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Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by ClemBert, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. mntns2oceans

    mntns2oceans New Member


    Well, as promised, here is the pick of my two new to me ROA's submitted for official membership.

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  2. Btc624

    Btc624 Member

    Finally A Member

    My first Cap & Ball Revolver. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow :)

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    SUMIKITO Well-Known Member

    New members abound!

    Looks like we are being swarmed with new members lately but the head honcho to induct them in is missing in action! Last I heard was he was having his Papal ring all polished up again for the usual "kiss the ring, you're in" ceremony! The new inductees seem to be presenting some awfully good looking pistols too! This club is looking mighty good lately! Hope that ring is polished up good by now! I got my trumpet ready Clembert, just give me the signal!........ he'll be here soon guys, just hold on. :)
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  4. robert garner

    robert garner Well-Known Member

    I'll bet your combat boots have a spit shine also.
    Never really wanted a stainless version ...till now
  5. Btc624

    Btc624 Member

    LOL i just can't help myself, I find myself having to wipe it down while I'm watching TV. Its gonna get dirty today though as I'm using Swiss 3f blackpowder. Maybe I will pick up a can of 777 and try also but i just received 4lbs of Swiss so i think i'll see how that goes. This is all new to me. Its funny i have a lot of neat guns (ed brown 1911, Sako trg, les baer etc) but just something about this gun REALLY appeals to me.
  6. Btc624, how did you do to make a bigger picture?
  7. karlthev

    karlthev Active Member

    Just wanted all to know I received my pins from Belt Mt. Great quality!!

  8. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    Karl...that is great news! I was really starting to get worried. So all you did was print off the order form, enclose a check and wait? How long did you end up waiting? When I got my base pin from them for my Kirst conversion he was still answering emails.

    Now that he has the quick change function I'll likely order some more.

    Thanks for the update!
  9. AbitNutz

    AbitNutz Well-Known Member

    BTC624....you now have the best looking pistol ever made....and the best shooting C&B revolver....and it's dishwasher safe.
  10. karlthev

    karlthev Active Member

    Yes, printed form, enclosed the check and sent it out on April 15th. I received the pins May 31st. I was a tad worried myself and sent a letter to which I received a phone call today. Nice guy...just a bit slower than I had hoped but will do business with him in the future! :)


    SUMIKITO Well-Known Member

    Btc624's fantastic looking ROA.....

    Btc624: Gosh! That really is a great looking pistol! Hope you don't mind if I print out your pistol's picture in nice glossy print photo paper for my files! You just brought up the price on that model another notch! Pistola Fantastico! :)
  12. Btc624

    Btc624 Member

    I copied the URL of my photo then instead of clicking on the paperclip I click on that square yellow envelope thing (lol) erased the http that's put there automatically and pasted my URL there. That's all there is to it.
  13. Btc624

    Btc624 Member

    Sure Sumikito print away, right now it's dirty but not as much as you would think. I think that Swiss blackpowder burns pretty clean considering.
  14. Btc624

    Btc624 Member

    First impressions

    Had a great day today, shot about 54 shots :D, things in ran into, spent caps sometimes locked the cylinder, using #10 Remington's, I also found that things worked better with 35gr then 40gr which caused me a problem cause I couldn't seat the ball deep enough for the cylinder to turn using a Speer roundball, all others seated fine just that one, one very slight trim job from a utility knife problem solved-- now it makes sense to me why some who shoot the higher loads have their cylinder bored out. I cleaned my gun and when done noticed a package on the table, I could have used this today.

    SUMIKITO Well-Known Member

    Nice tabletop loader........

    Btc624: Maybe you could provide the guys here with the name and brand of your new loader. Cost and supplier would be a plus too. That's one good and sturdy looking loader to compliment your Pistola Fantastico de Ruger. Now.....as another option and to further 'clean up' the beautiful lines of your pistol, you may want to get a backbored 'no warning inscription' Classicballistx stainless cylinder. [look up AbitNutz's pistol, another gleaming beauty!] Keep shining that pistol while at your couch.....................aaaaah! The pleasures of an ROA. Rub, Rub, Spit, Rub..... :):):)
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2013
  16. Btc624

    Btc624 Member

    The loader was the Dick Dastardly Tower of Power cylinder loading stand. The website is www.biglube.com. I think it was around $85 for this stainless steel stand.
  17. 94RUGER

    94RUGER Member

    that is a fine example of true craftsmanship right there, damn I've missed alot lately, time to rectify that.
  18. rodwha

    rodwha Well-Known Member

    I find it quite odd that you stated 40 grns and a RB wouldn't seat deep enough in your chamber.

    I realize powder measures aren't exact, but I can drop 45 grns of 3F Triple 7 and ram a RB home with a little room still, enough for 1-3 more grains, though I'd have to compress the powder before I added to it as 40 grns near fills the chambers to the rim. This pistol was my father's late friend's, and as far as I know it's all original with no modifications.
  19. rodwha

    rodwha Well-Known Member

    Finally got to the range again yesterday. I began with my fairly new Deerstalker rifle, and then moved on down to the pistol range to shoot my Old Army.

    I had soooo much crud on my hands, and loading lubed bullets it made a slick mess on my hands. I had a terrible time holding onto my grip when firing. Is there anything you guys have done outside of putting some rubber grip on yours? It seems the only thing to do is have checkering cut into the wood...
  20. wap41

    wap41 Well-Known Member


    Are you using conical bullets in your old army?I I don't understand lubing them.I use wonder wads over the powder and rounds balls,no lube or grease over the end of the cylinder.

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