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The reason I was told .45 long colt was all sold out.

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by bugsbunny45, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. bugsbunny45

    bugsbunny45 Well-Known Member

    I was really thinking that some ammo would never be some out until I went to get to Academy Sporting Goods. The seem to have 30.06. 30.30 and a few other calibers. When I asked about .45LC the sales guy said People had been buying the Judge with is 410 and .45 long colt. I had noticed them on sale so I guess people got them and a few boxes of ammo.

    I need my Long Colt :cuss:
  2. mgkdrgn

    mgkdrgn Well-Known Member


    once you have the brass, cost you about 17 cents/round for 45 Colt
  3. bugsbunny45

    bugsbunny45 Well-Known Member

    I am building brass as we speak :D
  4. Speedgoat

    Speedgoat Well-Known Member

    In all honesty the caliber I shoot the most is .45 LC. I haven't shot much since all the panic has hit, mostly due to the effects of winter. Haven't looked much for it while shopping as my 1.5-2 50 round boxes I keep in the truck pretty much at all times haven't gotten used up for fun shooting, and I've got several more boxes in the house. Most of my trips to Sportsman's warehouse since fall have been spent on optics, clothing, and reloading supplies as I've gotten into that since Christmas. Although they haven't had .45 LC on the shelves for a long time, several years. Plenty of 44-40 and .44 Russian. Haven't been to the stores that I usually get my .45 LC from since probably Sept or so, mostly because the customer service and selection is poor. They do seen to have my SAA and '92 lever gun ammo though. Your post has inspired me to stop in there next time I head to town and check it out.
  5. Fishslayer

    Fishslayer Well-Known Member

    .45LC was the only handgun ammo on the shelf at a local store recently.
  6. Davek1977

    Davek1977 Well-Known Member

    Ammo of ANY kind, be .45lc or other, is nearly impossible to find at reasonable prices under these conditions.
  7. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    The only store that I found regularly carried .45 Colt was one of the nearby Walmarts. The only reason they had any was that the clerk who did the ordering for the department got it in because his son had a Taurus Judge and could use it in his gun. So he figured since the Judge was so popular he might as well get the ammo for it as well.
  8. Redlg155

    Redlg155 Well-Known Member

    Dunno...I saw a bunch of horses tied to a hitch in front of our local academy sports. Must be why we are out of 45 long colt.
  9. PRM

    PRM Well-Known Member

    Good luck on finding the reloading supplies. Unless your already stocked up, they are about as scarce as ammo where I'm at.

    Bout the only thing I haven't seen impacted significantly "yet," are black powder and muzzle loading supplies. I started shooting C&B revolvers because they were cheap and I did not have a lot of money when I was younger. I'm shooting them more today, because I can.
  10. JRWhit

    JRWhit Well-Known Member

    I've never understood this. They didn't buy it because it was a colt, they bought it cause it was a shotgun that fits in their hand.

    I know,I know.... to each there own.
  11. gp911

    gp911 Well-Known Member

    Did they have any .45 Schofield...?
  12. Sav .250

    Sav .250 Well-Known Member

    Seems like that any kind of ammo that goes into a hand-gun, no matter the cal, is hiding in peoples .....closets.
  13. huntsman

    huntsman Well-Known Member

    I bought my last box of .45c back in Nov when there was still stock but my .45 Blackhawk lives on a steady diet of .45acp ;) I still have about 100 rounds of .45C left.

    Reloading for this cartridge is something I want to do only because it's going to be my whitetail gun for the foreseeable future.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2013
  14. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Only for people who rely on stores for their needs.
    I loaded 100 rounds of .45 Colt just the other day and I've got a total of about $7.00 in them. :evil:
  15. thecarfarmer

    thecarfarmer Well-Known Member

    That's great, as long as you have bullets, primers and powder on the shelf. Of course, you could apply that thought to having ammo around, as well...

    Another fine situation brought to us by: the Federal government.

    (where's a 'facepalm' emoticon when I need one?)

  16. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Then start casting. Then you decrease that by another .10 per round. :)
  17. Greg528iT

    Greg528iT Well-Known Member

    I was just in a shop.. they sold me 100 large pistol primers.. they had maybe 800 and that was it... The counter guy said.. "I can sell you 100".. I didn't squabble figure 100 was better than nothing..
  18. BCRider

    BCRider Well-Known Member

    You're not allowing enough for the "lemming effect" where folks panic en masse and get into that whole hoarding thing thinking that the new situation is what it'll be for ever after. The government might have put the carrot on the stick and hung it in front of our noses but it's the public that willingly charged ahead trying to get at that darn carrot.

    Up here in Canada it was never as bad as down in the US the first time around when Obama got voted in and the whole US went starkers on the last buying and hoarding spree. We were just coming down off that one when this one hit us. I figure it'll be bad for another year, rather dismal for the year after that and only a little tough during the third year. By the fourth year from now we'll be back to more or less normal and prices will drop more or less back to normal. As long as we don't see another anti firearms prez voted in at that point then all will be rosey. If we do? Another knee jerk buying spree will likely ensue.
  19. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    That's some truth right there friend.
    The government didn't make anyone go out and pay $3,500 for a $900 AR.
    Nor have they made people pay $80 for a 525 pack of cheapo Remington .22 lr ammo.
    The government didn't do this. The people did.
  20. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    Human behavior is almost indistiguishable from that of lemmings. If you cannot or are unable to learn any lessons from the history of the human race then you will just keep stampeding off that cliff. Over and over. History is proof of that.

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