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Taurus Utralites VS Total Titanium

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by V-fib, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. V-fib

    V-fib Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know the differences in materials used in the Taurus “Ultralite†and their regular blued/stainless models? They have lots of info on their site about “Total Titanium†but not any info that I can find on the Ultralites including differences in weight between the UL and blu/stainless:confused:
  2. tomkatz

    tomkatz Well-Known Member

    off the top of my head;
    all steel mdl 85- 21 oz
    alloy frame steel cylinder/barrel mdl 85UL- 17oz
    total titanium, steel lined barrel mdl 85- 13 oz
  3. diyj98

    diyj98 Well-Known Member

  4. tomkatz

    tomkatz Well-Known Member

  5. diyj98

    diyj98 Well-Known Member

    I believe all the current 85 UL are the aluminum/titanium models. Taurus doesn't list the aluminum/steel one on their website and it's not in any of my wholesale catalogs. The one at the auction site appears to be a special edition. It's defianetly priced cheaper than the current 85 UL's.

  6. tomkatz

    tomkatz Well-Known Member

    diyj98...yeah you are probably right, although my local shop has one in their case, they may have bought a bunch back when they were available. You'd think taurus would keep making them though just like S&W does, some folks just don't like the titanium guns...tom
  7. diyj98

    diyj98 Well-Known Member

    For the price difference I'd just as soon have alumnium and steel myself. I've got a mint alumnium/titanium 85UL sold pending receipt of funds now.
  8. V-fib

    V-fib Well-Known Member

    So you guys are pretty sure that the current taurus ultralites are aluminum frame with steel cylinder and barrel? no titanium in them right?
    Thanks for the replies.
  9. BLiTzNicK

    BLiTzNicK Well-Known Member

    The regular UL that weighs 17oz.(pictured below)has no titanium in it. I had one, and if the cylinder is steel, it's weak steel. The cylinder notches on mine got buggered up pretty quickly (less than 200rds.) Go to this address: http://taurususa.com/m85.html , and you will be able to see the difference in prices and materials.

  10. tomkatz

    tomkatz Well-Known Member

    Blitznick...that is stainless steel, I've heard your problem described before, I believe it is caused by an out of time situation, and I guess now is as good a time as any to make my pitch for a used S&W j frame snub, you can usually find a used one for about the same price as new taurus, and some have incredibly low rounds fired, just my .02 cents...tom
  11. diyj98

    diyj98 Well-Known Member

    V-fib, I posted the link to Taurus's website in my earlier. You can check the 85UL as well as the other models there. As I stated in an earlier post according Taurus's website and the distributor catalogs I have, all current 85UL's are aluminum and titanium.
  12. TC Rider

    TC Rider Member

    I have a model 85 CHULT (Concealed Hammer Ultralight) that is a titanium and aluminum model. It has an aluminum frame and Ti cylinder and barrel. I believe the barrel has a steel liner.

    Taurus calls it a Ultralight Titanium and it's posted with their 'total titanium' models.

    It weighs in at 13.7 oz. Pretty slick. It's porting makes it very easy to handle and the low weight makes it easy to carry. I got mine at a gun show last year for $369.

  13. TC Rider

    TC Rider Member

    Sorry for the double post

    I was trying to hang this picture.

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  14. happy old sailor

    happy old sailor Well-Known Member

    just checked my woman's 817 UL ss with a magnet.

    the bbl, cyl, cyl release, trigger and hammer are ferous metal. the remainder is not. didn't check its little guts. assume they are steel.

    bottom line, what kind of metal this is, i have no idea. it now has over 300 rounds thru it and still appears LNIB.

    seems they made this cutie in many configurations. pocket a small magnet if you go looking for one.
  15. Lancel

    Lancel Well-Known Member

    Since you didn't say which Ultra-Lite:

    FWIW, my 731 Ultra-Lite has stainless steel barrel and cylinder, aluminum alloy frame = 17 oz.

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