mostly over priced imo) and Ruger's (solid, but heavier then I wanted) My experiance is different then your's.
    I found the trigger to be smoother then either of the other two brands. Actually had checked out two before I bought, one new, one used and BOTH were smoother then the others (bought the used by the way as the price was right).

    I also have a Taurus 651 .357 (2") and felt that it's trigger was as smooth as the S&W 642 (yeah I know the 642 is a .38) I was also considering at the time.
  5. MrTuffPaws

    MrTuffPaws Well-Known Member

    Tracker 627 here. The first thing you need to do is take off the side pannel and blow the gunk out with CLP or break cleaner or something. Taurus has a habbit of leaving factory grit in their revolvers.

    Next head over to wolf springs and pick up a spring set for Taurus large frame. They work well in the Trackers and really lighten up the DA trigger pull

    Hope that helps some.
  6. motorcycle_dan

    motorcycle_dan Well-Known Member

    Concur .357 smooth

    I agree with the Taurus .357 being quality DA revolvers. Priced reasonable and shoot very well. Although everyone I have ever shot went left of point of aim. To shoot point of aim the rear sight had to be adjusted fairly far to the right.

    I purchased a used model 65, .357 4" fixed sights. Shot very tight groups but at greater than 20 yards off the paper to the left. Sent it back to Taurus for fix. Received and took it to the range same day. 6 of 6 in the black using 6:00 hold at 25 yards. Perfect sez I. Then I wondered what Taurus did to make the change, Switch barrels? Bend it? Just curious from a mechanical standpoint. Looking at the top strap it appears they had a 10 year old with cheap file, cut the rear sight wider going only to the right. Front sight is now in the middle and it shoots to point of aim. Really rough machine work.

    Then I shot another 6 rounds (all in the black again) and decided I bought the firearm to shoot, not to sell. So was quite happy with my cheap accurate and warrantied forever revolver. Even if the sight modification was a little crude.

    That is what made me want to buy the tracker 455. I was a little annoyed the chambers are tight and even with factory ammo the rounds had to be FORCED into the chambers. With full moon clips, I would think they should drop in freely. The DA trigger was exceptionally rough and notchy (izzat a word?) Asked the factory to look at the trigger while fixing the chambers. Don't know if they will be able to do much. Might be a liability thing.

    It is back at the factory and should be completed by the time I arrive home from buisness travel. We will see. Overall I'm happy with their products.

    I'm in Brazil now and thought about trying to find a shop here. Not sure of the brazilian laws though.
  7. Stainz

    Stainz Well-Known Member

    A friend bought one of the 4" SS 5-shot .45 ACP Tracker's for ~$339 + s/t locally last year. It was a decent shooter, but he could never get accustomed to it and sold it. We did find that my .45 Auto Rims worked quite well in it. The two other new examples I looked at, for $299 at another pusher's, would not permit the cylinder to close with my mock-up rounds, a 230gr RN in a primerless/powderless case. We then found that the friend's example had that much slop fore & aft on his cylinder, as they aren't designed to use .45 AR's.

    I had opted for my first S&W 4" 625-8 9/02. I am not made of money, so that decision meant other firearms had to go. I shot thousands of rounds in that 625 - a super firearm. Ultimately, I sold it to buy the more svelt 625 Mountain Gun in .45 ACP, but the hard-to-find MG is still MIA around here. Several months later, 2/05, found me ordering the latest 625 offering then from S&W - the 625JM. At only $30 more MSRP than the stock 625's, it is a steal. My pusher ordered mine for $589 then - he has a new one now for $639 - still a steal for the included features. Mine had my best-ever 'out of the box' trigger. I did lighten the hammer spring (Wolff), forever marrying it to my Federal-primered reloads. It is the best big bore I have ever had.

    So, I'd opt for 'Plan B'.... having fewer, and better, revolvers trumps more of a lessor quality, at least to me. Consider the 625JM, too... look at S&W's site to find out what the goodies are... it's a great value. Another caveat... it doesn't come ported, like everything from Taurus... I hate porting!


    PS That Tracker may just be the optimum bedside/car protector... consider that before disposing it.

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