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Texas hunting with sidearm question.

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by LivewireBlanco, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. LivewireBlanco

    LivewireBlanco Well-Known Member

    Going hunting tomorrow with my Savage 30-06. Was wanting to carry my .357 on my side just because. Is this legal?
  2. sleepyone

    sleepyone Well-Known Member

    Yes sir. The only time it is not legal is when you are bow hunting (unless you have a CHL.) Then it is legal, but the gun must be concealed while you are bow hunting. Go figure.
  3. LivewireBlanco

    LivewireBlanco Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir!
  4. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    As long as you are on property where you have a legal right to be--your land or on a lease--you can carry openly. (Gun season, or when without a bow and just wandering about.)

    The regulatory problem has to do with the idea that a bow hunter might shoot a buck with his handgun at 100 yards and then get close and use an arrow, claiming that the gunshot wound was merely a coup de grace. At the same time, TP&WD must recognize the absolute right of self-defense. Hard to write that into a regulation in a sensible manner.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2012
  5. adelbridge

    adelbridge Well-Known Member

    Come the first weekend in Nov if you choose to gun and bow hunt deer have at it. Hog hunting is a free for all brung your bow and everything else in your arsenal and top it off with nightvision and a can
  6. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

    When I used to live in Texas, I had an experience I will not forget. I lived in SOuth Texas and hunted very down south where the ranch was borded in the south by the Rio Grande river and the river was low then. On the first day for bowhunting, I had this weird feeling that I needed to bring a firearm. I knew it was illegal to do so. But I brought it anyway. I left it in the truck and went to my blind..alone. AFter sitting for 2 hours I walked back to the truck where I saw 3 wetbacks blocking my one and only exit off the ranch. From their body language, they didn't look like they wanted trouble. One of them asked for water. It was a good thing I had my rifle. I walked towards them with one bottle in one hand and the other was my rifle. They gladly took the bottle of water and went their way.
  7. RhinoDefense

    RhinoDefense Well-Known Member

    I think Michigan addressed this properly:

    "During the archery deer seasons, it is illegal to carry afield a pistol, revolver, or other firearm while bowhunting for deer.
    EXCEPTIONS: This prohibition does not apply to pistols carried under authority of a concealed pistol license or properly carried under authority of a specific exception from the requirement of a concealed pistol license. However, a concealed pistol license does not authorize the individual to use the pistol to take game except as provide by law."

    Michigan is an open carry state. The interpretation by the DNR is you can carry a pistol openly or concealed (with CPL) while bowhunting for deer as long as you don't hunt deer with it or use it on deer in any manner. No coup de grace. You can use the pistol for other game animals provided you have the proper license. I love bringing a .22 pistol along with a small game license for picking off squirrels.
  8. RhinoDefense

    RhinoDefense Well-Known Member

    You couldn't pick a better term than a racial slur?
  9. a-sheepdog

    a-sheepdog Well-Known Member

    I used to hunt south Texas quite a bit and have had to run them out of my deer stand on occasion, not sure who was more shocked, me or them. Good idea to carry a side arm. Never had any issues with them, but preparation is key. I was warned constantly by the rancher that it is illegal, a $10,000 fine for providing aid to someone who crosses the border illegally.
  10. Pistol Ranch

    Pistol Ranch Well-Known Member

    In South Texas they are WETBACKS!!:neener:
    When a couple of them break into your hunting cabin and trash it, stronger language is necessary..

  11. RhinoDefense

    RhinoDefense Well-Known Member

    I don't care where you are, that language is unacceptable, especially on this forum. Seems if it's tolerated the forum should be "The Low Road". I thought we were better than that.
  12. Flynt

    Flynt Well-Known Member

    Rhino, I agree. Where are the moderators?
  13. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    In Texas, "wetback" is used far more as an identifier than it is as a pejorative. Always has been. I live in a community with some 35% Latino citizens. They also use the term.

    Real world: From Gabriel Acosta, "Jose? He's that wetback guy that works at the Fulcher ranch."

    For that matter, I was talking to a guy looking for work. During the conversation, he grinned and said, "Si, soy moja'o." (Yeah, I'm a wet.)

    Ever see a yellow cone by the door to a restroom saying "Piso mojado"? That means "wet floor". Mojado = wet. In border Tex-Mex, the letter d isn't pronounced.
  14. col.lemat

    col.lemat Well-Known Member

    I learn something new every day here on THR
  15. RhinoDefense

    RhinoDefense Well-Known Member

    If this forum's administrators tolerate racial slurs on this forum I don't want to be associated with it any longer. I don't care if it's common in TX. The "n" word is very common here in MI to refer to Blacks, but I bet you wouldn't tolerate its use on the forum.

    Take care.
  16. Flynt

    Flynt Well-Known Member

    Art. I'm a native Texan and still live in Texas. I don't subscribe to the politically correct movement; I refuse to worry about offending someone by using a term like "illegal alien." Nevertheless, in polite society "wetback" crosses the line. Even your post acknowledges that it is sometimes used as a perjorative. Please show how it would be permissible under our guidelines. Thanks.
  17. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

    I used the term "wetback" in this thread. I apologize to those who I offended. I had no intentions whatsoever to create a racial slur. If I used "illegal alien" in my post I most probably would still get burned. Mind you, the city where I lived in in South Texas was 99% Mexicans and took no offense when I told them my story using "wetback" in my story telling. Peace!
  18. Flynt

    Flynt Well-Known Member

    BP, You're a gentleman and a scholar.

    Art, I have to backtrack a little. I looked at the rules and there was no specific prohibition of racial epithets. I thought there was, but that could be because such things are usually prohibited on the other websites I frequent.
  19. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I can live without "wetback", but illegal immigrant is still a bit too soft for what it indicates.

    How did the hunt go? As mentioned, 357 mag is perfectly legal although for handgun hunting I think there are better choices. A lot small deer in South and Central Texas... should be plenty unless you meet up with a 200 pounder.
  20. LivewireBlanco

    LivewireBlanco Well-Known Member

    Wow, look what my thread started. The hunt went well! I took an 8 point whitetail and my sister took a 6 point, her first deer! I decided not to take my sidearm just for ease of hunting. I think the moderators can close this thread now.
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