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The Deacons For Defense and the 2nd Amendment

Discussion in 'Legal' started by springmom, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. springmom

    springmom Well-Known Member

  2. xd45gaper

    xd45gaper Well-Known Member

    Good Article,

    btw where is Taco Cabana?
  3. kludge

    kludge Well-Known Member

    Forwarded to my wife (a homeschooler) so she can use it this month.

    Thanks for the link.

    I watched "Nova" Last night "Forgotten Genius" about Pearcy Julian, a prominent black chemist who moved to Oak Park, Ill.

    He and his son sat in the tree with a shotgun to protect their home. I wish I had a transript.

    edit: found the transcript:

  4. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    The author (Ken Blackwell) could have been our Ohio governor -- except that: 1) the Dem candidate was also fairly pro-gun; the media painted him as a theocrat extremist; 3) he declined to "go negative" on our outgoing RINO governor, Bob Taft, who; 4) had so tainted the Ohio Republican party and destroyed the state's economy that much of the conservative base stayed home and the middle swung left.
  5. Warren

    Warren Well-Known Member

    You can get the movie with Forest Whitaker here at Amazon.

    I really liked the movie, though I do not know how accurate it's portrayal of the events is. Regardless, it drives the point home with an all steel clue bat.
  6. Hypnogator

    Hypnogator Well-Known Member

    Mostly in Texas, but I think there are some in Oklahoma, also.

    It's a Mexican fast food restaurant that serves pretty good Tex-Mex. They also serve frozen margaritas! :D

    In fact, they usually have a drive-thru window, and used to be you could get frozen margaritas to go along with your bag of Mexican!

    Gotta love Texas! :evil:

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