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The story that will prompt the next call to close the so called Gun Show Loophole

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Jeff White, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sure we'll probably get a lot of support in Congress now......

  2. novaDAK

    novaDAK Well-Known Member

    I commented on the same article over at GT.

    The article says that they were seen negotiating with a dealer.

    Then it says that they bought the guns from a private seller

    Which is it? :rolleyes:

    ROMAK IV Well-Known Member

    Oh. No! We can't have Mexican police officers buying guns! Seriously, it may be illegal, but I don't think you will have these guns used in hold-ups at convenience stores! I'm sure they just wanted some cheap guns, than what is available in Mexico, and since they are police, they wouldn't have problems witjh Mexican law. And what's the problem? They got caught!
  4. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    ...And of course the next time we need some cooperation from them on their side of the border... :uhoh:

    I expect the relationship between law enforcement agencies on both side of the line will be a little cooler. On our part this seems like a particularly dumb move - but after all the ATF&E was involved so it probably should have been expected. :banghead:
  5. txgho1911

    txgho1911 Well-Known Member

    So the deportees should have a deportee bootcamp. Load them with old rifles and ammo. Send them south to muster a revolution.

    As much sense as arresting Mex officers who may not be able to take the guns they have when they retire.
  6. 2RCO

    2RCO Well-Known Member

    How did this happen? Where they armed?

    Honestly I don't really care if a Mexican Cop buys guns at a gunshow, but what were they doing in an official vehicle? Lights & Sirens? I would have thought the ATF would have stepped in with a warning to someone--There has to be more to this story.
  7. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    So the deportees should have a deportee bootcamp. Load them with old rifles and ammo. Send them south to muster a revolution.

  8. Zoogster

    Zoogster Well-Known Member

    Mexico is like a third world nation, some have a right to do whatever they want, within reason, things outside of reason have to be done less publicly, and then there is laws for the average peon.

    In Mexico they do not like the normal people having firearms.
    These high ranking individuals were probably were going to attempt to embarass the US government and call for stricter gun control in the US to stop the flow of arms south they speak of. In thier attempt to do so they were arrested for breaking the law and found out there actualy is already laws in place against doing exactly what they were attempting to do.

    This is sweet irony.

    I seriously doubt the purpose was as innocent as people here assume.
  9. Spreadfire Arms

    Spreadfire Arms Well-Known Member

    all i know is that if i was a high ranking Mexican police official i'd get a gun any way i could! most of those guys have very short life spans, between the drug smugglers out to kill them and all the people they have crossed being dirty cops on the take.

    i dont know how a Mexican cop gets guns normally, but i'd suspect these guys aren't the first or the last Mexican cops to come to the US to buy guns.
  10. Kman

    Kman Well-Known Member

    Though I don't like the idea of regulating everything to death, I do like the idea of having a "gun ownership license", showing legally you are able to puchase and competant to handle firearms. Having something like this may enable us to keep our shows and prevent felons, Illegal immigrants, and mentaly questionable individuals out of the show. If you cannot provide proof that you are competant and legal, then you are not welcome.
    I buy, sell and trade regularly at the shows, and it pains me to think I may loose this right because of jokers like this, when the right piece of legislation is all that is needed to end the "loophole dilema."
  11. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Straw purchase? If so, bad joss for the dealer since the Feds were watching the whole deal.
  12. Leanwolf

    Leanwolf Well-Known Member

    KMAN - "Though I don't like the idea of regulating everything to death, I do like the idea of having a "gun ownership license", showing legally you are able to puchase and competant to handle firearms."

    Uh huh.

    KMAN, just what kind of regulations and tests do you want instituted in Federal law to enable me to obtain a "gun ownership license" in order to enter a gun show and "handle firearms???"

    And just what and how large a Government Bureaucracy do you want to administer this wonderful program nationwide?

    How many Gun Ownership License enforcement officers do you want to see at every gun show in the United States??


    Just wondering.

  13. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member

    I live in a state that requires me to have a license to possess firearms or ammunition. Illinois has a Firearm Owners Identification Card that every Illinois resident who possesses a firearm or ammunition must have to be legal.

    It costs $5.00 for every 5 years. The State Police run a background check on you and if you have no criminal or mental health record you are issued a FOID card. However, the FOID card is meaningless. When I buy a firearm, I still have to submit to the instant records check, even though I was certified as not having anything in my background that would prohibit me from legally possessing firearms. It's just another meaningless infringement of my rights. Like every other government system it's flawed. Several years ago there was a mass shooting in a factory near Chicago by a man who shouldn't have had a FOID card. Yet he did have one and used it purchase the weapons he used in his crime....after he was disqualified to have them.

    The fact the Illinois residents are required to prove they have no legal liabilities that would prohibit them from owning firearms has done nothing to keep them from trying to add additional restrictions on us.

    Yes we had legislation to close the so called gunshow loophole here in Illinois, despite the fact that a gun owner has to keep a ten year record of who he sold a firearm to and that person's FOID number.

    Restrictions like FOID cards and background checks are just backhanded ways to further the agenda of disarming the civilian population.

  14. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    Well, Of Course!

    Nobody is really surprised, right?

    I mean, if you're a cop in Mexico, it sure beats carrying a slingshot, no?

  15. iiibdsiil

    iiibdsiil Well-Known Member

    You can post bond and leave the country?
  16. Geronimo45

    Geronimo45 Well-Known Member

    Does ICE normally monitor gun shows?
  17. silverlance

    silverlance Well-Known Member

    i find it hard to believe that high ranking police officials (not lowly officers) are unable to acquire firearms in mexico. anyone who's been to TJ or rosarito knows that damn near anything is available for sale.
  18. 86thecat

    86thecat Well-Known Member

    There have been news articles stating Mexican police and military have fired on US officers on the southern border. Corruption in the mex police force is a known problem. Makes sense to use untraceable weapons if not playing by the rules.
  19. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member

    See above post.

    I think this might hit closer to the truth than we'd like to think. First they were likely in the country illegally, then they knowingly purchased firearms illegally, then they tried to take them into mexico illegally. Then ICE shows up and lets them leave the country!? Never to be seen again, no doubt. We have no extradition treaty with mexico, if I recall correctly.
  20. Mannix

    Mannix Well-Known Member

    Sure, it's coming back later that'd be the problem.

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