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Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by ClemBert, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. robhof

    robhof Well-Known Member


    I have to disagree about the ROA not being a squirrel gun, at least for one pesky squirres. Back during B/p season I carry the ROA as a back-up or if I get a deer in close. On my way out one day a pesky squirrel was chattering and getting closer and closer, drew my ROA and shot without aiming to scare it, well I had to clean and freeze up a bushy tail that evening, if I had only aimed, he would probably survived!!:cuss::banghead:
  2. HUnter58

    HUnter58 Well-Known Member

    For those who like to shoot conical and like to experiment. In the late 70’s I modified a Lee mold for use in the ROA. It was a 452 diameter mold with three grease grooves at 252 grains (semi wad cutter). I took a dremel tool and routed out at the bands to achieve the lager diameter needed for a good seal in the chambers. Using pure lead it will shave off the excess lead to form a good seal. Lee molds are aluminum and are easy to modify. There are several other ones in the .452 that will also work well. It done well for the intended use in it’s day. Sold that one, but started thinking I should get back to some more experimenting.
  3. kituwa

    kituwa Well-Known Member

    First off, i was not being a cry baby,i had several ROA's when they were still being made. They may have just been a gun made before their time.A lot of things have changed and are still changing in this country when it comes to guns.Now is there enough intrest in the ROA to be a profit for Ruger to start back up makeing them,,i have no idea.And yes the ROA was made to be bullet proof.I have never bent a loading ram but that is the one thing on them i do hear people having a problem with.But, not everyone is a gun expert or have as much time to spend with them as others but i dont think that makes them stupid.As far as historically correct,,i mentioned that because by far the most shooters of cap n ball guns are into that sort of thing but i see more and more that just want one that shoots good and holds up well especially now that ammo is hard to get and in some places a reg handgun is so regulated it just about does not pay to mess with one anymore.I dont shoot SAS or that type of thing.For those that are into that i think its great but myself i dont much get into compitition of any kind except informal with shooting buddies and i dont like doing anything that requires other than a pair of jeans or sweat pants and a t-shirt,lol.Shooting silloettes is great fun,i have several i cut out myself that i shoot at a lot and its great practice for hunting.Its cool to get together with others and hit a life size deer cut out over and over with an iron sighted .45 colt and then watch them miss repeatedly with their favorite scoped deer rifle they think is a 400 yard sniper rifle,lol.Actually there is nothing wrong with their rifle its just common for a LOT of people to sight one in till they can hit a five gallon bucket at one hundred yards and think they are good to go.Again,,that dont make them dummies, just misinformed and most people now days have to spend so much time trying to make a living that they havnt learned what they need to about guns.That and less and less people are taught about guns,shooting, and hunting by their Dad or uncle like was common for us old farts.I even see lots of boys that spent several tours in the military nowdays that are extremely ignorant about guns. My intent on my comments of Ruger making the old army again,was mostly because i would so love to see them bring back a great gun and to start conversation about them on what others would like to see diffrent on them if they did.Some of the things i said of coarse would not be practical for a factory gun,like the bottle neck chambers,but it for sure would not be a problem.Ramming a bullet in past the neck could be avoided just by a ram that limited how far you could seat a bullet.
  4. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    Rather than modify my Lee 255 gr. swc mold, I put the cast bullets in a vice and compress them slightly. This causes them to shorten and give a larger diameter in the process. It seems to work well and does shave some lead when seated.
    Someone on this forum said they gave their bullets a rap with a mallet to achieve the same result. I was worried about the grinding of the mold causing irregularities that would allow lead to adhere to the mold and not allow the bullets to separate easily.

    SUMIKITO Well-Known Member

    Bent loading ram on Ruger Old Army..............

    :):):)Any one here or anywhere else in the world have a 'bent loading ram'. Well I have good news for you. Just send me a PM in regards to your bent loading ram and how it happened and how you managed to bend it. I will send you, at my cost, yes FREE, a brand new loading ram for your Old Army, on the condition that you send me YOUR bent loading ram on a exchange basis. Has to be an original Ruger Old Army loading ram. Exchange basis only. I have plenty here. Send me your broken loading rams now folks. I love collecting broken Ruger Old Army loading rams. This offer stands for as long as I have them in stock. Hurry now! Dont miss out on this once in a lifetime offer. Act now! When they are gone, their gone! .........Cheers
  6. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    My ex-son-in-law can only be described as a squirrel. Are we sure the ROA is not suitable?
  7. Powder Keg

    Powder Keg Member

    welcome Davepool tell us about that front sight on your old army it looks different from most I have seen
  8. davepool

    davepool Well-Known Member

    I'm not well informed on the history of the ROA. I bought the gun the way it is, only thing i did was a complete dis assembly, inspection and reassembled it.

    I started my cap and ball adventure with an Uberti remington new army, got hooked and moved up to the ROA.
  9. Powder Keg

    Powder Keg Member

    Davepool the red insert is unusual it appeared that the base was longer than usual but after looking at the pics again comparing to mine I guess not . Its a snow day here in Md hope to be a transplant to your area in near future have relatives out there I just love it welcome again thanks
  10. ClemBert

    ClemBert Well-Known Member

    ROA Club Members:

    01. ClemBert 02. Eights 03. kanook 04. kwhi43@kc.rr.com 05. mykeal
    06. adaptandovercome 07. 461 08. junkman_01 09. lonewolf5347 10. rcflint
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    16. philuk44 17. HUnter58 18. arcticap 19. BullRunBear 20. theotherwaldo
    21. SC Slowhand 22. Prairie Dawg 23. wittzo 24. Tallbald 25. Smokin_Gun
    26. OB One 27. jungle 28. plumbernater 29. daveinvegas 30. JanZ
    31. George Mabry 32. Benmathes 33. Loosenock 34. higene 35. Rock Island
    36. Erich 37. robhof 38. J-Bar 39. Nomad, 2nd 40. TAURUSBOB
    41. martindl99 42. Vermonter 43. wasatch 44. fogg64 45. BConklin
    46. Howdy Doody 47. bushrod2 48. rdstrain49 49. FirinFlatTop 50. rem1858
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    141. whitetailbob 142. eddie56

    Welcome bothenook. keyback, davepool, whitetailbob, eddie56! :):):):):)
  11. davepool

    davepool Well-Known Member

    Snow day? what's that :) ( We actually had one of those in February, freak cold front that dropped 1-2'' in the east valley.) Happens about once every 15 years.

    It was 85 yesterday, still pretty nice, but hell is just around the corner when we will hit 100+ and stay that way until October.

    One thing you'll like about our high temps is the low humidity,15%and lower. I don't know how you guys back east handle those 80-90% humidities
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  12. davepool

    davepool Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Welcome Clembert,
    Been a member at THR for awhile now, but since i'm new to BP shooting i've just discovered the ROA club.

    It was recommended by Wisent at Classic Ballistix when i ordered a cylinder from them.

    Has anyone here bought and used one of their cylinders in their ROA?

    SUMIKITO Well-Known Member

    Hi there davepool, could you tell me like how much more your cylinder holds compared to an original.
  14. davepool

    davepool Well-Known Member

    I haven't gotten it yet, i just placed my order last week, still waiting for info on when it will ship.

    I think there are other members here who have one, maybe they will sign in and let us both know :)

    i am truly a newby when it comes to cap and ball revolvers, i have very little experience with them, i'm here to leech off of other more seasoned shooters knowledge :)

    SUMIKITO Well-Known Member

    Davepools new cylinder...........

    Davepool: Go ahead and ask whatever you want. Most of the guys here are very helpfull. Will do my best to give you the facts if it's about the ROA. Been shooting since age 7. Most everything there is that goes bang. Have also been lucky to have owned, and still do, a good number of quality ones. The rest had to go. Just held on to the good stuff. The Rugers, Colts, and Smiths continue to amaze me. Many of the older ones were really top quality. Held on to the real McCoys. They are a joy to have and get looked after real well. Hold on to that Old Army. Get another one if you can. But try to hold on to the one you have. You will suffer sellers remorse if you let it fly. It is the most fun pistol to have. Unlike other pistols, it never stops putting a smile on your face after touching it off. Even seasoned pro shooters who first try it out grin ear to ear when they first try it out. The range where I shoot is always crawling with LEOs, they too get a kick after trying it out. Kinda like kids firing off their first .22. The ROA has given me more friends at the range and in the field than all other pistols I have had over the years combined. The ladies too take to it nicely and love having to fire it. Nobody snubs a Ruger Old Army at the range............ Always wanted those cylinders you have ordered, thats why I asked. Should be a blast to shoot with a full load. They look very high quality of the ones I have seen here in my parts. Did you order the un-fluted or the fluted one. In stainless steel? They are said to be made out of steel used on jet-fighter landing gear. Have never actually seen a fluted one in the flesh. Have been told the fluted ones have tip-top machining on the flutes. Just like a Blackhawk. Next up for you to consider in my humble opinion is a Kirst Konverter in .45acp. In stressfull and uncertain times like nowadays, .45acp is more readily available most anywhere. I have both models, but the .45acp is so much fun at an indoor range, and cheap ammo too. Will shoot standard spec. rounds all day long. Have shot thousands of them in one of my 7 1/2" ROAs, without a hitch or sign of wear either to the cylinder or the ROA barrel or forcing cone. All done with standard factory 230gr.fmj by Federal, Winchester, Speer, and PMC. That my friend is a true fact. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Quality stuff those Kirst cylinders. [tip-of-the-hat] No connection to them here by the way, just wishing them and the products they make for the good ol'e ROA well. Let the guys here know how it turns out. Am sure it would be an interesting post. Best regards, as always.:)
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2013
  16. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    I don't know the real answer to this question but I called the Ruger Parts number to get a higher front sight for my Old Army. They sent me one like the one in the picture. I think it's for a "Hunter" model Blackhawk. Anyway, it wouldn't work without a lot of modification so I just made a new front sight.
  17. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    I have one of the latest classicballistx cylinders. It holds about 7 grains more. It fits and locks up well. The barrel to cylinder gap is the same as the stock cylinder. The chamber diameter is exactly stock and bullets/balls fit very nicely. I did polish it up more to match my polished stainless 5-1/2".

    I can recommend Treso or Slixshot nipples. I really like the slixshot.

    SUMIKITO Well-Known Member

    AbitNutz's classicballistx cyl. & slixshot nipples......

    AbitNutz::) Gotta ask here about your classicballistx cylinder, is it the fluted one you have? Was wondering how good the fluting is. We all know how ugly and rough the flutes are on a R&D cylinder [fluted R&D only] That's why I ask. I have never actually seen a fluted classicballistx cylinder. The regular round ones seem to be of very high quality and have very well machined and smooth bores like the Kirst Konverters..............Also, SLIXSHOT nipples? Are they similar to the tresos, bloomquist, uncle mikes or Rugers own originals? How big are the flasholes compared to the other brands? What caps work and fit best? Any special wrench needed? Where are they to be found? Tell me more please, I have all the other ones but am ignorant about that brand. :) As always, all the best. :)
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2013
  19. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    I have an old one that's fluted and it's not as good as the latest ones. The flutes are great though. Here's a picture of the fluted cylinder and my Kirst. This was before it was polished.

    The Slixshot are stainless and they have a restricted flashole but they also have two additional vent holes on the sides that seem to maybe keep the cap on better after ignition.

    I try to use RWS 1075+ caps. They fit both the Treso and the Slixshot very nicely.

    The Treso's and the Slixshot use the more usual two sided wrench. The standard Ruger wrench doesn't fit.

    Here's a video of the Slixshot's that may help.

    If you use the Ruger nipples on the Classicballistx cylinder, you can't use a nut driver. You need to use Ruger's wrench or find a really thin nut driver. There is less space in the Classicballistx nipple area and the nut drivers I have are too large in diameter to fit. Not a big deal.
  20. whitetailbob

    whitetailbob Member

    loading R&D conversion cylinder

    i was wondering how to load BP into 45 LC brass to shoot out the OA powder GR ect have never tried it yet so i am a newbie to it I loaded a 200 gr cast with 6.5 gr of universal powder but it was pretty weak and doesent have much for pennitration. I would like a good load using swiss powder goex powder and pyrodex P also i know you need to compress the powder so do you still put a wad into the brass too im lost any help from you fella's would be appreciated

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