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Teachers--CCW column for school newspaper

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by LkWinnipesaukee, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. LkWinnipesaukee

    LkWinnipesaukee Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I just finished up the 1st draft of a column for my school newspaper about teachers being able to CCW in class. It's only the first draft, and I havent credited quotes yet, and some of the paragraphs are out of order, but please bear with me.

    Background-- My school is Algonquin Regional HS in Northboro. West Boylston is an ajacent town. All this is in Massachusetts, which you all know about. I will be interviewing teachers to get their opinions...

    Tell me what you think, anything I should add, take out, change, etc. I'm only a 16 year old soph, so go easy :D

    Thanks so much!!!:D :D

  2. KarlG

    KarlG Well-Known Member

    Could add that security measures such as cameras or alarm buttons are reactive while putting guns in the posession of the teaches and staff would be proactive. By this I mean that you could watch a shooting happen and have to call th epolice and wait 20 to 45 minutes for a response vs. immediately stopping the threat.

    My memory is fuzzy, but there was a shooting at a law school in VA, I believe, where students stopped the shooter with their gun(s). This could be used as a good example of arming people in schools. It was reported in the news that students wrestled the shooter to the ground.
  3. JimmyN

    JimmyN Well-Known Member

    “What if a teacher got mad and shot a kid?”

    That seems to be a common argument among the anti's, but in reality any teacher prone to that behaviour could certainly do it now. There is nothing to stop them. At least if CCW was allowed there would be someone there to respond to this "teacher gone mad".
  4. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the effort but its not going to happen. I've worked in a large high school ten years. There are 150 teachers, 120 are FFFLs (Fat Fifty Female Liberals) and they would really die before they would consider a gun in the building. There are about five males who are avid hunters, I loaded a box of 38sp for the principal last week. This is in Alabama. Personally I would not trust having a gun on me with all the idiot students at school anyway. The personal liability is way beyond the risk. I'd love to see their photo on a milk carton. Some could be a poster child for pro choice.
  5. LkWinnipesaukee

    LkWinnipesaukee Well-Known Member

    Karl, took your suggestion, thanks :)

    I sent it to the paper to be edited. We'll see how it goes...
  6. espanola

    espanola Well-Known Member

    Lake Winnie, you may be confusing a shooting being stopped in Missouri with the shooting in Pearl, Mississippi...(then again, maybe not).
    Here's a link about the shooting in Pearl being stopped. http://www.davekopel.com/2A/OthWr/principal&gun.htm

    In a former life, I was a teacher for 14 years and a high school principal for 11 (I understand your comments, Roadkill!) and I can tell you it'll never happen that teachers will be allowed either by law or school board policy to legally carry.
    Here's why...school board liability. If a school allowed it and a teacher/staff member shot someone accidentally, or heaven forbid, shot someone other than an armed intruder on purpose, or FAILED to shoot an armed intruder, they will get the stew sued out of 'em. They can't win regardless of what they do.

    Something else that'll you'll never ever hear a current teacher admit--that some teachers ARE carrying...regardless of law or policy.
  7. LkWinnipesaukee

    LkWinnipesaukee Well-Known Member

    ^^ You're right, my mistake. Thanks for correcting.

    Yes, I realize that it will never happen. Which is why I wrote that bit in the last paragraph.

    Thanks guys
  8. unixguy

    unixguy Well-Known Member

    I thought it was pretty good, although you hit upon one of my pet peeves-- improper use of the phrase "begs the question".

    I think this explanation at wikipedia explains it better than I can.

    I don't think it will detract from your message too much-- I think that common usage seems to be trending to use it the same that you did, so most people will probably understand you just fine.

    In short, if someone tells you that you're begging the question then it's a bad thing.

    I don't mean for this to be negative. Good for you for writing the article!
  9. Huddog

    Huddog Well-Known Member

    I saw on some news show last week after the PA incident that a legislator in Wisconsin intends to introduce legislation to allow weapons in school. Available only to properly trained personell and under lock and key. I agree it won't happen but at least he is trying.
  10. LkWinnipesaukee

    LkWinnipesaukee Well-Known Member

    Second draft

    ade a few changes, mostly grammar. What can I say about that quote?? Thats pretty much the only response i got...

  11. KarlG

    KarlG Well-Known Member

    Although I agree with Roadkill's comment that it will never happen, I do not believe that is the point. I believe that stimulating conversation on the subject is a good thing.
  12. cassandrasdaddy

    cassandrasdaddy Well-Known Member

    decent article

    for someone of any age
  13. scooterthegreat

    scooterthegreat Well-Known Member

    Here is a bit of what has been happening in WI as a result of the student shooting his principal in Sauk County.


    Even Mark Green, who is running for Govenor and supports concealed carry for our citizens, agrees that guns in schools is a bad idea.


    WI doesn't even allow for concealed carry (yet). I am quite taken back that allowing teachers and other school employees to carry was even brought up.

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