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The .460 Rowland. Do you like it?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Panzercat, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Panzercat

    Panzercat Well-Known Member

    Will be getting a new 1911 in the near future and have my eye on the .460 Rowland conversion kit for it. Assuming you've actually used or fired one, what do you think? Would you make the same choice again? Having fun? Too much trouble? Don't have a robot butler to pull the slide back?

    I don't see too many bad things listed for it, but practical experience trumps marketing-speak, especially when the official Rowland460 website is loaded with it.
  2. hariph creek

    hariph creek Well-Known Member

    I too, am curios about this.
  3. stoney1666

    stoney1666 Well-Known Member

    i have only shot .45 ACP out of mine and desided to sell it because i want to do something defferent. it is very accurate with .45
  4. hatchetbearer

    hatchetbearer Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in its potential use for whitetail deer hunting.
  5. Panzercat

    Panzercat Well-Known Member

    .460 falls into the low to mid range of .44mag energies and people have been taking whitetail with those for years. From everything I've read so far (and i've read dang near everything I can get my hands on via google), you'd be good to go on there.
  6. dtsdave

    dtsdave Active Member

    I have one. It is a fun round. I reload for it but it is still pretty expensive to shoot. I have not had any problems with mine. Buy one and enjoy. Here is a picture.
  7. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Well-Known Member

    It's interesting for sure, but I've not messed with it. I've messed with, and really enjoy the .45 Super. You don't need another barrel to shoot it (1911 guys anyways), and it's potent for sure. Not .460 powerful, but definitely a step up from the .45 ACP. In my gun (Gen4 G21 w/KKM 4 port barrel), I load 200gr JHPs to 1350+ fps, 230gr JHPs to 1200 fps, 250gr Gold Dots to around 1100 fps and 255gr WFN hardcast to over 1150 fps.

    Keep in mind, the .45 Super and 460 Rowland use .45 ACP bullets (and some .45 cal revolver bullets), so pushing a .45 ACP designed bullet 400-500 fps faster isn't always a good thing, bullet failure is likely to occur, at least using ACP JHPs.
  8. MagnumDweeb

    MagnumDweeb Well-Known Member

    My Uncle has a Springfield Range Officer converted for .460. I've only shot it once though (he doesn't get out that often to shoot). With a 185 grain FMJ you can easily achieve 1450 fps, the heavier rounds don't really meet .44 magnum potential in my opinion. Sure light to mid range loadings but unless you can push a 230 grain FMJ to 1400 fps on a regular basis safely and have the gun enjoy a long life, it's not really in the .44 magnum range. It's more like the .41 magnum the way I see it. Still for target shooting and small to medium game hunting I would like to give it a go.

    Next year after my wedding, I've getting a Springfield RO and doing the same conversion but I'll get new sites of the 3 Dot variety.

    The .460 just hasn't really caught on.
  9. Fishslayer

    Fishslayer Well-Known Member

    Shot my friend's Colt 1911 with (I assume) the Clark compensator. Very accurate, controllable, a hoot to shoot! :D I want one for sure.

    Clark has a list of "approved" guns for the conversion. Make sure your 1911 is on it.

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