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the legality of asps in florida

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by jhco, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. jhco

    jhco Well-Known Member

    a question about asps or teloscoping batons
    is it legal to carry one in florida if you have a ccw
  2. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

  3. jhco

    jhco Well-Known Member

    i have read all of the info on that site before but it says "billie" is an asp considered a billie since it is collapsable?
  4. Pax Jordana

    Pax Jordana Well-Known Member

    There are bills on the table regarding florida pine snakes - asps, as far as I can tell, would be legal.

    A telescoping baton, though, is most definitely a club.
  5. Robert Hairless

    Robert Hairless Well-Known Member

    Shame on you. Cleopatra would be so disappointed.

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