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TEXANS vote on where to meet.

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by orangeninja, Mar 14, 2004.


Your pick

Poll closed Mar 21, 2004.
  1. The Shooting Gallery at the Winchester Gallery. 2 lane rifle range several pistol, no time limit.

    7 vote(s)
  2. Bass Pro. Rules vary, little to no rifle range. Beer next door. Good location.

    2 vote(s)
  3. DFW Gun in Irving/Dallas. Off Mockingbird about a mile off 183.

    2 vote(s)
  4. You name it. Post below.

    1 vote(s)
  1. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    2 PM next Sunday March 21. Which range?
  2. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member


    I'd love to get together but I need a bit more of advance notice.

  3. Billmanweh

    Billmanweh Well-Known Member

    my only thought is that we might want to make it a priority to find a place where we can reserve a few lanes to ourselves, so we actually are able to shoot and can kind of stick together. and having a place to go for a beer or whatever afterwards might be fun.

    having said that, if I can make it, I don't really care where we pick.
  4. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    I will call them and see if we can set it up.
  5. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member

    Gibson's Outpost

    I vote Gibson's Outpost.

    (But, I'll go just 'bout anywhere to sling lead downrange)

    I'll post this in a coupla places. Maybe some of y'all will find it handy:

    I haven't been to EVERY range in DFW area, but I have been to a few. Also, the links might help for your research.

    Here's my $0.02, FWIW.

    Bullet Trap, Plano
    Typical anal range rules
    No rapid fire
    No firing from draw
    All indoor
    Nice folks, esp employees
    25 yards for pistol & rifle
    Kinda pricey
    Used to be a member, before got into rifles

    Collin County Gun Range, McKinney
    "Outdoor" Range: Outdoor is in quotes because the lanes are covered and cut into a hillside
    Rifle (100 yd)
    Tac range
    Nice folks
    FMJ rifle ammo OK
    No shotguns on rifle range
    Limited hours, not open on Sunday due to City of McKinney's anti-RKBA biases.
    Rifle range lanes are from the bench, ONLY. Also, the overhead cover plus the rear wall magnifies muzzle blast. Lord help you if a local defense contractor is out testing a weapon-mounted FLIR. For thousands of rounds. Constantly. Using shorty AR15 uppers with muzzle breaks. The constant muzzle blast can make one nauseous and turn a nice day at the range into a test of one's will.

    Backwoods Traps, Little Elm
    100yd rifle
    No FMJ for rifle
    Rifle from bench, ONLY
    6 lbs of sh*t in a 5 lb sack (too much/many ranges/lanes in a small area)

    Garland Public Shooting Range, Garland
    100yd rifle
    $10 yearly membership plus range fees
    No FMJ for rifles
    Rifles from bench ONLY

    Targetmaster, Garland
    Others have described it as well/better than I could.

    Gibson's Outpost, Mesquite
    1712 LAWSON RD Mesquite, Texas
    (972) 222-6694
    (No website that I could find)
    $10-$15 (can't recall) membership plus range fees
    FMJ for rifles OK
    Rifles from bench, ONLY
    Best PUBLIC range for shooting rifles I've been able to find, given that I have not hit the western side of the DFW metroplex.
  6. RRTX

    RRTX Well-Known Member

    I voted for Bass Pro because it is a good central location for everyone (beer next door is good too :D ) My second choice would be The Shooting Place. I figure if we do it at one of these this time, next time we need to find a place that is more rifle friendly (preferably outdoor). I'm flexible, so I'll show up just about anywhere to meet some new folks. One idea for in the future is a trip to Tac-Pro out near Stephenville, they have ranges for EVERYTHING, including rifle out to 1000 yards (have to take a qualification course to shoot over 500 yards).
  7. Billmanweh

    Billmanweh Well-Known Member

    I've been out to Tac Pro once and they have a pretty sweet set-up, but it'd be a bitch of a drive for anyone not in far west Ft Worth
  8. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    Well....if everyone who has voted shows up...we have ELEVEN people. Jeesh.

    But that can't be right....I only have 7 people's contacts...including myself. Guys PULLLEEEZZZZ. I need your contact information to know you are serious about booking range time. I would hate to reserve 9 lanes and have 3 people show up.:uhoh:
  9. Billmanweh

    Billmanweh Well-Known Member

    just e-mailed you my contact info
  10. RRTX

    RRTX Well-Known Member

    Info sent :cool:
  11. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys...that puts us at 10....I'm thinking we've just about run out of space....:D

    Maybe we should lobby Congress.:p
  12. DonNikmare

    DonNikmare Well-Known Member

    jfruser thank you so much for all the info on the different ranges. I will avet this thread just for the reference value of your post. In-laws are in Mesquite n I'm in FW. I foresee dropping off the kids with the in-laws and taking my wife to Gibson's Outpost for her 1st shoot in the near future.

    Is it a good range for pistols? Would it be a good place to take a 1st timer?

  13. tiberius

    tiberius Well-Known Member


    How about an email reply to let us know you have our info correct?
  14. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    Cool....I will send a confirmation email tonight by 9PM. If you do not recieve one, then I do not have your info.
  15. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member


    My wife is a n00bie shooter & she has been to all of the ranges with me. She liked Gibson's the best because it was outdoors (reduced muzzle blast) and the less oppressive atmosphere of the outdoor setting.

    On the negative side, their pistol range has set target holders. You can shoot at 10yds & 25 yds, but not at 7.5 yds or 19 yds, if you know what I mean. Actually, it might be 10,25, & 50 yds. I can't recall.

    The owners are a bit gruff (a husband/wife team). Just make nice comments about their old, pint-sized, mangy mutt & they'll warm up.

    Earlier is better, IMO, as the lanes fill up as the day moves on.

    You'll have to buy at least a couple of their targets, as their target frames are non-standard...then staple YOUR targets to the boughten targets.

    If you like to shoot a rifle OFF the bench, you're pretty much outta luck as far as public ranges in DFW.

    Good luck.
  16. aguyindallas

    aguyindallas Well-Known Member


    I will bring a sheet that we can gather everyones info on. This way, if we make this a regular thing, we can keep in touch easily and stay together. This will also help us decide which ranges fit best based on location.

    See ya!
  17. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    Cool....sounds good.

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