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The Quest for an American Machete

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Sam Cade, May 28, 2013.

  1. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    I'm trying to assemble samples of current domestically produced, non-boutique,production level, non-re handled, non OKC, machetes for T&E and general flogging.

    I've got a Bully Tools inbound....but other than that I'm having difficulty locating any other manufacturers.

    Does the hivemind have any suggestions?
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  2. jbkebert

    jbkebert Well-Known Member

    woodsman's pal
  3. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    D'oh! :D

    I've got one of the accursed things someplace.

    (I've always wanted to chop the hook off of one of the D guarded ones and make it more bolo-like)
  4. Doug S

    Doug S Well-Known Member

    Ontario Milsurp.
  5. RaceM

    RaceM Well-Known Member

    +1 on the Ontario
  6. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    I'm trying to avoid the OKC products. Everyone has one. Everyone knows what they do.
  7. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Send it to me.
    I love them way more then machetes!!

    Not the new ones though.
    They aren't the real deal.

    The WWII GI issue ones beat a machete going & coming.


    The new ones have the edge bevel of a lawn shark, and bite just as hard.

  8. kBob

    kBob Well-Known Member

    I have the remains of a machete that was given to me as a kid that was supposed to be GI US Navy issue in WWII. It was in a rubberized Jay Dee manufacture US sheath which it fit nicely....but has the word Belguim on the blade. The sheath was stolen from a storage unit years ago and the plastic on the handles has deteriated and parts are lost. Been meaning to make new grips for it for a month of Sundays.

    Thanks to the word Belgium, I question its authenticity ......even though the WWII Dive bomber crewman that gave it to me also gave me a sea trunk and a set of radio head phones as his wife had him cleaning out junk in about 1964 or so.

    Also have a Collins in a canvas sheath.

    Hate to admit it but I generally use a Red Chinese Wal-Mart purchase with a saw back these days.

    I am going to try hard to get Dad to return my Cane knife next trip up to see the old folks. It at least looked old when I got it in the 1960s. Not suer where it was made at all but certainly used in Florida Cane Fields and in cutting down shade tobacco stalks after harvest in the 1960s.

  9. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    Bark River makes a machete that many like.
  10. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

  11. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    Yep. And it one of several that can be described as boutique by the time the remaker is finished with them- IOW, not what Sam want this time.
  12. 7.62 Solution

    7.62 Solution Active Member

  13. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    I think Sam's point is that OKC makes the large US blades people are most likely to have. They are a known quantity: he wants to test lesser-known quantities.

  14. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

  15. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    Their machete is made in Taiwan.

  16. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

  17. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member


    Not to derail my own thread, but I haven't had good luck with that tool.

    I had a 1st generation that lost the handle knob after 10 min of light work.

    Sent it back and it was replaced by a full tanged 2nd generation that had a fold/flaw.
    I've still got the one that replaced it.

    Out of the box, the edge is too thick* to cut anything but the most succulent of grass.
    So I had to regrind it.

    The handle assembly is so round that it wants to rotate in the hand on hard cuts. Not good if you have to choke up on it and hack instead of using the handshake/ball grip snap chop.

    There was also a horrible buzzing vibration on heavy cuts that caused the pins to start to walk out.

    So I pulled the scales off, flattened them and re-assembled. That helped. Some.

    The POB was too far out, so I nipped the tip. This also helped with the excessive vibration.

    The paint on the blade was still a bit tacky so I stripped it.

    ...after all that it is still inferior in pretty much every way to its line-sister the much thinner, cheaper, uglier spoonbill bolo.

    *redonkulous thick.

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  18. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

  19. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I actually overlooked the "boutique" term in the opening statement and was strictly thnking "American made" as the limiting factor. Yes, the Bark River is pricey and would be considered a boutique blade. I have a couple Kabar items that I consider machete-like. I basically like stiff machetes.

    Not to divert the thread topic, but a quick note on the Condor Golok. Sorry you had a bad experience with that blade. We apparently have different tastes in machetes. The Pack Golok is my second favorite and it gets used as much as the regular Golok. Both are used for work related chopping and brush clearing tasks.
  20. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    Well folks, the Bully Tools machete arrived.

    It is a POS.

    Badly applied flaking paint.

    Courtesy grinds off center and painted over.

    ...and bent like a freaking pretzel, because the the thing is dead soft.

    Full Stop.


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