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Thanks.. Laser-Cast

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Gary H, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Gary H

    Gary H Well-Known Member


    Laser-Cast (Oregon Trail Bullets) just sent me their 180 page "Reloading Manual." Wow, what a great resource. They also sent me many pages of laser printed supplementary loads. Best of all, they sent it for free . I purchased fifteen hundred bullets at the Big Reno Gun Show and requested some load information from them via their website. Next thing I know, they send a request for my address and send out this manual.

    The manual covers the major pistol and many rifle calibers. It also has special section on many of the competitive gun sports and special load information for competition. Lots of general reloading information and it is all skewed towards the reloader that shoots lead.
  2. Gary H

    Gary H Well-Known Member

    I'll send this back to the top one time, since someone here might want to avail themselves of this resource.
  3. RUT

    RUT Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, one has to buy 2000 slugs in order to get the manual. Too bad they don't offer it for sale, unless I missed something. (?)

  4. Gary H

    Gary H Well-Known Member

    They do offer it for sale for $19, but my point was that I purchased three boxes of 500 bullets at a gun show and they sent me the manual without me asking me for money. I simply asked them a question about their bullets and leading/load information.

    I should add that they never asked for a proof of purchase. They use the manual to promote their bullets. Of course, the molds that they use are industry standards and the powders are some of the newest on the market. It looks like an expensive production, so it probably best that in some way, you send money their way, but seems like they are happy to bend the rules with regards to quantity purchased.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2003
  5. RUT

    RUT Well-Known Member

    >>They do offer it for sale for $19<<

    Gary-- thanks for the scoop... I must have missed that.
  6. RUT

    RUT Well-Known Member

    I was about to lament that they were on opposite sides of the country and that shipping would be prohibitive until I noticed shipping was included!! I may just have to order me up some of these things!
  7. JSR

    JSR Well-Known Member

    They'v got a lot of their data posted here. http://www.trueshotbullets.com/
    I'v shot all of their 45/70 bullets except for their newer GC offerings, its great stuff for plinking. I do have to say, I'm a little leery of a 1832 fps non GC load. Anybody want to try that one?
  8. SASS#23149

    SASS#23149 Well-Known Member

    Laser-cast folks are the best.
    a while back i ordered some bullets over the phone,and i could tell the lady was new to bullet nomenclature.Sure enough,the bullet shape was wrong...fp instead of rnfp,which i need for my lever gun.
    I wrote an email and informed em of the mistake,saying that I could use the bullets anyway,but suggested extra training for the lady on the phone.
    A few days later,here come the correct bullets by ups.......no charge!!
    Ya ca'nt ask much better from a company.
    I did'nt ask for or expect replacement of the bullets,BTW.
    I too use their manual quite often.
  9. griz

    griz Well-Known Member

    To prevent somebody from speding $19 and being surprized, the book has cast bullet data only.

    I got the it a while back and use it a lot. Most of my pistol loading is with cast bullets now so their book is a great source for me. Nice bullets too.:)
  10. BenW

    BenW Well-Known Member

    Perhaps they occasionally have special offers or something that include the manual. I got one for free the very first time I ordered from them, around 1000 bullets if I recall correctly.
  11. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

    A couple of years ago I had bought some bullets for them and had questions about load data. Gave them a call and was told the fellow I needed to talk to had gone home for the day.
    About an hour later this guy calls me from his home and told me what I needed to know. Can't beat service like that.

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