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The Ultimate Trunk Gun?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Jackal, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Jackal

    Jackal Well-Known Member

    I am talking about the Classic Arms hard chrome M38. Cheap, rust resistant, powerful and uses cheap ammo. Yup, I think the long look is finally over. Here's a link http://www.classicarms.us/htm/firearms.htm

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  2. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    Holy bling bling batman!


    They need to hard chrome some of those AKs and a few mags too. :uhoh:
  3. JonB

    JonB Well-Known Member

    Been wanting one of those for a few weeks myself.... going to call tomorrow and see what they have in stock. They say excellent condition on the website, prices are online with everwhere else I have looked for excellent condition rating. Plus that chrome is just cool. :)

    Also since they were chromed, I am betting they aren't gooped up with cosmoline when you get them.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2006
  4. dstorm1911

    dstorm1911 Well-Known Member

    Jonb, yes they are totally spotless, they have to be before going into the chrome tanks, BUT because they are chromed they have absolutally no collector value whatsoever, but then it really doesn't matter since they are not in original stocks either nor matched numbers etc... in order to chrome them everything had to be sanded down and polished first, Classic has been doing this for a few years now, a good way to sell off guns that otherwise would never move as simply being good shooters, they also did a bunch of VZ52 pistols that were not up to collector grade due to mismatched slides and so on...

    As far as rust resistant, I wouldn't be to sure there were several folks on gunboards.com who bought some of the first batch of m-44s that were done a year or two ago that cooked the chrome off (blistered) the barrels after they got hot from actually beinf fired in rapid succesion, they are more of a novelty that could be fired occasionally, Unless Classics chromers have figured out away to keep them from blistering if actually used, most just hang them on the wall as bling bling to accent their real Mosin collection etc
  5. JonB

    JonB Well-Known Member

    dstorm1911 - thanks for the info. Helps me with a decision. After i posted this I got to wondering how one goes about chroming an old rifle. Well I didn't find much but a few posts at gunboards that were talking about classicarms chrome jobbies. One guy claimed to chrome stuff on the side and said the price from classicarms was very cheap considered the amount of work needed to 'do it right'.(something about triple plating using copper or something instead of just the chrome on the steel)

    So since I'm not a collected nor have a desire to hang anything on the wall, I'll save the $$ and get a shooter. I like the idea of having a so-so accurate gun that is a blast to shoot. and for 50$ I can get hundreds of rounds?? Sold!

    Know where I can get an excellent M44 or M38?? Matching numbers? Is it possible to get unissued in these beasts?
  6. dstorm1911

    dstorm1911 Well-Known Member

    JonB, no such thing as unissued as the Soviets were fighting hard to defeat the germans and used everything they had, Classic does have some very nice guns but depending on where ya live ya might be able to match their prices right off the shelf at a shop locally like Big 5 or Fleet and farm etc... one to watch is Classic arms "gun of the day" these tend to be very hand picked by the owner himself for special features like mirror shiny bores or markings etc...

    I personally don't like the M38s now being offered as everyone of em I've seen has been counterbored to correct for a shot out muzzle, but if ya could find one to inspect in person...

    As far as a great shooter with cheap ammo ya might wanna look at a Yugo 24/47 Mauser instead, and the ammo is even cheaper than the 7.62x54R I've personally inspected the ones at Military gun supply and most are very nice, they'll run ya about $109 - $129 which is more than the average mosin but the ammo price will make up the difference. The M48 is another great choice in a shooter it was the last version of the mauser and ya basically are getting a Yugo version of the KAR98 without the price of a KAR98 they are extremally well made guns with hammer forged barrels. If ya can't select your rifle in person then its better to pay the extra $10 or so for a hand pick ya are looking for 2 things primarily #1 Stamped matching numbers and #2 Bore condition, the rest is a matter of cleaning
  7. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    An M44 would be the choice among Mosins for a trunk gun. the extra weight of the pigsticker will marginally help recoil, and when that 5 round mag runs dry, at least you have a spear!
    Seriously, what do you want it for, where are you going to be leaving it, and how are you going to secure it against theft? If you are out in the toolies, and large animal protection is a must with a real limited budget, then a Mosin makes sense, with good ammo. If in a small/med town, real short budget, look at an SKS, the Yugo with still attached bayonet is a good cheap choice. Get the "unissued", for about $165, the shooter grades can have burnt gas valves.
    If in major city, the concrete jungle, well, J&G Sales is running a sale on AK clone WASR10s for $299 right now.
    Pay for something to hide/secure the rifle in your trunk, if that's where you want it, and make sure it is LEGAL to do so. To put it in perspective - there is no bugging out of prison.
    If an M44 is all you can afford, that's OK, as there is something about those old Russian rifles - I have two myself. The fireball alone from a Mosin carbine can cook a felon at 20 feet.:cool:
  8. JonB

    JonB Well-Known Member

    I'll check out the Yugo's - thanks for the tip. I live in South Dakota - not much to choose from locally from what I have found. One place had M44's in for $160-199. I can buy almost 3 for that. There is a place I found a few miles from my house but they are a very small shop with really weird hours. Going to call them today and see what they have and if nothing, see if they will do the FFL transfer for me.
  9. dstorm1911

    dstorm1911 Well-Known Member

    JonB, the Cabelas in Mitchel sometimes has a nice selection of Milsurps in their used area, (I own a trucking company and instead of retireing went back to running a truck myself except my runs are all geared at collecting milsurps, Since I have an FFL, I just run around the country buying up guns and so on then ship em back to myself) I was last in Mitchel about a month ago and the Cabelas had several decent rifles, Also just for your info since ya live in SD if ya ever need any stocks BOYDS Stocks is also in Mitchel and if ya can get into their shop they have alot of closeout military replacement stocks as well as customs and factory seconds they sell really cheap, I picked up a dozen Springfield 1903A3 stocks there at $75 ea!
  10. doubleg

    doubleg Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: :D :D Snoop Dogg keeps a AK in his trunk.... :D :D
  11. godsmack

    godsmack New Member

    I saw pics of those chromed Mosin Nagants on another board awhile back, pretty sweet.
  12. JonB

    JonB Well-Known Member

    dstorm1911 - Checked Cabelas today - no dice. They don't have any M44 in. I didn't ask about the Yugos though. I only live about an hour drive from there so I may head that way and see the sights.

    Thanks for all the advice and info - I appreciate it.

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