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Texas??? Dallas Mayor Supports POTUS Gun Control Agenda

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by PRM, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. PRM

    PRM Well-Known Member

  2. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    Dallas, Houston, and Austin are about the most liberal areas in Texas. This really doesn't surprise me...
  3. rgwalt

    rgwalt Well-Known Member

    Evidently he isn't interested in getting re-elected
  4. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    There is a big misconception of Texas being the land of freedom like many tout it. As a matter of fact Texas has had much more restrictive gun laws than many states in the West coast and Midwest. They just recently received the right to open carry and as I know it was illegal to conceal carry not that long ago.

    Texas major cities are actually quite as liberal as the major cities in many other states we demonize.
  5. erichtmobile

    erichtmobile Well-Known Member

    Most of dallas county is a liberal turd hole. And Rawlings is an east coast uber lib. The only reason he found himself in texas is because he was ceo of pizza hut(HQ in DFW)
  6. Silent Bob

    Silent Bob Well-Known Member

    Dallas is pretty much a Democrat stronghold and has been for years (demographics play a large part). Leppert (R) was a recent anomoly but stepped down to run for the senate (and lost).
  7. Silent Bob

    Silent Bob Well-Known Member

    No open carry in Texas though bills are passed every year that go nowhere and we have had concealed carry since 1995.
  8. Texan Scott

    Texan Scott Well-Known Member

    Doesn't matter much... we're a non-premption state. "Progressive" Texas mayors are not much more than loud mouths connected to small minds and tied hands. :)
  9. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure that we don't have open carry... And I hope I would know if they did...
  10. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I stand corrected. I thought a new law was passed that gave Texans the right to open carry, but I guess I am wrong.

    Considering, you can open carry in any states in the West Coast, except California, how is Texas such a free place to live, compared to the Pacific NW and Southwest states? This would be a great hindrance to me, as I like to open carry when I am out in the woods hiking. I would hate to lose that freedom if I moved to Texas. Does the laws restricting open carry only apply to urban areas?
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
  11. Walter

    Walter Well-Known Member

    And that's the way we like them. They can't cause too much trouble that way.:D

    On the other hand I saw where Texas AG Greg Abbott said he will file a federal lawsuit to stop the implementation of any new federal gun control laws.
    Works for me.
  12. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    Evergreen, laws governing open carry in Texas impact everywhere that is not your own private property. Your vehicle is not your property, either, when it comes to OC. If you are in your vehicle you don't need a CHL to carry, but you do have to carry concealed.
  13. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Well-Known Member

    All over the nation in the large cities you see the same mind set . The voting populace within those large cities is the downfall of this nation.

  14. 89yj

    89yj Active Member

    I think it was Oklahoma that just got open carry.

    Does the Dallas mayor have any power. I thought all Texas gun laws were on state level. I'm sure he could still mess with the Dallas gun shows.
  15. freyasman

    freyasman Well-Known Member

    I grew up in Texas, (Harris County), and while there were no concealed weapon permits, every single adult male in my life carried a pistol. A common way to stay "legal" was to be a reserve deputy or an honorary constable. I remember my father who worked for a private investigation company would do a shift as a constable once a month or so, and in return, he was able to carry. In fact, carrying concealed was so common in Texas at that time, (at least among the people I knew) that when I heard about the Luby's cafeteria shooting, I was shocked that none of the victims were armed.
  16. Don't feel bad El Paso's Mayor joined them too if his interview last is an indication. Anyway in a show of protest I bought a Glock 20 today.
  17. ball3006

    ball3006 Well-Known Member

    Dallas and Austin are the butthole of the state. The only reason I ever go to Dallas is to the Market Hall gun show which is one of the better ones around.....chris3
  18. winchester1886

    winchester1886 Well-Known Member

    Open Carry in Texas

    :)Texas doesn't have open carry but when hunting I carried a SA 44mag on my hip. on your own property you can open carry. I used to carry a J-frame with me fishing.
  19. vtail

    vtail Well-Known Member

    You're right, Oklahoma got open carry effective November 1.

    The very first day, a friend of mine strolls into the bank where I work with a 10mm on his hip. Kind of surreal.

    I've only seen one other guy since open carrying....
  20. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    The massacre at Luby's in Killeen changed a few things.

    Have all of you guys watched Susanne Gratia-Hupp testify in from of Chuck Schumer and others about how Texas laws then required her to keep her handgun in the car, and her parents were among those murdered?

    She then ran for the state House and won.

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