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Tell me on the High Point Carbine

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by High Planes Drifter, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. High Planes Drifter

    High Planes Drifter Well-Known Member

    Are there any aftermarket hi-cap mags for them? How's overall quality and reliability? Can you hit what you aim at, say, 50yds away? How 'bout 100yds? Are there plenty of aftermarket accesories available?
  2. Beowolf1911

    Beowolf1911 Well-Known Member

    They are good inexpensive guns, not great but good. I just sold mine, but only because I needed some cash. The 9mm can hit targets with relative accuracy up to 200 yards but it was designed to be a 50 yard and under gun and works best in those ranges. I strongly recomend the ATi stock because to factory one is flimsy and it has a seam on the top that rips out beard hair. there is a 15 round mag from pro-mag but they get pretty bad reviews. Some guys say you can bend the feed lips of the pro mag mags and they work but I never tried it. If you can afford it I would recomend the beretta storm or an ar-15 in 9mm you can find them for around $500.
  3. MRIman

    MRIman Well-Known Member

    I own a Hi-point 995,as well as a Kel-Tec Sub2000.
    Spend the extra $150,and do the Sub2000.
    Glock 33rd. mags make all the difference!!!!
    The trigger will suck at first,but gets better after
    @ 500 rds.
    They make for a great "trunk" gun. Mine is in the trunk
    and mags in the front seat(work in my carry gun).

  4. High Planes Drifter

    High Planes Drifter Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I have no set make/model, so I am open to considerations. I'll certainly check out the Kel Tec. Thanks for bringing that one up MRI man.
  5. mgregg85

    mgregg85 Well-Known Member

    I just bought the sub-2000 over the hi point carbine and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with my decision. The sub-2000 is no beauty but it is leaps and bounds better to look at than the hi point and it folds nicely into a small package. Add on the benefit of 33 round magazines and you can't go wrong.

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