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The next time I'm thinking about NOT Carrying

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by LaVere, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. LaVere

    LaVere Well-Known Member

    Friday Night at the Grocery store.
    My wife and I just pulled into the parking lot of a large local store.
    It was about 7:30 EST and in December it was dark. As we were getting
    out of the Minivan I noticed as unusual man , about 25-35 with a
    Backpack ie a very dirty old thing. He was walking away from the store
    as we were about to walk to the store. Behind him between us and the
    store was a young mother say about 24 and a 4 yr old daughter walking to
    their car. Her car was between the strange person and my van, in a very
    dark part of the lot. She was totally in zone 1 or white and
    was totally unaware of her surroundings. Once again I glanced back at the mother that was by now at her car. Looking up I could see the stranger doing the bad-guy shuffle. He was seeing a perfect target of opportunity. Mother
    loading car, purse still in the shopping cart, and he was only 20 -30
    feet from them.

    My wife now glanced back and said "Hey that doesn't look right" I
    agreed with her and stuck my hand in my pocket and wrapped my hand
    around my 38 Snub nose with Gold dot 38 +P.

    When the stranger,look up after eyeing the MARK he saw the both of us
    IDing him and standing our ground. He quickly turned and high stepped it
    our of the parking lot. Out of the left corner of my eye I caught
    another person walking our general way. We was pushing a cart to return
    and was a customer heading to the store. He was obliquely comming my
    direction instead of going directly to the store. As we walked
    together to the store he said he also noticed the situation and was
    walking to the mother to do what ever.

    We all watched as the mother and daughter drove safely out on the lot
    and the stranger was gone.

    I have been thinking ever since, she had no idea what was about to
    happen. And how three unknown persons, to her may have stopped a

    I'm glad I/we were there, that I had my ccw and my gun (WITH ME), and
    Nothing happened.

    The next time I'm thinking of not carring I hope I remember this night.
  2. FPrice

    FPrice Well-Known Member

    Good awareness. And excellent choice of actions. Nothing which was too overtly threatening, but like the guard dog's low growl it let a possible predator know that someone was watching and ready to act.

    edited to add:

    One possible additional thing you could have done. Contact the manager on duty and report that a suspicious person was hanging around the parking lot. You wouldn't have to report all you did, just say this guy looked suspicious and my wife and I were concerned about him.

    Please don't take this as a criticism, but rather a constructive part of your de-brief.
  3. LaVere

    LaVere Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your quick reply. No I didn't take it wrong. Thanks.

  4. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    This is yet another example of why no one can really make a safe decision to not carry any particular time .... because no assumptions can ever be made. We may think - like the old seat-belt deal - ''only going to get groceries'', as if that guarantees no incident!

    Many a time I might think of the hassle or minor discomfort aspect of the carry - and be tempted to leave it off .... knowing however as I do (thru a longish life), the ability of Murphy to detect when you are at the most vulnerable, I resist the impulse! Chances are I hope I never need mine but - sure as heck, the one time it could be vital might be that fateful day I had decided to leave it off.

    An armed society is a polite society - and a safer one too for all - when it's the good guys who are armed.
  5. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Well done! If there's one thing criminals can't stand, it's being seen for what they reall are.
  6. ShackleMeNot

    ShackleMeNot Well-Known Member

  7. ExtremeDooty

    ExtremeDooty Well-Known Member

    And if you leave home without it, go back and get it. The one time I forgot my carry gun (and didn't go home to get it), turned out to be the day that I needed it. Actually, I used other options and the police got there before any further violence occured. But I would have been more confident with it.

    Mr. Murphy is alive and well and looking for you. Always carry your gun.

    Your incident got me to thinking about something else. The girl I helped and even gave some pepper spray didn't even bother to thank me. The woman and child you helped didn't even know they needed help. I wonder if they were Kerry/AWB supporters. I wonder how many of our detractors have been saved from violence without their knowledge, while at the same time calling us wingnuts and trying to disarm us?
  8. crucible

    crucible Well-Known Member

    Well done sir!

  9. torpid

    torpid Well-Known Member

    It's been a bit, but here goes...

    I'd had the Friday Night Hell Night of all hell nights, ironically falling on my 30th birthday.

    Instead of a surprise party, I found my suddenly psycho ex-girlfriend had just locked me out of the apartment with only the stuff I could carry on my back, I'd just blown a tire on the way to the pub and dropped my bike into a muddy roadside drainage ditch, and to top it all off I was starting to feel the rumble of "Montezuma's revenge" cramping up my guts.

    It was about 7:15 and getting pretty dark, but after shaking off the dirt that I could, I clenched up for all it was worth and straight-legged hoofed it to the local supermarket in hopes of some Immodium salvation.

    Peg-legging like I was a tin soldier, I managed to make it to the medicine aisle where I stood rail straight and bit my lip as my guts let out an audible squeal- bringing giggles to a little 4 year old girl in a nearby shopping cart. Luckily, the pressure relaxed, and I managed to locate the Immodium AD, and opened it up right there to gulp down a few pills to hope calm the screaming demon baby writhing in my belly.

    As another gut cramp hit, I stiffened up and tried to look nonchalant. That's when I noticed the little pink teddy bear on the ground that the girl must have dropped! I scanned around and noticed they were already checking out, but there was absolutely no way I could even think of moving until this wave passed.

    After what seemed like an eternity, the cramp backed off with a long gurgle, and I took this lull to grab up the teddy bear and run to the line.
    They had already headed out though, and I cursed myself because I couldn't leave without first paying for the pills I'd opened. Of course the old lady in front of me was laying out a lifetime's collection of coupons to ring up one by one and I soon felt the hellchild waking again in my gut as I strained to not snap completely and leg sweep the elderly woman in my frantic desperation.

    Suddenly, a register opened up, and I threw my last ten bucks at the clerk and waddled out the door into the lot where I stood and looked intently at the people in hope of finding her before it was too late. But it was- it looked like she'd already gone, and her little girl would come home to find her beloved toy gone forever. I started to walk out of the lot when... there she was, passing me from behind! I heard the little girl say that they were lucky to find the bathroom, and I realized that they must have b- AAAAARGHHHH, my guts!!!!

    I seized up on the spot and clenched for all I was worth- even doing the last ditch "bad-guy shuffle", but it was like a grain of sand against a tidal wave. The backs of my legs suddenly felt warm as the liquid waste flowed down to puddle in my boots. I had done something I hadn't done since I was 3. I'd pooped my friggin' pants in public.

    My last shred of dignity was ripped harshly away as time froze and I turned to see this man and his wife staring at me like I was some kind of lowlife pants-crapper, practically memorizing my humiliated face- probably to race back to their minivan to tell the world about the "very dirty old thing" they saw in the parking lot of the local grocery.

    My shame was complete.

    I quickly turned, and with a suddenly lighter belly and heavier boots, high stepped it out of the parking lot to reflect on the state of my life with my new fuzzy pink friend.

    Happy birthday to me.

  10. gbran

    gbran Well-Known Member


    I'm so, so very sorry, but I almost crapped my drawers laughing at your post... Talk about a bad day!
  11. HEiST

    HEiST member

    This one friday night, I needed to pick up a stocking and some preperation-H. Don't ask. Entering the parking lot, there was this funny guy shuffling along, and a pair of people staring at him. It looked a little weird, and as he quickly walked away after noticing them, I smelt something pretty bad.

    I passed some chitchat with the guy and the dame, then went in for my shopping. Got the stocking, stuffed it in my pocket, and boogied out. What, like I'm 'sposed to pay for things?

    Yeah. Now it's time to hit that lil stop 'n rob near the highway. Maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be some customers that I can rip off too. What's the worst that could happen?
  12. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    Thanks LaVere! You saved a lady from a very unpleasant experience and perhaps even her life.

    You see, the blisninnies, the sheeple and even the liberal anti's never know how many times WE protect THEM from harm without them ever knowing it. Just your look of confidence (perhaps due a lot to you carrying) worked wonders on the potential perp. Wish the rest of the world actually understood.
  13. LaVere

    LaVere Well-Known Member

    Torpid reply

    Very funny if I do say so. Thank for the humor.
  14. LaVere

    LaVere Well-Known Member

    Humor, reply to my own earler post that was real

    It was a very dark Friday night my daughter and I were leaving a local
    grocery store. As I approached my car, my daughter as kids
    will, said rather loudly mama what smell so bad. As I shhhhh'd her I
    looked up and saw a man about 25 feet from me. Kind of doing the
    bad-guy shuffle or just let go of a pile I could not tell for sure. In
    either case it just looked bad as he kept eyeing us.

    I had just gotten my CCW two weeks ago and was carrying a Kahr PM-9 that
    night. I was just going to store for some milk and at the last minute I
    grabbed the IBW stuck it in my belt. I had not developed the habit of
    carrying it always.

    I pulled back my coat and placed my hand on the gun and gave a long
    stare at the man. I whispered for my daughter to get in the car. Just
    then the man kinda gave a jolt as he saw my hand on my gun turned and
    rapidly walked away.

    As I jumped in the car I notice a older couple looking my way and
    talking to each other, "no danger and no help there" and saw a third man
    walking way from me, no help anywhere if I did need it. As I drove home I
    was thinking how much safer I felt that I could protect myself and loved
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2004
  15. PaleRyder

    PaleRyder Well-Known Member

    I almost decided not to carry today because I was just coming to work. I re-considered and am glad I did.
  16. Tom Servo

    Tom Servo Well-Known Member

    I've still got a scar on my left hand from the last time I decided it was "inconvenient" to carry. I was just running up to the store a mile away to get some milk. It was a really creepy hillbilly grocery-store called Ingle's, just before closing time.

    I walked up to the register, and there was one person in front of me. A guy walked up behind me, just shuffling his feet, didn't have any items. Hm. I kept half an eye on him, but a car alarm went off out front, distracting me for a sec. Next thing, I heard a "clank" on the floor near my feet. I looked down, and about three feet from me on the floor, between me and Mr. Shuffles, was a little cheap revolver. He looked at it, then up at me with an "oh, @#$" look. I just said, "don't," and I realized I wasn't armed.

    "Oh, #@$%," indeed.

    I still question the widsom of what happened next. What I can say is that crystal meth makes them rednecks fast and strong. He only had about 20 pounds on me, but it was like dealing with a greased and angry hippo. At one point, I backhanded him, and the back of my hand struck his upper front teeth, tearing a deep 3" chunk. Whole thing took less than two seconds.

    Not my shining hour. I've got several years of Aikido under my belt, but the whole thing just turned into a fumbling and awkward mess.

    Oh yeah, and there was a Rent-a-Cop. He didn't come out of his haze until I had the gun trained on Mr. Shuffles. At THAT point, he yells, "drop the gun, @#$hole!!!" Television is ruining our children.

    Turns out Mr. Shuffles had just knocked over a gas station down the street for $36 and had a rather long history with the local penal system. The gun turned out to be a Rossi. I had to get a tetanus booster for the cut, which isn't pleasant, and for about two years afterward, I made a point to get tested for HIV at every physical.

    Point is, it would have been alot easier and safer to just draw a gun and defuse the whole thing without exchanging blows.
  17. torpid

    torpid Well-Known Member


    That's the spirit! :D
  18. confinedbythecurtain

    confinedbythecurtain Well-Known Member

    I sure wish I could get a ccw. Its really difficult in Kali, so I guess its just my CRKT folder by my side
  19. LaVere

    LaVere Well-Known Member


    I not even sure what you are saying. In my original post My responce was to look, abserve, elevate my self to orange. and wait. The situation went away back to yellow and in to the store as normal. My last post was just humor as it was stated in the title.

  20. ExtremeDooty

    ExtremeDooty Well-Known Member

    I think what you should do is take your over inflated superiority complex and stick it in Torpid's boots where it belongs. Then you should go to the for sale or trade section and see if there's a sense of humor available. And don't knock testosterone until you've tried it.

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