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The new workhorse

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by rgs1975, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. rgs1975

    rgs1975 Well-Known Member

    This little beauty (432PD) is destined to be the workhorse of the collection. Simple, to the point, utilitarian and no frills. Only had it a short while, one range trip so far with about 500 rounds down the tube. What a fun gun to shoot with 32 Longs. Negligible recoil and surprising accuracy out of the stubby little barrel. You can shoot this all day and not feel like you've pulled the trigger once.

    Someone is going to look at this one a hundred years from now and say, "Damn! Somebody really liked shooting this old timer!"






  2. Shade00

    Shade00 Well-Known Member

    Grr, I really want a 431 or 432. I'm jealous! Nice gun!
  3. 3ci

    3ci Member

    I am looking for one of those

    Really like your revolver. I am actively seeking one but they are a bit hard to find. They don't seem to be in the current S&W catalog but I understand they are still being made.
  4. rgs1975

    rgs1975 Well-Known Member

    They aren't being made anymore.
  5. Captal_de_Buch

    Captal_de_Buch Well-Known Member

    Very Nice!! :)
  6. wheelgunslinger

    wheelgunslinger Well-Known Member

    Great looking wheeler. Glad you're actually shooting it and using it for a working gun.

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