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The ammo shelves at cabellas look like they are going out of business.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by inkinskin, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. inkinskin

    inkinskin Well-Known Member

    I went there today to get some 9mm ammo to break in my new Sig SP2022 at the range tomorrow and there was literally nothing left but alluminum cased nylon bullets. Thankfully I still have some 9mm brass stashed away in my closet for a rainy day. Is anybody else experiencing this, and should I hold on to what ammo I have since there seems to be a shortage?

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  2. firesky101

    firesky101 Well-Known Member

    you haven't been out much in the last month have you?
  3. Alaska444

    Alaska444 member

    I went to Cabelas today as well and you are so correct about the ammo situation.

    i suspect that it is not their fault but the high demand. Fortunately, not a lot of folks buying .444 ammo, so I picked up the last two boxes on the shelf.

    They did have a HUGE selection of guns and so many going out the doors I couldn't keep up with it the few minutes I was in the gun section. I took my 3 year old grand daughter and showed her the guns along with the polar bear, grizzly bear, etc.

    I saw a WWII vet and had a quick talk about the state of the union so to speak. He was sickened by what this country is becoming, i agreed with him heartily and thanked him for the sacrifices of his generation.
  4. inkinskin

    inkinskin Well-Known Member

    I was just there last week and they had an abundance of it. If I would have known I would have picked up a few more boxes.

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  5. OpelBlitz

    OpelBlitz Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I went to my nearby Cabelas the other day, just curious to see how things were -- it was in a similar state. Saw a really nice Enfield No.4 that I wanted to pick up so bad... But I gotta watch my spending! (That, and they were asking too much for it).
  6. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    Take a look on gun broker.. Low grade XM193 ammo is selling anywhere from $1-1.5 a round. I was buying it at .35/rd before the panic. Every online gun store is out of ammo.

    Ammo is gone.. Maybe, it's time for me to learn to roll my own. I wonder what the situation is like for components now though?
  7. Tangent

    Tangent Member

    I went to the Cabela's in Kansas yesterday. They were shifting guns from one counter to the other due to low inventory. I waited about 45 minutes for my number to be called. I finally handed my number (15) to couple (23) and bailed.
    I reload so I didn't need ammo, nonetheless I checked to see if they had any .308 or .30-06, and the shelves were bare.
    I found one box of Sierra GameKing 30 cal 180 gr bullets. ONE box. I snagged it without a second guess. The Pre-Owned rifle section was slim pickings as well. They had a few nice rifles, but nothing in the caliber I was looking for. The place has been picked clean.
    As for reloading components, common handgun bullets, i.e., 9mm, 40 cal, .38, all picked clean. There were a few boxes of 9mm in lighter grains, and some 45s but not much. No brass. A few bottles of powder. Absolutely no small pistol primers.
    I'm just glad I stocked up during the months of September and October from Cabelas and MidwayUSA. At this point, I just need warmer weather in order to start ammo reloading production to replenish my supply.
  8. TanklessPro

    TanklessPro Well-Known Member

    Components are all gone for the most part.
  9. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    Online, but the local situation is fine for most.

    Jacketed/plated handgun bullets are the hardest thing to find, but even they have a relatively short lead time of a couple weeks.
  10. mf-dif

    mf-dif Well-Known Member

    I went there today and shelves where decent except for .22. Plenty of pistol ammo at different price points and the same with rifle.

    They even had an end cap full of this stuff I picked up.

  11. kdf101

    kdf101 Member

    I stopped by our local Gander Mountain today and while they had no 5.56, 7.62, or .22LR, they had lots of everything else. End caps of 9, 45, and .40. Lots of 30/30, 30-06 etc. even had a few cans of smokeless powder, so I picked up a one pound can of IMR 4064. No primers of bullets though. There were probably 30 people at the gun counter, mostly looking at/buying pistols.
  12. Leadbutt

    Leadbutt Well-Known Member

    Heck now that Cabela's, has announced that they will no longer sell those evil black rifles to any one , and has pulled them according to their statement, I just marked them off of my list of stores to purchase from Gander Mountain and Bass Pro will get my bucks now
  13. TexasP226

    TexasP226 Well-Known Member

  14. mf-dif

    mf-dif Well-Known Member

    Rly? I can't seem to google anything concrete on that.

    They had an Uzi on the shelf while I was there. LOL
  15. Alaska444

    Alaska444 member

    Really, that is about all that they had going out the door yesterday here in the Cabelas in Idaho. They had more "black" rifles on the shelf than I have ever seen. What is your source?
  16. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Well-Known Member

    This. I was at the same store yesterday, and they still had AR platforms for sale, not even too expensive (limit: 1 per customer) They also had a ton of herter's 9mm, and that's about it aside from plenty of .41 mag, buffalo bore and 12 gauge water fowling loads.

    That, and a lot of people at the gun counter. A bunch of 3rd-gen S&W autos in the used case as well... that was a bit odd.
  17. anchorman

    anchorman Well-Known Member

    Pawn shop in the next town over that is mostly a gun shop is asking 7.95/box of 50 for aguilla .22lr. Plus tax! I guess that's one way to keep the ammo on the shelves.
  18. pty101

    pty101 Well-Known Member

    I was at Cabella's last week and they had a decent supply of ammo. The prices weren't too bad considering they are usually on the high end. The only ridiculous prices were on .223 It was American Eagle for 14.99/20rd box. I did get some 7.62x39 for $6 a box and some 7.62x54r for $12 a box.

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