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The Marlin 39 Club

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by AStone, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. kimberkid

    kimberkid Well-Known Member

    I took my 39A rescue out a couple months ago ... it shot as it always does, which is great!


    If it looks a little odd, it's because I found it at a garage sale ... the barrel was rusted closed and it was generally in pretty bad shape. I adopted it as a project and a couple years later I ended up putting octogonal 20" Marlin Century barrel and forgrip on it, cut down the feed tube and refinished the wood. She doesn't get shot much but she's back in action anyway.
  2. CB900F

    CB900F Well-Known Member


    I don't think you shoulda posted that picture! 'Cause that's probably pretty close to what the O.P. of this entire thread wants. Real bad. You could become the victim of a conspiracy!

    But it's gonna be entertaining to watch from the sidelines.

    :D 900F
  3. tubeshooter

    tubeshooter Well-Known Member


    Yeah - if you would be so kind as to post the process you went through to get to the finished product, as well as some cost estimates (ballpark if you're not comfortable or willing to do exact numbers)...

    ...I know of at least one person who might be very interested in that information. Thank you in advance.

    Nice looking rifle! Especially considering the condition you say you found it in.
  4. kimberkid

    kimberkid Well-Known Member

    Well ... as I said I found it at a garage sale, its been at least 10-12 years ago; the house had belonged to an couple I'd guess in their mid 70's or maybe a bit older and their kids were helping them downsize to sell it and move into a assisted living setup. It had been bought by "dad" when he got home from Korea, the kids learned to shoot with it but it had been sitting in the corner of their basement since the 70's. It was an older home and had a lime stone basement and dirt floor ... and in Kansas that's not an optimal storage idea. As I said the barrel was rusted terribly, you couldn't see light through it and the outside was rusted / pitted just as bad ... the receiver and internal parts had only some speckling of rust and the lever cleaned up well enough for me. The "kids" had no interest in it and I bought it for $50, took it home and it sat in the corner of my basement for a couple years until I came across a Marlin Century barrel on eBay and bought it for $60(this was back before ebay banned gun parts).

    I'm a tinker-er and have a decent collection of tools, workbench vice etc ... I let it soak in some rust inhibitor for a few days, a bit of padding on the aluminum vice jaws to protect the receiver and unscrewed the barrel with the help of a torch, and a pipe wrench with a breaker bar on the barrel. I cleaned it up screwed in the new barrel ... the notch for the extractor was off a bit and I used a thin aluminum washer to line up the barrel to the extractor.

    When I discovered the original 39A forearm wasn't going to fit correctly because of the difference in the dimensions of the two barrels I started looking around for a 39A Century hand guard and found one on Numrich, along with a complete feed tube which I had to cut down to fit the 20" barrel (it was for the standard 24" barrel ... I think these parts were about $70.

    The front sight from the round 39A barrel didn't fit the octogonal barrel, I ended up using one from a Ruger 10-22 that I had left over from another project. The rear sight fit fine and lined up perfectly with 2 notches of elevation.

    The rest was easy, just stripped the stock and refinished it with the hand guard with satin polyurethane.

    By the way, Numrich is listing the 20" Century barrel for $77 here ... but I don't see the handguard listed

    Its very handy at 20" and I really like the octogonal barrel ... Hope this helps :)
  5. tubeshooter

    tubeshooter Well-Known Member

    Yes - that is very helpful!

    Thank you very much for obliging me and the board on the details of your project. Really appreciate it! And again - the final result is very well done, I must say.
  6. Fast Frank

    Fast Frank Well-Known Member

    Good news, 39 fans!

    Wal Mart and Academy are both beginning to have ammo on the shelves!

    I managed to put some minimag 40 grain round nose in the safe for eight bucks a hundred. That's a little higher than before the silliness started, but still a fair price, I think.

    I also snagged some CCI "Quiet" for about the same price.

    No, I have not fired my guns much lately, but it looks like that may be changing.

    Hang in there guys! Maybe we can have a contest in the spring.

    RAYBABBSUSMC1949 New Member

    I have a 39a 22l marlin octan barrel lever action and this rifle is just like new ! Was in a collector's estate when he died i purchased it from his wife.
    It is a real beauty !
    I also have 3n new rifles=
    1=marlin 22l auto matic
    2.=17mm henry w/nixon scope=lever action
    3.=henry 22mag l lever action golden boy w/simmons scope
    4=20 ga over and under (new)
    5.=20 ga single shot
    6.=12 ga single shot
    7.=ruger=combo=2 seperate barreles=22l and 410/40=pistol
    8.=rugar 38 pistol
    9.=rugar 22l pistol
    10.=browning 22 l automatic pistol

    this is my present collection !
    I maybe will sell my marlin 39a made about 1930=i paid $2000 for it and its to nice to use for hunting so it just sits in my gun cabinet !
    Ray babcock
    35 teakwood dr
    tiffin, ohio 44883
  8. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    Maybe there is hope yet.
  9. tubeshooter

    tubeshooter Well-Known Member

    Yeah - maybe so.
  10. Retired in 2001

    Retired in 2001 Active Member

    bumpy bump bump

    I guess everybody is that the range?
  11. JustsayMo

    JustsayMo Well-Known Member

    Hunting season...
  12. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    Just busy with a new - rather, upgraded - business eating my time.

    I'd rather be at the range some days at least.
  13. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

  14. Fast Frank

    Fast Frank Well-Known Member


    I got a picture of a snake. Will that do?


    He was sunning himself on the road. I'm pretty sure that's a Texas Hognose.

    Just to keep it official for the 39 club, the rifle that I didn't shoot this snake with was a Marlin 39.;)
  15. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    This biologist and lover of the 39 thanks you for not shooting the snake. Snakes get such a bad rap; they belong here, too. Great rodent control so we can save bullets for more important things, like squirrels.
  16. CB900F

    CB900F Well-Known Member

    Nemo & the rest of the ward;

    I wouldn't shoot that snake either. But, if it had been a rattler there'd been tire tracks all over it. We don't tend to run to copperheads, water moccasins, and other vipers here in Outer Montana, but if we did they'd get the B.F. Goodrich treatment too.

    Until you've been out in the middle of nowhere, on the other side of fumbuck, giving emergency first aid for snakebite you don't tend to understand my feelings. Full adult rattlesnake, entry points anterior just below the right knee, right where the calf muscles start to reduce to meet the back of the knee, where some fairly significant veins & arteries are. The patient did live, and I got to learn on the job how to paddle a canoe as the rear and only paddler some miles downstream to obtain any help.

    Later I learned that if you shoot a .22 in a safe direction, then point the muzzle at a pit viper's head, it will aim itself & the next time you pull the trigger the odds are real good you won't have a snake bite adventure of your own.

  17. Fast Frank

    Fast Frank Well-Known Member

    The good news for the Hognose is that I knew for sure he was not poisonous.

    Therefore, I had no reason to off him.

    Had he been a Rattler, a Copperhead, A water Moccasin, or a Coral snake (The four poisonous varieties found in Texas) I would act according to how near to people he was.

    Out in the boonies, I leave 'em alone. In a subdivision with kids running around, not so much.

    Now, on to the reason why I bumped this thread.

    There's ammo appearing around me, but .22 is still scarce.

    I say we should start thinking NOW about our 2014 Valentine's Day shooting match.

    How about we change the program a little? Maybe a variation of the Black Death Challenge?

    The idea is to shoot at a target that has a bunch of small targets, putting one round on each.

    We could either shoot at the targets in order, attempting to hit each one, and stop when the first miss occurs...

    Or maybe shoot 50 rounds at 50 little hearts and count the hits for score.

    Or maybe somebody wants to come up with a more entertaining idea?

    Regardless, I think it's time for us to dig our rifles out and shoot them a little bit.

    Surely we can all find 100 rounds of .22 between now and February?
  18. JustsayMo

    JustsayMo Well-Known Member

    Frank, I like how you think. We are overdue for another 39 shoot.

    On snakes... I've never shot one. Had some close calls, especially whilst riding my mountain bike. Not sure which of us gets the bigger thrill... :what: Simultaneous retreat is the best option for all parties at these meetings. No negotiation needed, neither interested in violating our five decades long truce.

    They do exhibit characteristics that are admirable and reflective of the (early) American Spirit. Enough so to be a prominent symbol on a certain yellow flag.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2013
  19. Fast Frank

    Fast Frank Well-Known Member

    Well, I didn't see exactly what I was looking for...

    But this might be fun.

    http://www.mytargets.com/target22 circles x20.pdf

    There are 20 1" circle targets with what looks like a 1/4" bull's eye.

    We fire one round at each circle. A miss is zero, inside the circle is one point, and on the bull is two points.

    I was hoping to find a 50 round target, but I have since realized that cramming 50 targets on a sheet of printer paper is going to make for some teeny tiny targets.

    Just a suggestion, guys. If we don't do this, let's do something fun!
  20. Fast Frank

    Fast Frank Well-Known Member

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