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Texas - and questions

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ieszu, May 2, 2008.

  1. ieszu

    ieszu Well-Known Member

    I have been doing my research, going to roll the dice and see what info I can get here....

    I want to relocate to Texas, either Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston. My thoughts are either to open a gunshop/gunsmith facility now, with a range in a year or 2 from now, or see if I can purchase an existing business and make it better.

    I was curious if you guys had any knowledge of one that is for sale (nothing I could find on-line).... I have the capital to invest and the experience to make it work, just looking to find a place now. :D
  2. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato Well-Known Member

    It might be very difficult to put a new indoor range in in Dallas. I think they have very strict building codes now (which is why most of the indoor ranges there are in older buildings). Gun shop, probably, range, probably not.
  3. primlantah

    primlantah Well-Known Member

    my thoughts would be to avoid investing in houston.
  4. geophysicishooter

    geophysicishooter Well-Known Member

    Life long Texan from birth here.

    If I was going to move anywhere in Tx, it sure as heck wouldn't be to either of the mondoplexes you mentioned. If I had my choice of Tx cities to move to, it would be Austin.

    Not sure what the building codes/restirctions would be there as far as an idoor range but as far as quality of life and recreation opportunities, Austin can't really be beat. (and I'm from Houston originally)
  5. Kindrox

    Kindrox Well-Known Member

    There is Dallas city proper, and then there is the metroplex. I don't think I'd open a shop/range in Dallas no matter what the building codes. There is already competition there and fewer areas of wealth density that lend themselves to a gun business.

    I would probably do

    1. Allen/McKinney/Frisco. Lots of wealth density. No gun shop+range at all that I am aware of, and only one gun store that I am aware of. The existing gun store is not centrally located for the Allen/McKinney/Frisco residents.

    People in these communities have to drive 15-25 minutes to visit Bullet Trap as their closest indoor range and Bullet Trap is very busy. I drive a little further to shoot outdoors because the busyness level of Bullet Trap annoys me.

    North Dallas is really low on the total number of gun stores/ranges.

    2. Southlake. One of the highest per capita income cities in the metroplex. I do believe there may already be competition in the surrounding towns.
  6. ieszu

    ieszu Well-Known Member

    I wish I could live other places in TX, but certain personal requirements force me to live in one of those 2 places, although a reasonable commute is not out of the question...

    I have checked the zoning in Dallas, and have found definitions that would not prohibit me from opening..... (Indoor recreational facility, educational facility)...
  7. Kindrox

    Kindrox Well-Known Member

    In general what geo said about Austin is true, except I don't know about opening a gun store there. Austin is a very liberal enclave in a much more gun friendly Texas.
  8. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    Dallas county and city taxes might kill you anyway.

    Really look at something outside of Dallas city limits for many reasons besides zoning. Insurance costs, taxes, everything is going to be much higher there.

    Irving, Plano, Addison, Richardson etc. Growth is north so that's the direction you want to be looking, not Dallas itself. There's no growth there.
  9. ieszu

    ieszu Well-Known Member

    OK, thanks for your help. Have you heard about a place for sale? Owner talking about retiring?
  10. Kindrox

    Kindrox Well-Known Member

    See that is the great thing about North. There are VERY few gun stores. Not much to retire from and why I would like to see a gun store or two move in.

    BTW Allen/McKinney/Frisco are North Dallas. Plano and Richardson are not not North Dallas anymore.
  11. primlantah

    primlantah Well-Known Member

    Austin is a nice place but is quickly going down hill. Growth here is amazing and the city and surrounding areas cant really keep up with it(or the crime that comes with it).

    Houston is one of the most retarded places in the state... avoid it like the plague.

    Dallas would be the better choice for your situation but i cannot help with land for sale. If i were you i would avoid city limits and look into county taxes. Dallas has lots of nice people and areas in the not so close in to the metro area suburbs.
  12. geophysicishooter

    geophysicishooter Well-Known Member

    I get the feeling that the Liberalness of Austin gets a little overplayed. Yeah, it's *more* liberal than alot of places in Texas but the baseline is set pretty far right. It's not Boulder or Portland, OR, or San Fran or some other places. A quick google search turns up several dozen shos and ranges in the 'greater' Austin Area..

    I think the bigger issue to be faced anywhere is going to be the amount of competition you'll be facing and setting yourself apart from the crowd and dealing with the big boxes like Cabela's, Bass Pro, etc.
  13. MechAg94

    MechAg94 Well-Known Member

    Houston is like any other city. Move to a suburb.
  14. springmom

    springmom Well-Known Member

    The suburbs do have some gun ranges. Carter's Country is here in north Harris county; there are a couple up in Conroe; Carter's is also east on the Katy Freeway. There is Hot Wells out 249. AFAIK, though, the only nice INDOOR shop is Top Gun, down by the Galleria. None of those places is for sale.

    HOWEVER...there was a little place in Humble...Sportsman's Gallery or something like that. It burned down about 18 months ago or so, and has not been rebuilt or replaced. It had an indoor range, sold a lot of C-Tac holsters because the maker is local, had a nice selection of other holsters, lots of different guns, and was a great place to go browse, learn, get stuff you couldn't get elsewhere. I miss it, everytime I need a new holster. It was on FM 1960 in Humble. Were you to replace it, I expect you'd find the rent low; the commute is quite doable into Houston, going down 59. There is one other indoor range in the area but it is nasty; the owners pride themselves on filling up the place with cigarette smoke in the name of freedom; the one time I went in there, I had to flee the smoke and still ended up with an asthma attack. No thanks.

    Open up a NICE indoor range, with ladies' nights, competitions, and a clean and welcoming interior and you could do real well out there.

    Good luck.

  15. ieszu

    ieszu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your help with this..... I guess I will concentrate on North Dallas area... outside city limits. Not sure what the problem with Houston is, other than its lack of zoning and lots of freeways.

    And Austin is out of the picture for many reasons, of which the "liberalness" is not one of them.
  16. springmom

    springmom Well-Known Member

    ??? Our posts may have crossed paths. But don't rule out Houston until you've checked out that situation in Humble. They did a really good business, I can tell you; and they are missed.

  17. ieszu

    ieszu Well-Known Member

    Springmom - You are right, our posts did cross. From what I can find, the place you are talking about is "Sportsmans Outlet Indoor Shooting Center" and were located at "1710 FM 1960 Bypass East
    Humble, TX 77338-3916".

    Was this the place you were talking about?
  18. primlantah

    primlantah Well-Known Member

    in my opinion thats about half of it... the other half is high crime, hurricanes, and katrina refuges. I think their highways are awful. When i go there on business i use room service and leave town as fast as possible. Though I will second what springmom said...not from my personal experience but a friends dad lives in Katy(uses Katy long distance or carters if its the same place) and seems satisfied.
  19. possom813

    possom813 Well-Known Member

    You should try around Corsicana, Navarro County.

    Population of around 50,000 with an average income of around 31,000.

    Gander Mtn and another local shop are the only competition I'm aware of.

    No public range. There is one listed on the range directory pages as Texas Silhoueta Association(IIRC), but the number listed is for a local bank that has no idea what I'm talking about.

    Gander Mtn and the other shop are both way overpriced, and neither like special orders.

    There are also several buildings in the downtown area that are empty and the rent isn't too terrible. Anywhere from 300 to about 1000 a month. If you seriously think about Corsicana, shoot me a pm and I can tell you a lot more, like certain building owners to avoid at all costs.


    Just throwing it out there.
  20. springmom

    springmom Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's the one. A sad day when I drove over there to find a burned out shell.

    Apparently it was a right lively fire, as the considerable amount of ammo in there made a Big Bang. Lots of them, actually. :what:


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