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The S&W M&P 45 part deux, at the range.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by burk, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. burk

    burk Well-Known Member

    As I posted in an earlier thread I had the opportunity to purchase a M & P 45 for well under #300 used. It was in good shape, no case, no mags. I decided to just blow a hundred rounds of ball ammo (blazer brass) to see what I have. I have no idea if it's broken in, it looked almost new. The verdict: Recoil was tame, gun was combat accurate without trying, easy to take down and clean, self loading on re-loads, and it did what I waned it to I will look into the Apex triggers and a set of Trijicons will come soon. Here are the seven yard results without trying real hard. One question, the gun has 10 round mags, do the 14 round mags fit, or is that for a different model?


    Here is one mag from my Glock 19 after, it's a tack driver.

  2. burk

    burk Well-Known Member

    I must have looked wrong on the 14 round mags. I think they're for the 40's.
  3. mdThanatos

    mdThanatos Well-Known Member

    Factory capacity for the .45 version is only 10 rounds. It is lower than the Glock 21 and the Springfield XD but it is higher than standard capacity 1911 magazines. Have you fired any other .45's to give a comparison on the recoil of the M&P?
  4. burk

    burk Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I own a Kimber CDP Pro (Alloy 4") currently (my main carry), and I owned a Kimber Eclipse Custom Target 5" which I sadly had to part with due to finances. I'm looking for a gun to primarily be my "range" .45 and handle home defense duties (full sized with rail). So I'm fairly familiar with .45 recoil. But I had no idea what to expect in polymer .45, the only one I've shot is the Glock 21 which simply doesn't fit me. I did carry a Glock 36 before the Kimber CDP, but that's been a while. On the whole I liked the M&P a lot but wish I could add the safety (not available aftermarket for whatever reason). This is one of the reasons I love 1911's.
  5. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

  6. burk

    burk Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I thought there was a 14 out there. I'll probably stick with the 10's for now. If I need a high-cap, there's always the 19 or the AR in the corner. :D

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