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The 7.62x54R for hunting: I'm a believer.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by meanmrmustard, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    There are better rounds for hunting, this much is true depending greatly on that which one plans to hunt. There are worse as well.

    My hunting for the last decade is primarily predator and whitetails; that's all there is here. Either can be taken effectively with the same chambering. I've taken both with many different cartridges, some better than others. One I've found that performed great on both for the ranges I hunt at is the .223 Remington. Light end of the spectrum for song dogs, medium to heavy soft points or bonded rounds for deer at moderate to short range.

    Recently, I've been shooting the Mosin...a lot. I've a 1932 hex receiver 91/30. It's heavy, cumbersome, and lets face it, fun. The range of weights it can handle is covered greatly and the ammo, for the most part, is uber cheap. The gun is cheap, the ammo is cheap, what's not to like?
    Practice, practice, practice. After several months of shooting different weights, at different ranges, in varying weather and elevation conditions had me making a sight tool out of S7 tool steel and sighting this beast in with 203gr Silver Bear soft points. Groups at 100 yards are inside a baseball. Goody.
    Our opening day for firearms deer season was Saturday, November 10th. The day was at an abnormal high: 75 for the high, with southern winds in excess of 25mph and morning drizzles. Not great weather. But, deer are deer rain or shine. So, I climbed into a 30' elevated blind with wraparound porch (we hunt in style!) and sat awaiting the action.

    At 7:30am, two large does tried sneaking across a CRP field from a woodblock into a creek bottom. I took aim with the iron sights, putting the larger doe down with a shot to the base of the neck (my only reliable kill shot due to the grass height), dropping her where she stood. The other deer retreated back from whence she came. The distance was 157 yards, neck pass through, and she weighed 178lbs on the hoof.
    The evening hunt was even more fun: winds picked up faster, and I was stuck finding a new location. I picked a crick bottom stand, a creek with water in it and a slough of draws and ridges behind me and a whet field to the north and west. Bleating and grunting in between wind gusts up to 5pm, I had a buck in bow range with no open shot. 8 point, big bodied, and I'm hungry. He messed up: after racking on a cedar for several minutes, he walked into the wheat field and at 35 yards, took the 203gr through his right shoulder and out behind his left. The lungs and heart were all pulverized, and he just fell over. No running, no fighting, just one and done.
    I've never hunted deer with a round this large (not necessary) but its cheap. I made the most out of practicing and knowing my abilities as well as the rifle's. it's also the first time I've hunted with irons only, with a rifle nearing ten pounds in weight.

    For anyone who'd like to try stand hunting with the Mosin Nagant, practice, become efficient, and sight in for you desired round. It's inspired confidence in me while being the only one on my farm to take any deer this weekend (several mishaps), as well as our neighboring farms. A crappy opener turned into a great beginning for a freezer of meat, and a new friendship with an 80 year old war rifle turned deer slayer!

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    Last edited: Nov 15, 2012
  2. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Nice story and advance Thanksgiving Day. ANy pictures?
  3. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Crappy cell phone pics, but I'll try ASAP. Buck was 230ish on the hoof, 195 field dressed. Rack was only about 120, but not bad for public land deer hunting methinks. I'm glad you like the story.
  4. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    If you want to advance to something new, get the Finn M 39 . They can cost a little more but very nice. www.gunsnammo.com
  5. firesky101

    firesky101 Well-Known Member

    The 7.62x54r has some very respectable power, and I would not hesitate to use it on deer. Glad you had a good time and bagged some meat. Also like the new sig line, I am going to have to go listen to some Weezer now.
  6. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the link. The fiancé is going to posy my deer picks tomorrow night ( sorry...), I'm anxiously awaiting next weekend for our doe extension! I'll be using the Mosin again with great confidence.
  7. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    Everyone has to Weeze every now and then...
  8. ArchStanton

    ArchStanton Well-Known Member

    only concert I've ever been kicked out of...
  9. morcey2

    morcey2 Well-Known Member

    If I had a nickel for every time I said that.....:neener:
  10. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Sunday, while walking back to the truck with my dad, we were eyeballing cedar trees looking for bedded deer in the rain. He was carrying a .260 Remington, Ruger M77 compact, and spied a doe laying on a hillside at around 70 yards. He whistled, she stood up, and he fired. The deer acted hit but left very little blood. We tracked for a few hours, and found the deer several hundred yards from where it was shot, still alive, laying in a thicket. He put another round in her and down she went. First shot got one lung, second passed through. From what I could tell the .260 didn't expand (ballistic tip Nosler 120gr.) and there was a neat hole roughly bore diameter in the deer. I've never had this problem.
  11. CharlieDeltaJuliet

    CharlieDeltaJuliet Well-Known Member

    Awesome MrMustard, a good buddy has a Mosin. I was surprised by it's accuracy.
  12. Aaron1100us

    Aaron1100us Well-Known Member

    I've heard 7.62x54 will take anything in North America. Double Tap has 7.62x54 Moose loads. I'd love to hunt with my 7.62x54 Russian Tiger but we can hunt deer in Iowa with a rifle.

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  13. fatcat4620

    fatcat4620 Well-Known Member

    Why do you need to become "a believer"? Were you not aware of the cartridges ability?
  14. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

    Nice shot at 157 yards with open sights!

    In another thread about a year ago I remember one of our THR members hunting with the Mosin and harvesting yacks in the frigid Alaska winter. He was very successful with it.
  15. Kachok

    Kachok Well-Known Member

    From a ballistics standpoint, if a 308 can kill it so can a 7.62x54R. Absolutly no doubt about it, they will put deer and elk in the freezer. I will say though that it is a tad behind the 30-06 because they can sling heavier lead then their modern counterparts, but CXP2 class game would never know the difference.
  16. ShooterGuy

    ShooterGuy Well-Known Member

    I'd easily agree its absolutely a viable round for hunting depending on the game. My most recent with it, was a Bobcat at about 120yrds with my Vepr and a 3-9x40 scope. No more chickens for it....
  17. brnmw

    brnmw Well-Known Member

    Never been a doubt in my mind, I would not think twice about using it... it's one of my favorites!

    I wish more modern gun Mftr. companies offered a new rifle chambered in it. (Hint...Hint... Winchester Model 70 "Metric Express" ;) )> and yes I would be first in line to buy one.
  18. ScrapMetalSlug

    ScrapMetalSlug Well-Known Member

    The caliber is excellent for hunting. The reason people don't think it is ideal is because the caliber is mainly available in only old Mosins. The heavy weight people complain about makes shooting a full powered rifle a lot more pleasant than something that weighs 6 or 7 pounds. I remember a few years back shooting a 91/30 at my local range when some old timer was sighting in his rem 700 for deer season. I assume he dismissed it when he saw me firing, but when I brought my target back to the bench he said, "that gun is accurate enough to hunt with!" with an amazed look on his face.
    The mosin is more than capable for any deer sized game, and I have dropped deer with 54r as well. You have the ability to practice a ton with relatively cheap ammo, which isn't really possible with the cost of other more modern center fire ammunition in different calibers.

    Congrats on your deer. It sure is fun to take deer with a rifle so old and low in cost isn't it:D
  19. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Not the cartridge, but rather my abilities with the rifle non scoped. The believer aspect was a "see it for yourself" statement. I'm from the Show Me state, after all, and having never hunted with the cartridge/rifle combo I wanted to see what I'd been missing.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2012
  20. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I too am very impressed. It's not as refined as my K31, but two different deer shot at two different distances in two different locations on the body and both drop! I know it isn't magic (I'd like to think practice was at play), but I'm beginning to have great confidence.

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