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The FNP45, whats to be said about it?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by FIVETWOSEVEN, Feb 8, 2010.


    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    Another handgun that has caught my eye is the FNP45, its alittle over the price I want to pay but i'm willing, but whats to be said about this gun? I'm sure its a good gun considering its made by the largest weapon manufacturer.
  2. legion3

    legion3 Well-Known Member

    FN is a Belgium Company with a long history, they produce this gun in the factory in S.C.. It is big, high capacity and light in weight. Some have said it seems too big or is bigger than neccessary.

    The FN's don't sell as well as the big 3 (Glock, XD, SW) although the 45's don't seem to linger long on the shelves.

    While I would not be interested in one, unless the deal was really awesome, I think if you got one you would be pleased with it, I have not heard of any huge complaints.

    GIJOEL Well-Known Member

    I bought one when they came out, if you don't mind the big grip it is a great gun. I had to send mine back for peening on the barrel hood (you can search it here i posted pics) That said it has been 100% reliable even with my dirts reloads and any JHP ammo (xtp, silvertips, hydroshoks,etc). The heavy slide soaks up recoil well and the gun makes it easy to get quick follow-up shots. If you shop around you might find a better deal, i got mine new for &580 and i saw the same model at gander for $699!
  4. axeman_g

    axeman_g Well-Known Member

    I just posted this in another FN thread... but it will work better here.

    I want to pipe in here that I own a FNP45 USG. It is an excellent pistol. Great trigger, and getting better every time I shoot it. It is very comfortable to shoot, soft feeling and it eats .45 recoil. I would assume the 9mm would feel very nice. I have the DA/SA capable with cock and locked. I love guns with hammers, it is just a reassuring sight. I use my gun strictly from DA/SA as I have no need for condtition 1 carry here in PRNJ. The sights a low profile, no snag and the three dots show up well. Plus in the FP45 15 rounds of .45 JHP is bad mojo for anything I point it at. It came with three magazines in a nice case. Mine has proven to be very accurate in my hands, the only down side is the 45 is a big gun. It is not a carry weapon but a duty weapon. I paid $600 on the nose for mine. I have seen them slightly cheaper and I have seen them for $700.

    I have owner many handguns, I am a tryer.... I like to try guns and if they work for me then I keep them. If not, they get traded out. I have tried pretty much all pistols except some of the newer polymer hotshots like PX4 and the new H&Ks. I own a couple Glocks, a SIG, some revolvers, no specific breed. I can honestly say this gun is the highest quality, best designed, functional, ergonomic, and company backed gun I have ever purchased for under $1K. It is a phenominal deal.... get one you will not regret it.

    Oh and I love that they are American Made, yes by a European Company that has been around since 1889 years or so, but they are made in SC, I think all parts vendors are US sources. Plus this is the company that sells something like 70% of the weapons used by the US forces worldwide. This is good company and they need to be supported. This company produced the FAL, FN5.7, P90 recently, M249Saw and FS2000. This is a company that likes shooters. We need to support them more.

    My last vote for FN... this is the company that was smart enough to pay John Browning what he was worth and to give them the freedom to create, giving us some of the best designs ever produced, (A5, P35, FN1910, 1903 and 1930).
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    well said axeman, does it feel big in the hand by the way?
  6. dakotaTex

    dakotaTex New Member

    I bought the FNP-45 with the 'shooters pack'. It comes with the 3 mags - a 15 and two 14s, plus a kydex style holster and a dual mag pouch.

    The reason I went I bought a FNP-45 is that I normally shoot 1911s, but wanted a hi-cap pistol to get familiar with. The FNP USG has a safety/decocker that operates very much the same as the 1911 - you can carry uncocked and shoot D/A, or cocked and locked and shoot S/A. The trigger pull on S/A is very nice. Even D/A it's not bad at all - just a long, smooth pull.

    It has two interchangeable backstraps. I have big hands, and really liked how it fit once I experimented with the backstraps. It's a big gun, but if it fits your hands, it shoots very comfortably. It's also very accurate for a 'battle gun.'

    I just wish there were more after-market options for it. It must not be a big seller. I bought it from a small, very high volume shop and mine was the first one they had ordered. I was really surprised, since I think it is a very good value.

    The bad news is that it goes through .45 ACP ammo in a big hurry. Loading just the 3 mags uses up nearly an entire box of 50 rounds.

    I got it for less than $650, which compared to my 1911's, was a steal.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  7. The Wiry Irishman

    The Wiry Irishman Well-Known Member

    I have one. Objectively, its a great gun. Its the softest-shooting .45 I've ever fired, its fairly accurate, and mine has yet to malfunction, though I only have 1200 or so rounds through it. Trigger is OK, DA is very stiff, but smooth. Capacity, or course, is great. It has a very comfortable grip if your hands a big enough to fit around it.

    However, it doesn't get shot much and I've found its the only gun I own that I don't love and would consider selling. Part of that is my personal subjective dislike for plastic guns. They just don't feel right to me. More importantly, however, I dislike the trigger. It too is plastic, which generally isn't a problem, but it is very thin as well, to the point where it flexes. If you brace the trigger so it doesn't flex, you'll find that the FNP has very nice, cleaner than average break in both DA and SA. However, the flex of the trigger makes the break feel mushy and the trigger pull in general very plasticy and Nerf gun like. Many people on the internet don't agree with me, but I've noticed the flex in all three FNP 45s I've handled. It would be a phenomenal gun if it either had a metal trigger or a much thicker plastic one, similar to the design of the XD and Steyr polymers.

    If you don't mind plastic guns and you're not a trigger pull snob, its a fantastic buy.
  8. axeman_g

    axeman_g Well-Known Member

    It does fell "full" in the hand, but not overstuffed, like a G20 or fullsize HK USP does.

    I never noticed a mushy or flexible trigger. But that is me... Try one... you will like it I will wager.

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