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The Whitehouse to step into the 2nd Amendment debate?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by usmarine0352_2005, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. usmarine0352_2005

    usmarine0352_2005 Well-Known Member



    I'm sure everything they propose will be "reasonable".

  2. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    Tighter restrictions for US gun buyers, but expedited export licenses for anyone sending weapons south?
  3. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    "Commonsense" to whom? We already have enough commonsense gun control laws and then some, but they are not enforced. This is just about control. End of story.

  4. Flopsweat

    Flopsweat Well-Known Member

    Given his voting record on gun control, his outright lies about the number of U.S. guns going to Mexican cartels and his eight years as director of the Joyce Foundation (look THAT one up if you're not familiar) I wouldn't trust Obama any further than I can throw him.
  5. Geckgo

    Geckgo Well-Known Member

    Nice to see a page full of pro-rkba advocates at the bottom of the story.
  6. Mp7

    Mp7 Well-Known Member


    hm... the honks who are posting there don´t do any1 good.
    Especially not the 2a cause.

    People putting homophobia and gunrights in one comment
    to bash Obama .... just doesn´t seem right.
  7. Single Action Six

    Single Action Six Well-Known Member

    The Only Problem Is..

    ..there's a lot of "Pro 2A, firearms owners" :cool: who voted for the idiot :evil: so in those cases we've got nobody to blame but ourselves. :fire:

    Me? I'm a one issue voting person. Always have been.. always will be. I couldn't care less if the "Gilbatus'Dohalon" fly is going to be extinct in another 10,000 years.. or whether or not the Atlantic Ocean is 1% saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

    My one issue that gives you my vote is whether you're a "Pro-2A, my right to keep and bear arms" politician.. or you're NOT! If you're NOT :uhoh: you've just been placed on my <deleted> list and I'll do every thing in my power to see you legally defeated.

    Single Action Six
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  8. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Well-Known Member

    Anyone who thought that Obama would come and go without attempting, or doing, something to further pee on the 2nd amendment, was not paying attention.

    If all else fails, look for an executive order along the lines of the Clinton days.

    And - don't count him out for a 2nd term either.
  9. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Yup. So they're talking about it. Still sounds like there's little here to discuss.

    Until there's some plan of action (from them or from us) or even some concrete declaration or proposal or legislation to fight, it doesn't appear we know anything new at all.

    "Talking about it" may be a codeword for "still a 'third-rail' we won't actually touch, but we're playing to our base" or it may mean, "we're about to launch a nefarious plan." But without something concrete, we're just going to end up circling the old "Obama hates guns" debate a few more laps, and that doesn't get us anywhere.
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