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The THR Walker Club

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by scrat, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    "...except for the main spring."

    The devil is in the details. That mainspring can be a real bear on assembly. Some advice: with the grips off, pull the hammer back to full cock and use a wire tie to hold the spring down in that position - even more if possible. Then use the trigger to release the hammer and proceed with disassembly. Having that spring compressed will make assembly much easier.
  2. Indy4570

    Indy4570 Well-Known Member

    I must be lucky, that or I have a weak spring. I have no difficulty compressing the spring with my thumb and sliding it up under the hammer. After the first six shots I disassembled my Walker and did some action clean up. I was not happy with the trigger so after the second six shots I did it all over again. I am still a but unhappy with the trigger so i will most likely take it down again and reduce the shelf on the hammer a bit. The action is very smooth and it is as slick or better than my SAA.
  3. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    Remember what you just said. two parts you should have in stock for a Walker an extra main spring and the bottom loading lever catch. i have gone through 2 loading lever latches and 1 main spring.
  4. Clermont

    Clermont Well-Known Member

    Here is the April 1999 Sportsman's Guide advertisement I purchased my Colt Signature Series Walker from, that made me member 47 of The Official THR Walker Club.

  5. darkerx

    darkerx Well-Known Member

    Hum... 331ft/lbs... I prefer full chambers of swiss bp and 650ft/lbs... :D
  6. DoubleDeuce 1

    DoubleDeuce 1 Well-Known Member

    That is one cool ad for the Walker. That old price is great too.:cool:
  7. Skinny 1950

    Skinny 1950 Well-Known Member

    Can I join the club...just got this in the mail,an ASM Walker made in 1976 still unfired except for proofing... has really nice factory engraving all over it.
    I am really hoping that this isn't a lemon as a lot of the ASM's were..maybe I got lucky.
    Can't wait to hit the range with this BIG gun....:D
    The picture shows the size compared to a Colt 1849 Pocket with a 5 inch barrel.

    Last edited: Dec 14, 2011
  8. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    Member List
    Scrat (Scott) 2 Gentleman of the Charcoal 3 Dixie Texian 4 Yankee John
    5 Mykeal 6 Speckdds@bellsouth.net 7 Mukluk 8 BigBadGun 9 Mec 10Fineredmist
    11HILDO 12Shanghai McCoy 13Tallship 14 A.WALKER 15 StrawHat
    16 Mustanger1 17 Phantom Captain 18 Pulp19 Snaggletooth 20 RugerBob
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    26 Brett Dixon 27. Razorback 1010 28. Rebel Dave 29. sundance44s
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    35. Old Hunter 36. Blacksmoke 37. ApacheJack 38. K.A.T 39. Fedaircop
    40. Hooey 41. .50cal 42. Afy 43. Shung 44. Kevc 45. PRM 46. Madcratebuilder
    47. Clermont 48. Double Deuce 1 49. Iamsniper1 50. AdmiralB 51. icy
    52. SMOKIN GUN 53. QUICKDRAW Mc.Graw 54. SE olka.shooter 55. Jack Steele
    56. Steven Youngblood 57. The Wall 58. Shawn Grear 59. Messerist 60. AK 47Ghost
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    67. NobleSniper 68 Gclefton 69. AZ_Rebel 70. Dmjung 71. Brotherlloyd 72. Walker944
    73. Fingers McGee 74. Ginormous 75. Kiwiwalker 76. Ratdog68 77. shootmeinthehead
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    94. Two Gun Pete 95. Rifle 96. missuramoss
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    106.CGN1771 107. ClemBert 108. Foto Joe 109.kwhi43@kc.rr.com
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    154. Skinny 1950
  9. REBJEB04

    REBJEB04 Member

    new member

    Over the weekend I acquired my first Walker in trade for a few coins and nazi medal at the gun show. It is a ASM XXVI 1968 vintage and looks pretty nice. However, the action seemed a little sluggish and the cylinder does not always lock in at full cock, spining L & R. After inspecting the gun further and taking the handle, mainspring and hammer out I noticed a piece that looked a little loose and reacting limply with cocking. Seems the "hand" has a broken "spring". I have learned a lot here in the past few days and would appreciate any advice on the repair. I think I can get an replacement hand & spring from vti.
    I have read that the early ASM Walkers were pretty nice, would this one qualify? We'll see after the repair.
    Thanks, Erik
  10. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    Simply replace the hand and spring assembly with a new one from VTI. You may have to trim the length of the hand itself with a file, however.
  11. robhof

    robhof Well-Known Member

    I recently got an ASM Walker dated 1971 and it's well fitted and works great, had a few sharp edges on the gripframe, but a few minutes with a buffing wheel solved those problems. I've got 2 other ASM's and they bothe work fine so I can't complain, others have talked of poor fit and finish, but I believe it was later production, just before they went under.
  12. Skinny 1950

    Skinny 1950 Well-Known Member

    I was throwing out the box that the gun was shipped in and at the bottom was the original box from the factory...bonus...I am going to find another Walker to shoot and keep this one as a Safe Queen as it looks so good, might put it in a presentation case with flask and mold etc
  13. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    He did mention ASM though. You may have to give Deer Creek Products a call. They are almost the largest supplier on ASM 6989 E. Michigan Rd., Waldron, IN 46182, or PO Box 246, same ZIP; phone 765-525-6181. You have to have some patience when you give them a call. they only run like two phone lines there and have just enough people to operate them. Make sure you request a catalog. After that you have to post a picture of your WALKER
  14. shafter

    shafter Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, count me in! I just picked up an Armi San Marco Walker this afternoon after a few years of wanting one. At $175 it quickly climbed to the top of my list. Does that sound like a good deal? The gun is in really nice shape and has a real smooth action. The thing reeks of the Old West, of Texas Rangers and screaming Comanches. I CAN'T WAIT to shoot it!
  15. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    Skinny, Not firing it sounds like the correct course of action. Having the original packaging with an unfired revolver that old puts it into the realm of being a collectors item.
  16. junkman_01

    junkman_01 member

    You have to post a picture of your Walker to 'be counted in'.
  17. robhof

    robhof Well-Known Member


    Shafter, at $175, you got a better deal than I did and I thought mine was too good a bargain to pass up. It'll probably need #10 caps, seems all my ASM guns prefer the 10's. I was a hardcore ROA nut til I saw mine on auction for$200 and minutes to go so I bid and became a Walker owner, and now an 1849 Wells Fargo and a CVA 61 Navy all ASM's.:banghead::banghead:
  18. REBJEB04

    REBJEB04 Member

    need more help

    You gunsmith fellas out there please chime in. I got all the parts in I ordered from Deer Creek for my ASM 1968, the hand and springlooked pretty cookie-cutter and a lil' rough around edges. I took the old hand out and after further inspection, recovered the broken spring oiled to the interior of the gun. I worked the hand down to almost identical to the original hand with dremel, files, sandpaper, and steel wool. I assembled the gun again, but when working the action I noticed the bolt does not keep the cylinder fully locked in at full cock. If cocked slow and carefully the action works decent, but more rapid cocking causes the cylinder to turn just a little to far to the right each time. Any idea on what could be doing this?
    Thanks, Erik
  19. Skinny 1950

    Skinny 1950 Well-Known Member

    REGJEB04...sounds like a weak flat trigger/bolt spring..take the whole gun apart and replace the two fingered flat spring.
  20. REBJEB04

    REBJEB04 Member

    Yep! Sure enough. Took it apart and the bolt spring has a small fracture at end of the short finger. Probably just got old and brittle. Ill call Deer Creek Monday and order more stuff. They are very dependable folks, and had my parts to me in just a couple of days. I'll post photos soon.
    Thanks again, Erik

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