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The "gun deaths" fraud

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by choochboost, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. choochboost

    choochboost Member

    Dec 11, 2005
    orange county, ca
    The anti-gunners say gun control measures in Canada has proven to save lives. They point to the fact that the number of "gun deaths" in Canada are down. But the author of this very interesting article points out that this is not necessarily true. Follow the link and scroll half way down the page and look at #12 in the list.
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  2. scooterthegreat

    scooterthegreat New Member

    Mar 2, 2006
    The first thing I noticed in #12 is that written by a guy named "Mauser"...
  3. choochboost

    choochboost Member

    Dec 11, 2005
    orange county, ca
    Wow, nothing gets by you. Very observant. I guess that explains it...the author is biased.:D
  4. AndyC

    AndyC Senior Member

    Mar 21, 2006
    DFW, TX
    Hmmm, seems like he's actually legit:

    "Gary Mauser is Professor in Business Administration, and in the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies, at Simon Fraser University. He is author of the 2003 Fraser Institute study The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales."
  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 3, 2003
    0 hrs east of TN
    Excellent bit from the article showing the silliness of saying if guns aren't available people won't commit suicide -
    "Over the past
    decade in Canada, as firearms have
    fallen out of fashion as a method of ending
    one’s life, hanging has increased in
    popularity, almost doubling in frequency
    since 1995. The net result is that
    the suicide rate in Canada has remained
    relatively stable over the past ten years
    declining very slightly from 13 to 12 per
    100,000 population.4 If reduced access
    to guns is indeed responsible for the
    decline in suicides involving firearms, it
    has not saved any lives.
    5 Unfortunately,
    determined people still manage to find
    ways to end their own lives."

    "Canadian suicide rates are higher than
    those in the US. Despite the greater
    availability of guns in the US, suicide
    rates (by any method) have long been
    higher in Canada than in the US. In
    2001, the overall suicide rate was 11.9 in
    Canada and 10.7 in the US
    and Statistics Canada’s Canadian Vital
    Statistics—Death Database). This would
    be unlikely if overall suicide rates were
    driven primarily by the availability of
    It is simplistic to think that
    suicide hinges upon the availability of
    any single method."
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  6. CJ

    CJ Member

    Jun 20, 2003
    Southwest Colorado
    I did a runthrough of available CDC statistics at one point. If I'm remembering correctly, firearm suicides seem to be about the only thing that lends enough numbers to the old "Your firearm is XXX times more likely to kill someone in your household than an intruder".

    This is a "well duh" statistic, but doesn't really tell the whole truth.

    Attempted suicide is likely to be more successful (plenty of time to set everything up) and will use the most readily available firearm (i.e. the one in the house).

    Intruders can first be deterred without firing a shot due to the implicit threat of the firearm, deterred once a shot has been fired and not hit, and deterred by being hit in a non-CNS area giving them enough time to get medical treatment. So each one of those is not counted when compared to...suicides and accidents. CDC info is really interesting on a lot of topics and can shed a lot of light on supposed 'facts' by antis...ages of deaths, causes of accidents, etc.

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