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The gift of Liberty (a short story?)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Horsesense, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Horsesense

    Horsesense Well-Known Member

    The gift of Liberty (a short story?)

    After reading Lights Out, I have wanted to do a short story along the same lines. The problem is that I seem to be more of an Idea man that a writer and after a year or so of starting and then scraping the story :banghead: I have decided to try something else.

    I will give my story outline and anyone who wants can run with it.

    My Story begins with a widower who puts his michine shop up for sale and goes big game hunting. While in Africa, he witnesses the widespread violence and is especially moved with the plight of woman and children who are raped and murdered (something to do with how he became a widow) and he comes home with a new plan.

    Our Hero begins making Liberator pistols and shipping them to Africa to be air dropped, in individual boxes, near the river, where the woman will find them as they go for watter. The pistols have illustrated instructions depicting an "erect" man with a club and a woman pointing the Liberator at him.

    The plan works and civility comes to the region but he finds himself in the cross hairs of UN investigators and just as he is traced to his home, TSHTF in America and our hero begins making and giving away Liberators in the US.

    What do you think? I know there is a story , filled with logical reasons that display the superior position of RTKABA, there but I just ain't the guy to write it...Help!
  2. Area 52

    Area 52 Well-Known Member

    I think if you can make it work, I'd read it.

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