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Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by ClemBert, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

  2. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    "Spares for the ROA are few & far between. Is there a company which makes/sells nipples for the original black powder cylinder.
    Can wooden grips stil be bought for the revolver. Who markets them."

    Several companies market Treso brand nipples for the ROA, and they give better ignition than the factory originals.


    You might also consider "Slix-Shot Nipples" which are a new design.


    Any grip that fits the old model Vaquero or Ruger Blackhawk (not the Super Blackhawk) should fit the ROA. Do a search for Vaquero grips and indulge yourself. If you like custom elk antler grips, this fellow does nice work:

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  3. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    The only company that I ever heard of that makes C&B nitro conversions is the British company Westlake Engineering.
    Does thier nitro conversion look the same as yours?


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  4. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    That West Lake model must be what you have. I am unaware of any aftermarket cylinder available here that uses shotgun primers. The photo showing the disassembled cylinder didn't look like there was a place for an additional primer. Yamavira, can you send a photo showing the primers in place in the disassembled cylinder?
  5. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    I had a chance to look at one of those conversions a while back when I was in Europe. They are beautifully made and horribly expensive. I would have bought one but I would have had to wait for it to be made and then shipped. They're almost impossible to import.
  6. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, like one English pound is 1.6 dollars or so, That makes a 500 pound (currency of course) conversion cylinder worth $800.

    Makes my two Kirst cylinders look like a bargain!!
  7. Yamavira

    Yamavira Well-Known Member


    Hi Guys
    Thank you for the replies & useful info.
    Having contacted both A. Westlake & R. Kershaw I know that they did NOT make this particular cylinder. The cylinder was made in the USA for Bob Dunkley & then imported into the UK.
    We have the same problem in reverse with the price of goods. First thing an importer does with goods from the USA is change dollars straight into pounds sterling. Then he adds on his import costs etc. So anything from the USA costs "an arm & a leg" here in the UK.

  8. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    As the owner of an original 1999 Mini with a Garrett GT2860RS turbocharged Honda JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) B18C Type-R engine. I will not divulge how much I paid for the Mini here in the states. I bet I could have bought three in Britain, thrown two away and still paid less. Of course, I doubt a 1500 lb Mini with 300 hp at the wheels would have passed MOT and if it did, would not be able to get it insured.

    One of the advantages of living in the states is playing one state's laws against another. I would never have been able to register this car in Ohio but you could register a space shuttle in Georgia...and once you have plates in one state, then other states usually leave you alone. The laws in this federation are not universal.

    Imagine being arrested in London and having to be legally extradited to Liverpool.

    I know, way off topic.
  9. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

  10. Onty

    Onty Well-Known Member

    Looks like I was on right track.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From http://bdfirearms.piczo.com/blackpowder,nitro?cr=6&linkvar=000044 , click on BLACK POWDER,NITRO

    I tried to convince few manufacturers of those ROA conversion cylinders for 45 Colt cartridge, to make muzzle loading version for 209 shot shell primers, but no luck.

    If you find manufacturer of ROA cylinders that could be used with 209 primers, please let us know. If there is sufficient interest, I can start group buy (GB) on castboolits.
  11. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    Now isn't this an odd scenario; gun gear that is manufactured in England that we can't get in the USA.
  12. robhof

    robhof Well-Known Member


    Loading a primed cylinder with an open firing pin seems to violate all the basic rules of safety, or is it just me???:what::confused:
  13. Malachi Leviticus Blue

    Malachi Leviticus Blue Well-Known Member

    I was thinking a similar thing but lets hope that there is a smaller flash hole than what it looks like and it can be loaded before being primed.
  14. Onty

    Onty Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, loading such primed cylinder is no less safe than loading conversion cylinder with 45 Colt cartridges.

    I would like to know how British shooters load their muzzle loading cylinders with shotgun 209 primers? Do they put bullets first, load powder through primer hole, and prime cylinder?

    I remembered seeing in Europe shotgun hulls (Italian?) with primers considerably larger than 209. Having such cylinder will make noted method of loading easier.
  15. Yamavira

    Yamavira Well-Known Member

    Loading ROA

    :)Hi Guys
    You got it !!!!. Exactly the cylinder fitted to my ROA.
    Loading is usually done with the cylinder in a loading machine. Cylinder is removed from the frame & the back plate with the firing pins is replaced by a blank plate to hold in the 209 shotgun primers (the hole through to each chamber is the push fit diameter of the 209 primer & is therefore too big to load powder & ball without the primers in place). The 209 primers are inserted & the blank back plate fitted. The cylinder is then placed in a small loading machine. Each Cylinder is charged with powder (less than 4.3 grains Alliant Unique In my case) & ball (or a RN lead bullet). Carefully remove cylinder from loading machine & replace firing pin back plate. Replace cylinder in frame & prepare to fire.
    Do not consider this procedure has any more risks than loading a centrefire round on a loading press.
    As you are not using the loading ram assembly this can be replaced by a nice looking Belt Mountain Base Pin & Latch assembly.

    I am awaiting a response from B. Dunkley but I am quite sure Bob had these cylinders made, perhaps to his specs; in the USA. Hence my request for more info on them.

  16. robhof

    robhof Well-Known Member


    Ah so; that is truely a horse of a different color, and safer to boot!!!:uhoh:
  17. wap41

    wap41 Well-Known Member

    My entry

    The old army club should make ruger put another warning on their guns.No one told me they were sooo adicting.I just started collecting them 3 mo's ago and this is just the start I have more on the way.

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  18. Malachi Leviticus Blue

    Malachi Leviticus Blue Well-Known Member

    Wow you hit the road running!
  19. wap41

    wap41 Well-Known Member


    I have some 1873 colt clone percussion and some original 1860 colts but as soon as I shot a ruger old army for the first time I was hooked.Talk about accurate.Wow!
  20. ClemBert

    ClemBert Well-Known Member

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