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Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by ClemBert, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    I've only seen pictures of the adjustable sight 5-1/2" ROA, likely the same picture. They're so rare, I've never seen production numbers or dates for them. Ruger has them for all the other ROA variations but the the 5-1/2" adjustable sight model end up with a question mark.

    BP-7 (1972): Blued, 7.5" barrel, adj. sights, wood grips.
    BP-7-B (1972): Like BP-7 but with brass grip frame and squared trigger guard; beware modified BP-7's with aftermarket grip frames.
    KBP-7 (1976): Stainless, 7.5" barrel, adj. sights, wood grips.
    BP-7F (1995): Blued, 7.5" barrel, fixed sights, wood grips.
    KBP-7F (1995): Stainless, 7.5" barrel, fixed sights, wood grips.
    BP-5 (????): Blued, 5.5" barrel, adj sights, wood grips.
    BP-5F (2002): Blued, 5.5" barrel, fixed sights, wood grips.
    KBP-5 (????): Stainless, 5.5" barrel, adj. sights, wood grips.
    KBP-5F-I (2002): Stainless, 5.5" barrel, fixed sights, ivory grips.
  2. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    "A lot of adjustable sight models are simply mostly safe queens ..."

    My adjustable sight ROAs are in the safe as parts guns in case something on my fixed sight competition guns breaks!!

    But I shoot them occasionally with both cap and ball cylinders and Kirst conversions, just to let them know I haven't forgotten about them.
  3. CageDodger

    CageDodger Member

    Around here, fixed sight models are rarely seen, anywhere.

    And being that adjustable sight models were made for 23 years before the fixed sight models were introduced, and that those were only made for 13 years, along with the adj. sight model, I still say there were far fewer fixed sight models made. I believe that makes them more desireable.

    I know I like the fixed sight model better. It looks more like an authentic "revolver that never was".

    Ruger's site doesn't give specific model production numbers.

    Cage 8)
  4. jgray

    jgray Member

    Hi J-Bar,

    Thanks! Yes, I did make the leather. There's another holster on the other side for it's sister too.


    Last edited: Mar 11, 2013
  5. jgray

    jgray Member

    Hi All,

    If I remember correctly there was a poster here in the club that was making a primer conversion for the Ruger Old Army. Sounded nifty. I'm curious does anyone have one of these?

    Anyone know if he is still making them, and if he has them available for sale?


  6. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    Yes, maybe, and no in that order unless he's changed his mind.
  7. jgray

    jgray Member

    Thanks for the comeback. Appreciate it.

  8. Doak

    Doak Well-Known Member


    Hey jgray ~
    I'm still makin' 'em. Production is slow. You're on the list. Got 8 shooter's ahead o' ya. Takes about 3 to 4 weeks per kit. Made 4 kits so far. Wish someone else would start makin' 'em too!

    They're not for sale. They're free of charge. Can't expect y'all to buy sumpin y'aint never seen afore. Plus, I don't know if anyone's gonna think they're worth a hoot, 'til a group of ya can compare your experiences w/'em.

    We'll hafta see where this thing goes. Ideally, high production could make 'em available for all the Italian revolvers too. As well as in 1/4 -28 threads for long guns, howdahs, shotguns, & pistols. I'm not set up to do high production. 'Bout all I can do is try to get the ball rollin'. I'll share w/anyone how to make the entire kit: machining, heat treating, everything.

    I don't see any other way to get an honest opinion than to offer 'em up free so noboby's got anything to loose. Try 'em out & tell us what ya think...good or bad.

    Kindest Regards,
  9. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    I can definitely vouch for the capsules Doak makes. They are the only way I can ignite BlackHorn 209 in my Old Army. If a set were priced around $100, it would be a real good deal. They are not fast to load and unload but for hunting, they are fantastic. The confidence that your shot is going to fire makes your marksmanship that much better.

    Years ago they had something similar to a Mag-Spark that worked in revolvers called a "Flam-In-Go" (like flamingo with a flame connotation). I've never seen or used one but they aren't available now. They seemed bulkier than Doak's capsules so I don't know how the clearances worked.
    With the black powder substitutes taking center stage now, a primer-firing device is certainly needed to assure ignition of these powders that are harder to ignite than black powder.
  10. raa-7

    raa-7 Well-Known Member

  11. raa-7

    raa-7 Well-Known Member

    I am promising myself to get a ROA so I can join the club ,I promise me :p and yet, another good reason to get another bp revolver :D
  12. jgray

    jgray Member

    Thanks so much Doak! Appreciate your efforts and all you do!


  13. woodnbow

    woodnbow Well-Known Member

    Doak if it helps

    You can take my name off your list and move one of these other guys up... I'm gonna stick with the nipples I have. They take a cap well and I have no problems igniting Triple 7 or Black powder...
  14. Doak

    Doak Well-Known Member

    OK woodnbow. Lemme know if, in the future, ya wanna kit.
  15. ClemBert

    ClemBert Well-Known Member

    ROA Club Members:

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    06. adaptandovercome 07. 461 08. junkman_01 09. lonewolf5347 10. rcflint
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    36. Erich 37. robhof 38. J-Bar 39. Nomad, 2nd 40. TAURUSBOB
    41. martindl99 42. Vermonter 43. wasatch 44. fogg64 45. BConklin
    46. Howdy Doody 47. bushrod2 48. rdstrain49 49. FirinFlatTop 50. rem1858
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    136. sammass 137. jgray

    Welcome Psycho and Cast of One and sammass and jgray!
  16. woodnbow

    woodnbow Well-Known Member

    You got it! I appreciate what you're doing for us ROA fans...
  17. whitetailbob

    whitetailbob Member

    hello everyone
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2013
  18. whitetailbob

    whitetailbob Member

    ROA nipple seater

    tired of using just a dowell to seat the nipples so i made this on my lathe

    Attached Files:

  19. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    Seating the nipples? Why?
  20. robert garner

    robert garner Well-Known Member

    Seating the nipples? Why?
    The good Colonel Cooper stated the the loudest thing you will ever hear is a click,when you wanted a boom.
    That said,Whitetailbob,try this instead... seat your caps,then cycling your action(safely of course)rest your hammer on the cap, press your thumb up against the bottom of the hammer spur, if a cap isn't seated you will feel it seat doing this, and have one less bit of kit to keep up with.
    good luck

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